Ireland 2018

July 16-26, 2018

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2 Submit a brief letter of recommendations from your pastor or spiritual mentor (by mail or email). The letter should include his/her contact information


Republic of Ireland is a sovereign state in Western Europe, occupying five sixths of the Island of Ireland.
Population: 4.6 million people.
Achieved considerable prosperity from 1995 to 2007.
Experienced unprecedented financial crisis that began in 2008.


Irish people are in need of spiritual revival. Alcohol and drug abuse have become a big problem especially among the youth.
Irish people know of God, but they do not know Him personally.

What YOU Can Do:

  • Pray – few evangelical churches exist in these countries
  • Go – join the team to preach teach, train leaders, visit orphanages, distribute Bibles
  • Help – join the medical missions team
  • Send Bibles