June 12-22 WMA will travel to Ireland, celebrating the 10th year of our missionary work in this nation.

Ireland is a nation on the verge of a Great Revival that will sweep through entire Western Europe. At the same time, it is the nation that is facing great challenges. Drugs and alcohol, the decline of the Catholic Church and the extremely liberal policies of the Irish Government contribute to the statistics showing more than 790,000 people living in poverty in Ireland, of which over 250,000 are children. One in 4 one-parent families are living in consistent poverty.

WMA will partner with the Cork Church in several evangelistic outreaches with the purpose of introducing the Irish people to the importance of having a personal relationship with Christ and showing them the love of Christ in action. 
Big portion of the ministry will be street evangelism. Our teams will set up posts in the main square of Cork, the second largest city in Ireland. You will have an opportunity to share your testimony, engage in one on one conversations with the people, distribute Gospel tracts and invitations to the church, sing, play musical instruments etc. The Irish people are very friendly and open to a conversation and there is no language barrier since they speak English. This kind of ministry has always been very fruitful, especially in Cork, which attracts people from all over the world and gives you the opportunity to share Christ with the people from many nations.
The Cork church has implemented a cutting-edge outreach called “Feed Cork”. Each week they provide over 250 food boxes for the people of various walks of life—atheists, Muslims, homosexuals and straight people, or anyone who finds themselves in a financial crisis. Through this program they have been able to share the love of Christ and see people’s lives transformed. This program has been so effective that they were recognized in the national media and have been asked by the Irish Government to implement it in other churches across the nation.
You will be taking a part in this outreach by helping prepare food packets, distributing food and pray for those who come to recive.

“Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.” Isaiah 58:10

In addition to the ministry in Cork, we will travel to the quaint city of Kilkenny, known for a beautiful and well preserved old castle and the colorful downtown area filled with cafes, shops and historic buildings.
In Kilkenny we will partner with a local church in evangelism through a free coffee shop the church hosts for the community and also street evangelism, similar to the one we do in Cork.

Please keep in mind this trip will require a lot of walking, so if you have limited mobility you may want to consider a different mission.

You will have numerous opportunities to explore the beautiful historic sights of Ireland – Cork, Kilkenny, Cobh, Kinsale and other areas.

The Emerald Isle is ready for revival and the Lord has an incredible open door there for you and us. In the last several years the Lord has directed World Missions Alliance to Western Europe. This “door” opened through Ireland. This nation holds a very significant and strategic part in the spiritual awakening of Europe in these last days before Christ’s return.

The cost of the Ireland trip is $1800 (Due by 04/28/23)
Includes: lodging, 3 meals/day, ground transportation, itinerary planning and translator services. This fee does not include airfare. Our office can assist you with booking your flight out of your home airport and connect you with other travelers along the way.

The price for this trip is currently $1800, however due to inflation, may have to be increased. If you’d like to hold a spot on the 2023 Ireland trip, you can do so with a $200 deposit. As long as your deposit is received prior to any announced price increases, we will honor the $1800 price.

Click the link to make a trip payment https://rfwma.org/make-a-trip-payment/

A deposit of $200 is required to secure your spot on the team. Your deposit is nonrefundable, but will be applied to the total amount due which is $1800, due by 04/28/23.  

The price for this trip is currently $1800, however due to inflation, may have to be increased. If you’d like to hold a spot on the 2023 Ireland trip, you can do so with a $200 deposit. As long as your deposit is received prior to any announced price increases, we will honor the $1800 price.

EXCEPTION: for first time travelers with WMA who are still in the application process please note, the deposit is refundable if your application cannot be approved. 

Please read our full cancellation policy, including information about deposits and refunds

Click the link to make your deposit https://rfwma.org/make-a-trip-payment/

If you need to raise funds for your mission trip to Ireland, here is how we suggest you get started.

1.Read Our E-book 10 Great Ways to Fundraise for Your Mission Trip. You can download it here

2. Send A Support Letter to everyone you know and ask them to send it to everyone they know. Remember to include a link in your emails and online posts to our “Give” page https://rfwma.org/give/ or to your personal fundraising page if you set one up so it’s very easy for those the Lord prompts to support your mission trip to give. We will send you updates on any donations that come in for your trip. Below is the support letter template we’ve written for the Ireland 2023 trip. It’s completely editable and you may use it however you’d like to get the word out about the opportunity you have to join this mission and how anyone who wants to can support in prayer and financially.

