Let’s Help Ukraine

The churches in Western Ukraine are preparing to receive refugees fleeing from the war zone. They need help with feeding people, providing them with bedding, blankets, diapers, baby formula, medications.

My heart is broken by the war between Russia and Ukraine. I spent last night trying to communicate with Angel, our friend of over 20 years and a ministry partner in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Angel had dedicated her life sharing Christ and caring for the orphaned kids both in Ukraine and Russia. She was writing to me from the hallway of her apartment building as the bombings continued in her neighborhood. Due to the curfew, she was not allowed to leave. At 3 am she stopped communicating and all I could do was pray.
My family, friends and family in Christ are split between Russia and Ukraine in a crisis that is complex and incredibly painful for both sides. My heart is broken for both nations.
So many of our WMA family have reached out asking how to pray and how to help. So here are some ways you can pray and help.
As we all have learned through the last 2 years, the first casualty of a crisis is the truth. In the barrage of information available to us there is alarmingly little truth. While we don’t know all the details, nothing is hidden from God. He will call to account those who are responsible for unnecessary bloodshed, and He will protect His people. In the meantime, we have the power of prayer and action.

3 ways to pray for Ukraine:

WMA ministry partners and friends in Kharkiv and Kiev face battles in the streets, curfews. Some of them are on the battlefront, prepared to defend the city.   Pray for the peace that surpasses all understanding and divine protection.

The churches across Ukraine are preparing to host and help refugees fleeing from the war zones. They need help with feeding people, providing them with bedding, blankets, diapers, baby formula, medications. Just bare necessities.
Nobody knows for how long they will stay or what other help they might need in the future. This is just to provide shelter and safety. If you wish to help, you can do it here: https://rfwma.org/help-for-ukraine/

We have to pray that peace is negotiated without any further escalation in military action. Continued war will have severe implications not just on Ukraine and Russia but on the rest of the world. Russian and Ukrainian people, outside politics, share deep cultural ties. Many families on both sides have loved ones from the other country. The war is tearing a historic bond of brotherhood between the countries.

3 ways to pray for Russia

The church in Russia needs our prayers now. It has always been marginalized by the government that only supports the Russian Orthodox Church. This is an important moment in the history of the Russian evangelical church to rise and offer hope and truth. The pastors, the leaders and the believers need our encouragement and support. Please remember, that among the Russian soldiers there are believers who have to make a very tough choice.

The access to social media has been limited for the Russian people and they are being fed propaganda through the state owned mass media. Please pray that the spirit of truth prevails among the people and they are able to discern lies.

Tens of thousands of Russian people marched in the streets protesting against the war. Over 4, 00 of them were arrested.  People wanting to send financial help to their loved ones in Ukraine were threatened with being charged with treason.
250, 000 signed a petition to impeach Putin. Pray for the courage for the Russian people and the Russian soldiers to remain true to their conscience and will for peace.

In my personal prayers I ask God to enlighten those who are placed in positions of leadership and influence to choose life – life for Ukraine, life for Russia, life for the world, life for our children. I pray that they find a solution that does not involve war, bloodshed, loss and deep emotional scars that last for generations.
This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live. Deuteronomy 30:19

Thank you for you love for the nations and passion for the Great Commission.  I just heard from Angel, she is well, she still needs our prayers.  See below the videos she sent us of what is happening in her neighborhood. The Great Commission goes on. WMA team is on the way home safely from sharing the Gospel in Serbia and Bosnia!
Nothing can stop the Good News of Christ!

In Him,
Helen Todd
Vice President
World Missions Alliance