Aldesa B. (Albania)- Latest Update

We celebrated a special milestone in Aldesa’s life on January 19th – her 8th birthday! It was a heartwarming celebration as she shared her special day with the children of the church. Aldesa continues to grow in grace and wisdom, bringing joy to those around her.

Despite being in good health overall, Aldesa encountered a minor setback with some eye issues recently. However, she has been diligently following her prescribed medication regimen and is expected to make a full recovery soon. 

Despite facing health challenges, Aldesa remains a dedicated student. She has exhibited exceptional qualities, earning recognition as a loving and peaceful student. We are immensely proud to share that she was awarded the Nobel Prize in her school, a testament to her commitment and character.

Aldesa’s involvement in church activities remains unwavering. She actively participates in children’s meetings and continues to learn the memory verses by heart, demonstrating her strong faith and dedication.

In March, we celebrated significant events. On the International Day of Girls and Women, Aldesa and her mother joined us for a memorable gathering. Together, we reflected on the importance and value of women in God’s eyes. We shared devotions, danced, and exchanged symbolic gifts.

Easter was another highlight of the month, filled with joy and celebration. Aldesa and her peers showcased their talents through a beautiful dance performance, spreading the message of hope. 

At the end of the meeting, all church members were blessed with a bag of food. Thus the Easter message was even more complete. Those families had the opportunity to celebrate the resurrection of Christ with joy in their hearts and food on their tables.

Your continued support enables us to nurture Aldesa and other children in our community, empowering them to thrive spiritually, academically, and emotionally. We are immensely grateful for your partnership in this mission. Together, we are transforming futures and spreading love and light to those in need.

Blessings in Christ!