Dear Friends & Family
I have been presented with an opportunity to go on a mission’s trip to Ireland June 12-22, 2023.  Our group will be working with the local churches and a Bible College in evangelism and street witnessing. We will be taking part in an incredible outreach helping pack, distribute food, pray with the people of the local community, and share Christ with them. I believe God has called me to fulfill His Great Commission. The opportunity to do this in Western Europe – one of the toughest mission fields in the world – is both challenging and exciting.
The single largest denomination in Northern Ireland is Roman Catholic Church (about 44% of the population).  The conflict between Catholicism and Protestant Christianity has historical and political roots.  It has created division and heartbreak in the nation.  As a result many people in this nation are disappointed in religion. What they need is the personal relationship with God! Our purpose would be to bring them into relationship with Christ.
In 1859 Ireland experienced an unprecedented spiritual revival.  In the small village of Straid, in Northern Ireland, the population was made up of primarily farmers and weavers.  In the center of the town was a Congregation Church pastored by the Rev. James Bain.  The church engaged itself in much prayer and this emphasis was increasing in intensity.  They desired to see an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon their land. 
The answer to their prayers came in a greater magnitude than any of them could have expected. An unprecedented spiritual hunger struck the hearts of many Irish.  They began flocking to churches and open-air meetings.  Religious formality was replaced with
heart-felt passionate Christian expression.  If God moved in such a marvelous way in this nation 200 years ago, He can do it again. In fact, my prayer is that He would do it in our nation!
You can read more about the hosts of this mission here:  http://www.rfwma.org
I am writing to ask for your help in 2 areas. First and foremost I ask you to pray for the success of this trip. We’ve already begun planning, getting passports, booking flights, etc. We need God’s guidance in every aspect of this trip. So your prayers are extremely important.
Next, I am asking you to consider helping financially if you can do it. Some part of me cringes to ask for money like this, but on the other hand, I truly believe the Lord is directing this mission and your money will be sown into very fertile soil. I need $1800 for expenses there (Hotel, food, transportation, ect.) and my flight cost of around $1000.  
Your gift is tax deductible and checks should be made out to World Missions Alliance (or W.M.A.) and designated to the missionary support of (my name).  You can send the funds to me or directly to World Missions Alliance to P.O. Box 1067 Branson West, MO 65737 or you can give online at https://rfwma.org/give/
Any amount will be of huge help and will make you a vital part of winning souls for Christ in Southern Ireland.
Thanks for taking time to read this and thanks in advance for your support. When we return, I will share with you my experiences while sharing the Gospel of Christ in Ireland.   
God Bless,

3. Online/Social Media Post Template

If you’re interested in running an online fundraiser for your trip to Ireland , here is some info that you are welcome to use. You may edit the below paragraph any way you’d like or use it as is.

Friends, I have been invited to join World Missions Alliance on an urgent and timely mission trip to Ireland June 12-22, 2023.  Our mission is to partner with the local church to reach the most vulnerable and underprivileged segments of the population – the homeless and poor through a food distribution outreach as well as street evangelism. I will need to raise $(fill in the blank with the amount you still need to raise) to go and want to give you the opportunity to get involved in what God is going to do in Ireland on this mission. I invite you to touch the heart of God today with your love and generosity. No gift amount is too small. Giving on the WMA website is safe, quick and easy. Just click here https://rfwma.org/give/  and remember to put my name, (Your Name), in the notes section. All donations are tax deductible. You can also support by praying for me, the team, and the mission as well as sharing this opportunity with everyone you know. Thank you in advance for your quick response and generosity. I’m so excited to see what God is going to do!!

4. Personal Fundraising Page on the WMA Website

With an approved application and $200 deposit you will be able to create a personal fundraising page on our website which can be easily shared in your letters, emails and social media posts regarding fundraising for your mission trip.  Please contact Denise at 417-231-4131 or [email protected] to request instructions for creating your personal fundraising page.

Get acquainted with the country God’s called you to.

Here are some fun and interesting facts you may not have known about Ireland:

