Desil S. (Albania)- Latest Update

Despite the challenges they face, Desili continues to attend the children’s meetings with his brother, always sporting a smile that brightens the room. It’s heartwarming to see his resilience, especially considering the difficulties his family is going through. As you know, Desili is growing up without a mother, and this absence naturally affects his well-being. However, his grandmother, who is caring for him and his siblings, is doing an exceptional job given her limitations due to old age.

Desili’s father, although facing occasional unemployment, continues to work tirelessly to provide for the family. The uncertainty of employment sometimes adds stress to their already challenging situation. Your continued support and prayers mean a lot to them, providing both tangible assistance and emotional strength during difficult times.

It would be good if you keep Desili and his family in your prayers. Pray for Desili to walk in the path of Jesus, for his grandmother to enjoy good health despite her age, and for his father to secure stable employment opportunities.

We are happy to share that, thanks to your ongoing support, Desili and his family were able to celebrate Easter with abundance and peace. Your contributions provided them with the blessing of plentiful food, allowing them to rejoice in the knowledge that God has provided for them. 

Once again, thank you for your unwavering support for Desili and his family. Your compassion is making a significant difference in their lives, offering hope and encouragement in times of need.

Blessings in Christ!