Albania is one of the countries in Eastern Europe where the orphaned kids are neglected by the social system. Most of them have been abandoned by the parents who are alive but do not want the responsibility of raising them or even seeing them occasionally.  These kids are forgotten by the world, The Albanian government does not have a good system in place to care for them or give them a future. At the age of 14 the kids must leave the orphanage and their lives become even more difficult.

Another opportunity to help is reaching out to the Albanian gypsy families – the Romas. Being marginalized in the society the Romas are generally paid less than half of the salary a non-Roma worker would receive. There are reports that the Romas are sometimes forced to pay bribes to receive proper medical treatment. Many children in large Romani families suffer from malnutrition, which affects their overall health and ability to study.

Our partner church in Tirana (the capital) is currently supporting 800 orphaned kids and has 400 more children that need help. We want to help feed these kids and make sure they have everything they need to start the school year!

Will you consider helping us provide food for the kids and the impoverished Roma people?