  • The three most famous symbols of Ireland are the green Shamrock, the harp, and the Celtic cross.
  • 88% of Irish citizens are nominally Roman Catholic. The Republic of Ireland has one of the highest rates of church attendance in the Western World (around 45% of regular Mass attendance).
  • The ancestral language of Irish people is Irish Gaelic. Nowadays 1.6 million people claim a self-reported competence in Irish, but only 380,000 fluent speakers remain.
  • Many Irish family names start with “Mac” or “O’…”, which means respectively “son of …” and “grandson of …” in Gaelic.
  • Ireland is a snake-free island. Due to its isolation from the European mainland, Ireland lacks several species common elsewhere in Europe, such as moles, weasels, polecats or roe deer.
  • At a height of 688 metres above the Atlantic Ocean, Croaghaun (on Achill Island) are the second highest cliffs in Europe – after Cape Enniberg in the Faroe Islands.
  • Hook Lighthouse is thought to be the oldest working lighthouses in Europe, or possibly in the world. Located at Hook Head, in County Wexford, the present structure was completed either in 1172 or in 1245, although the first lighthouse on that spot dates back to the 5th century.
  • Ireland has had its own Olympics since the Bronze Age. The Tailteann Games (Aonach Tailteann), as they were known, were athletic contests held in honor of the deceased goddess Tailtiu, Lugh’s wife. Although historically attested games were held from the 6th to the 12th century CE, it is claimed that the origins of the Tailteann Games go back to 632 BCE, or even as far as 1600 BCE (against 776 BCE for the ancient Greek Olympic Games). Modern revival of the games have been held since 1924.
  • Prior to the annexation to England, then the United Kingdom, Ireland was never unified under a single monarchy like other European countries. Instead there were hundreds of minor kings waging war with one another on a nearly permanent basis. In this regard and many others, Irish society remained very much like ancient Britain, Gaul or Iberia before the Roman conquest.
  • The Irish are now some of the most fervently Catholic Europeans (along with the Poles). Yet, Ireland was the last Western European country to adopt Catholicism. Until the 15th century the Irish belonged to the Celtic Church, and mass was universally given in Gaelic, not Latin (as was the norm then). Ironically the Irish joined the Roman Catholic Church at the time when Henry VIII founded the Anglican Church, independent from Rome.
  • Founded in 1745, the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin is the world’s oldest continuously operating maternity hospital.
  • In the late 18th century, Cork was the largest exporter of butter in the world, mostly to Britain and the British Empire.
  • The world’s first suburban commuter railway opened between Dublin and Dun Laoghaire in 1834 (two years before the London and Greenwich Railway).
  • Kilkea Castle, in County Kildare, is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Ireland. It was the seat of the Fitzgeralds from the early 13th century until the early 1960’s. The Fitzgeralds were made Barons of Offaly in the 12th century, then became Earls of Kildare (from 1316), and eventually Duke of Leinster (from 1766), the highest title in the Irish peerage. The castle was subsequently converted into a hotel, which closed during the 2008–2010 Irish financial crisis.
  • Cork Harbour claims to be the second largest natural harbour in the world by navigational area, after Sydney’s Port Jackson. The claim is contested by Halifax Harbour in Canada, and Poole Harbour in England though.
  • Ireland is the only EU country where abortion is still illegal (except to protect the mother’s life).
  • It is estimated that over 80 million people of Irish descent live outside Ireland, in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa and states of the Caribbean and continental Europe. This is 14 times more than the population of Ireland (including Northern Ireland) itself ! 3 million of these emigrants still hold Irish nationality.
  • Roughly 34 million Americans reported Irish ancestry in the 2000 US Census, which makes it the second largest ethnic group after the German Americans. The highest concentration of Irish Americans is in the North-East (New York and New England).

Practical travel tips to help make your mission trip smooth and efficient:

Travel Documents 

1. Is your passport up to date?  Do you have a passport?  I personally believe that once you have asked Jesus into your heart, you should follow up with water baptism. After you have been baptized, you should be given: a towel to dry off; and a passport application.   If you are a US Citizen and don’t have an up to date passport, start by filling out the proper form.   Detailed instructions are found at: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/how-to-apply.html

Form Used For
  1. Does the country you wish to visit require an entrance visa?  (Remember visa requirements differ based on the passport you are traveling with.  If you are living in USA but hold a Bolivian passport you will follow the procedures for a Bolivian citizen). 
  2. Once you have completed the proper application process for your travel documentation you will need to get there. 

Air Travel Tips

Most places we travel require air travel.  This can be tricky, unless money is no object.  We will go over some basic tricks to get a comfortable flight.  Know this, the best procedure today may not even work tomorrow.  Nothing we say will be in stone.  This will just get you started.  Creative thinking is the key.  

