Wise man travels to discover himself” said a brilliant poet over one hundred years ago.

This thought drives into the depth of Christ’s Great Commission. By sending us to the “uttermost” parts of the earth to preach the Good News He was not recruiting helpers to save the world but was rather releasing us to an adventure – the discovery of the fullness of God and the untapped potential within ourselves.

Traveling to a destination determined by you is exciting, going on an assignment from God is life-altering. Every aspect of the journey becomes filled with significance that may or may not be tangible and visible, but is undeniable in the wholeness of the experience.

It begins with a stirring of the spirit rather than a thought in your mind, a sensation, a feeling that starts small but eventually becomes overwhelming. Stirring of the spirit can be ignored, suppressed but it cannot be quenched. It defies logic, it contradicts the desires of our flesh. It becomes a nuisance until you are willing to obey.

The next step is more of a leap, leap of faith that is. An assignment from God will never fit the comfy box of your own natural abilities. It is purposed to break you out of the comfort zone and therefore from the very beginning it is a humbling awareness of our own inadequacy. Lack of time, money or self-confidence, poor health, fears or indecisiveness create a gap between you and your destiny in Christ which cannot be bridged with anything other than blind faith in you Creator and unconditional obedience to His will. This is the time of preparation and training for the journey that will equip you with everything you will need on the road ahead.

As you sit on the plane and turn off the cell phone before the take-off you mentally mark the new chapter of your life. It will not be the same when you return. You will not be the same.

Each one of us is unique in destiny but we have common needs as the same species of God’s creation. We are fueled by passion and driven by purpose. Without either life dwindles into a meaningless existence.

A journey outside the comfort zone on an assignment from God leads to both. It is worth every investment of time, finances and efforts because nothing else can give you a more fulfilling return.

Are you ready?

© 2014 Helen Todd