July 16-26, 2018

Ireland 2018

September 17-25, 2018

Romania 2018

September 25 - October 2, 2018

Moldova 2018

October 30 - November 9, 2018

Lebanon Fall 2018

November 30 - December 10, 2018

Thailand Winter 2018

January 8-18, 2019

Argentina 2019

February 11-21, 2019

Northern Iraq 2019

Northern Iraq
March 12-20, 2019

Republic of Georgia 2019

Republic of Georgia
March 20-28, 2019

Armenia 2019

May 21-31, 2019

Israel 2019


World Missions Alliance is devoted to helping you fulfill your calling in missions.

Since 1999 World Missions Alliance has been helping churches, ministries and individuals to take the Gospel to the “hot spots” of the world, such as Russia and former Soviet Union, China, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, India and others. Even one soul won for eternity is worth traveling halfway across the world. On our trips we have seen thousands saved.

WMA has always been on the cutting edge of the world mission field rushing into countries at the first opportunity! We have long-term experience and excellent trained staff to take care of all the logistics and arrangements to maximize your ministry time and effectiveness of your missions work.

Chuck Todd, President of WMA, frequently calls a mission trip a “Date with God.” The intimate and personal time with Christ, deeper understanding of the Bible and amazing self-discoveries are the rewards you receive as the “wages” for laboring in the Lord’s Harvest.

To join WMA team for the first time you need to:

1 Fill out and send us by mail or email the following application form

2 Submit a brief letter of recommendations from your pastor or spiritual mentor (by mail or email). The letter should include his/her contact information

Also please check our FAQ page