The people who will receive care in our free clinic in Albania do not have access to a doctor or a nurse. The Roma people (the gypsies) are excluded from the medical system in Albania because they don’t have a permanent address, are not registered with any social systems and most of them are unemployed. They are mostly uneducated and live in abysmal poverty. I can not think of anyone who is in a greater need of compassion and care!

Another group that we will be able to treat are the orphaned kids who are not only forgotten by their family members but by the government as well. Moreover, they have no hope for the nearest future. In Albania, where young people ages 15-24 represent 70% of the total population, most of them are unemployed. They often become drawn into extremist Islamic groups. We have a chance to show them love, to care for them and introduce them to the God of Love.

If you can, would you please help us with this need?