FEB 16-26, 2021

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There is a powerful prophecy in Isaiah 19 concerning Egypt. While it tells of many trials and tribulations that Egypt will endure, there is a very hopeful verse in Isaiah 19:21. “So the Lord will make himself known to the Egyptians, and in that day they will acknowledge the Lord. They will worship with sacrifices and grain offerings; they will make vows to the Lord and keep them.”

The year 2021 will be the 13th year WMA has been ministering the Gospel in Egypt and we are thankful the Lord allowed us to be His co-laborers in the fulfillment of this prophecy. We are excited about the growth of the body of Christ in this ancient land and the new opportunities to share the Gospel in Cairo February 16-26.

The current situation in Egypt from the political and the economic perspective does not seem to confirm that the fulfillment of this prophecy is near, yet in the spiritual realm there is a great change happening in this nation!

Egypt today, like never before, is in need of the light of Christ!

Egyptian Christians need our encouragement – they have suffered tremendously in the recent years from the revolutions and political takeovers. The churches were burned, and people lost lives because of their faith in Christ. Yet, many Christians declare their faith boldly before the world by obtaining a tattoo of the cross on their wrist as the public declaration of their loyalty to Christ even in the face of persecution.

You have an incredible opportunity to share Jesus with the Egyptian people by sharing your testimony or teaching in evangelistic services that will be held at the local churches; inspire and encourage young people to follow Christ as they choose their path in life – a lot of young people in Egypt are attracted to secular lifestyle, yet struggle to find hope and meaning in life. If you have a heart for broken and hurting people, the outreach to women is a very important and needed ministry in Islamic countries.

Medical professionals and non-medical volunteers in the free clinic held at the local churches will have an opportunity to minister to the bides and souls of those who can’t afford medical care.

Finally, you will have an opportunity to bring joy to the orphaned kids through games, stories and gifts – there is hardly a more significant impact that can be made in these young hearts.

The team will be interceding for the restoration of Egypt from the spiritual oppression, strife and wars and for its spiritual destiny as the children of the true God. We need prayer warriors and intercessors on the team who will devote themselves to this extremely important part of the mission.

You will spend our last day touring Cairo’s Museum of Ancient History, the Pyramids of Giza, Mount Mokkatam, the banks of the Nile river as well as have some time for souvenir shopping.

Please let me know if God is calling you on this mission as we have a limited number of spots on this team. You can send in your $200 deposit ASAP to reserve your spot!

We pray that the Lord hand selects individuals to fulfill this historic mission!


Fill out and send us by mail or email the application form and submit a brief letter of recommendation from your pastor or spiritual mentor. The letter should include his or her contact information.


Request an online application by emailing


  • Egypt is a transcontinental country spanning the Northeast corner of Africa and Southwest corner of Asia, via a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula.
  • Population of Egypt is 82 million people.
  • Most people who live in Egypt are Muslim.
  • There are also many Christians in Egypt, making up perhaps around 10 percent of the population.
  • The Nile is Egypt’s main river and the longest river on Earth. The Nile and the desert define Egypt’s geography.


  • In recent years Egyptian people have suffered much through the political and economic turmoil.
  • Egyptian churches have experienced persecution during the revolution in 2011.
  • Many people in Egypt are open to the Gospel message.

Join us in fulfilling the Great Commission through giving!

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Serving on the mission field with Chuck and Helen Todd is a life-changing experience. Their heart is to be an extension of God's hands assisting pastors in other countries reaching out to their congregation, community, rehab centers and whatever is needed. They are a tremendous blessing to many. - Becky Durr

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I have traveled with other missions, but the personal relationship between the leaders (Helen and Chuck Todd) and those of us on the team, (who can come from various backgrounds and countries from around the world) fosters unity in the Spirit of God. It truly becomes family (in Christ) when you go on the mission field with WMA. I am so grateful that Jesus pointed me to travel with WMA! -- and more importantly, that WMA always points everyone, and all they do, to Jesus!
- Laurie Ball-Gisch

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I have traveled with WMA since September 2011. They are very organized, but are open to the move of the Holy Spirit. It is apparent that the mission of WMA is the "Great Commission". I am so thankful that I was led to WMA when I felt a call to go into overseas missions. I am a retired law enforcement officer and as a result I am naturally suspicious of organizations I am not familiar with. My research online resulted in only positive reviews. I praise God for this wonderful ministry!
-Debra Yokley

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I could say that they were well organized, provided excellent accommodations, fed us well, and looked after our safety. And all that would be true, but their heart for serving the Lord and lifting the name of Jesus is what impressed me the most. My time and money are in short supply, but neither were wasted during the mission trip to Macedonia. If you love Jesus and feel called to go tell others of His love for them, then World Missions Alliance is the horse you want to tie your cart to.
-Carl Morner

"Amazing trip. It was a wide-open door of opportunity as Paul would say. Fantastic organization behind the scenes by Chuck & Helen. Lots of prayer went into this before and during, done with high integrity. This is a mature ministry, making a significant impact. Done with a Christ-like demeanor.
No words can describe the blessing that I received...Can not wait to go again!!!
-Warren Cook

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"No words can describe the blessing that I received...Can not wait to go again!!!!
-JoAnn Wolfe

"During these small moments of this time in Israel as I was able to see His Beloved land and precious people and I was given a new texture in my walk. It seems as though now as I read the Word and pray there is another dimension a tangible component that was not there before. I can actually touch them in my heart."
-Pat Duncan

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The day I came home from Ireland was the day the Lord told me I was going to Lebanon! So far it has been my favorite trip. He told me it was an act of obedience and if I went He would take care of my daughter. Great blessings were given during this trip and a greater blessing when I got home! It was very overwhelming to know that God used us to answer many prayers for families both in Lebanon and at home.
- Melinda Fazzolari

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I'm excited to see where God sends me next! Our Argentina team was amazing and hand picked by our Father! Blessings Chuck and Helen! Look forward to seeing you both soon!
- Paul Lamendola

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This mission trip (Thailand) was such a blessing to me. I most enjoy working with WMA teams and the leadership of Helen and Chuck. They help bring unity to our diverse ministries and make the missions successful!
- Helen Myers

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Had a great time of ministry in China with WMA. If you are looking for a ministry opportunity, join with WMA! It is exciting to be a part of what God is doing around the world.
- Dale Combs

I had to travel across the world to see I had not been alone in my thoughts and questions. God used WMA to accomplish His twofold mission.
- Kressa Phillips

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I'm blessed to have been making mission trips with Chuck and Helen since 1994. They have been an excellent tool in our missions' call to the nations.
- Gwen Reed

I have been on other mission trips with my church. But I knew God wanted me to go on this trip. It has forever changed me. It increased my desire for missions and to spread the Light of Christ. It's awesome what WMA is doing. I was taken out of my comfort zone, I'm so glad I was obedient to what God was calling me to do.
- Cynthia Altman

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A few months ago I went to Thailand, that mission trip changed my entire life. It changed how I viewed God, it changed how I viewed myself. Before going on that mission trip I doubted what God had for me, he showed me things that warmed my heart, he showed me that pain can be healed with love from the simplest things.
- Anna McCasland

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