Blendis M. (Albania)- Latest Update

Blendis, at seven years old, embodies qualities of calmness, politeness, and love. His sweet demeanor shines through in everything he does, bringing warmth and joy to those around him. However, he recently faced a challenging time as he fell sick for three weeks. Despite the difficulties, we thank God that Blendis has now recovered and is feeling much better. 

Blendis is not only diligent in his studies at school but also actively participates in the children’s service, showing a keen interest in learning from the Bible. 

Our Easter celebration was a time of great joy and fellowship. Your support enabled us to extend Easter celebration beyond the church walls. Each member, including Blendis and his family, received a bag of food. 

As we rejoice in these blessings, we also ask for your continued prayers. While Blendis and his family receive the gift of food, we pray that God will use this open door to touch their hearts and transform their lives in profound ways.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your partnership and support. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of Blendis and many others, spreading love and light to those in need and transforming futures for the better.

Blessings in Christ!