Anxhela M. (Albania)- Latest Update

Angela has been in good health. However as mentioned in our previous report, Angela’s life has undergone some significant changes with the arrival of her mother from Italy. These changes have impacted her attendance at church, and her visits have become less frequent.¬†

Despite this shift, Angela continues to maintain her commitment to after-school classes. During after-school classes, we incorporate discipleship teachings alongside homework sessions. Despite not attending the children’s services as regularly as before, Angela actively participates in these sessions, eagerly absorbing the teachings of the Bible. Her dedication to reading scripture, worshiping, and praying during these classes is a testament to her faith and unwavering devotion.

Angela’s gentle and loving nature continues to shine through in her interactions with her teachers and peers. She has a deep need for love and affection, often expressing this through hugs and acts of kindness. Your continued support and prayers for Angela and her mother are greatly appreciated. Please continue to pray for her and her mother so that she does not become an obstacle for Angela’s faith.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers, we are honored to have you as a valued member of our community.

Blessings in Christ!