Ardiana M. (Albania)- Latest Update

Ardiana’s journey into adolescence has brought about significant changes in her life. Her parents have become stricter, resulting in her no longer attending the children’s meetings. However, we’re encouraged to see that she occasionally accompanies her mother to the main service.

Despite these changes, Ardiana remains in good health and continues to attend school regularly. We kindly ask for your continued prayers, especially for her parents to reconsider and allow her to pursue her education further by attending high school. Your prayers for her future opportunities mean a great deal.

Although she was unable to attend the Easter service, we made sure she and her family received a package of abundant food to celebrate the joyous occasion of Jesus’ resurrection. Your generous contributions made this possible, allowing her and her loved ones to partake in the celebration with joy and abundance.

Thank you once again for your continued partnership in transforming lives like Ardiana’s. Your commitment to her well-being is truly appreciated and valued.

Blessings in Christ!