Emilio B. (Albania)- Latest Update

Emilio is 10 years old and is the eldest child in his family. He has a younger sister and  brother. His presence at our children’s services is always appreciated, and his kind and obedient nature shines through.

On the International Day of Girls and Women, we hosted a special service focusing on the importance and value of women in God’s eyes. Emilio’s mother joined us, along with other women from the church, for a meaningful time of fellowship, spiritual enrichment, and symbolic gifts.

Easter was another memorable occasion filled with joy and celebration. Thanks to your sponsorship, Emilio and his family experienced the Easter message in a tangible way. Following our service, they received a bag of food, which symbolized the abundance of blessings that Easter brings. With food on their tables and joy in their hearts, they were able to celebrate the resurrection of Christ wholeheartedly.

Please keep praying that while Emilio and his family are being blessed with food, God will use this open door to touch their heart and transform their life.

We are immensely grateful for your partnership. Together, we are transforming futures and spreading love and light to those in need.

Blessings in Christ!