  1. Start with a flight search engine that searches many airlines.  I use Kayak.com and google.com/flights.  There are many others.  None are always the best.  Anyone can find the best route at the lowest price on one itinerary.  I have found Kayak and google are consistently good, so I would start there and experiment with others as you go. 
  2. Where do you wish to end up?  If you are flying to Paris or Moscow scheduling is pretty straight forward.  Start with your local airport and enter the airport you wish to fly to. 
  3. Small airport destinations become a little tricky since major carriers don’t fly there.  Trick, find the airport website.  Small airports generally list the incoming and departing flight schedules.  Work backward.  Find out from which airports flights depart to arrive at the airport you wish to go.  Then look for flights into that airport.  You may have to buy two tickets.  A round trip to that intermediary airport.  And the second-round trip from the intermediary airport to your destination.  There are many variations here.  Including open jaw (where there is a gap somewhere in the round-trip itinerary.  Example: ORD to AMM outbound and BEY to ORD return.  Here you have another flight from AMM to BEY.  This can get complicated but can save some money, with a risk.  If the flight on your first ticket is delayed or canceled and causes you to misconnect to your flight on your second ticket you are at the mercy of the airline.  They can have mercy and book you on the next flight, charge you a change fee and book you on the next flight or force you to buy another ticket.  If you chose to use two or more tickets be sure to get insurance.  Some credit cards cover you automatically.  But verify before you purchase the ticket. 
  4. Search with the three-digit airport code used by IATA (international association of travel agents) you can find the airport code list here http://www.airportcodes.org/
  5. Be careful of what countries you transfer in.  If you change planes in a country that requires a visa and you get stranded, you will not be allowed to leave the airport.  For U.S. citizens Russia and India are two that require visas to leave the airport.  It is a good idea to check if there is a hotel in the terminal.  Find out where the hotel is located and how much the rooms are.  Sometimes they are reasonable. 
  6. There is no apparent logic for the airline prices.  If you find a good schedule with a fair price book it and don’t check prices again.  Airline prices change faster than the stock market.  I have had an airline ticket go up $800 during lunch.  I have also had a ticket go down by almost that much after I purchased the ticket.  Don’t let this fluctuation stress you out.  It is a fact of life.  Your goal is to get to your destination safely. 
  7. Check all airports you are willing to drive to.  Sometimes very surprising fares or better schedules come from the unexpected areas
  8. Schedule.  This is a person preference.  I prefer a two to four-hour layover in an overseas connecting flights.  You will go through security which takes time and planes are often late.  When returning you must clear passport and customs.  Allow a minimum of 90 minutes for a connecting flight. 

Packing tips  (remember less it better). 

  1. Try to get everything in a carry-on.  For a 10-day trip it can be done but takes some planning.  I have some recommendations for you. 
  2. Clothes hamper for dirty clothes.  I have one I bought at dollar tree.  It is like this one from amazon.  I really like it. https://www.amazon.com/Mesh-Pop-Up-Laundry-Hamper-Eliminate/dp/B00HZ0IOJ2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1519268074&sr=8-3&keywords=collapsible+laundry+hamper
  3. Clear zipper bag for electronics.  I use the following:  http://www.walmart.com/ip/Modella-Transparent-Black-Make-Up-Bag/10315324
  4. Travel adapter.  I designed and made a travel adapter I thought met all my needs.  Left out in a German airport then discovered this adapter which is better than my design.  http://www.walmart.com/ip/Travel-Smart-TS238AP-All-In-One-Adapter-with-USB/23499900

The travel adapter above is great for a reason that is not readily apparent until you stay in some foreign hotels.  I have stayed in many hotels that have no free electric outlets.  So, if you want to charge your phone you must unplug the lamp.  Remember their plugs are different so you can’t plug in the lamp in the USA extension cord.  The plug above is universal.  Unplug the lamp, plug in the adapter, plug the lamp into the adapter and you still have two more plugs to use for your extension cord or computer.  
***Important note***
Transformer changes voltage.  Example a stepdown transformer will drop 220-240 volts to our 110-130 volts. 
Adapter only allows you to put your plug into a socket not designed for your plug.  Example an American plug (using two flat blades) into a German socket (one using two round holes).

  1. Extension cord.  Minimum 6 foot.  Generally, there are no outlets near your bed.  If you enjoy having your phone charge while on the night stand near the bed, then the extension cord will allow that.
  2. Travel iron.  I really like this iron.  Steam Bug Travel Steam Iron https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001EXJ20G/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_wqoJAbP4CABP8. There are other brand names that look the same (and may be the same).  It’s size and function make it perfect for travel.  Many hotels overseas do not have an iron in the room.
  3. Hair dryer. (and curling irons).  Buy a hair dryer that is 220v if you travel overseas.  (Save Japan).  DO NOT WASTE TIME AND MONEY BUYING ELECTRIC CONVERTERS.  they generally don’t work.  The ones that do work are unlikely to last the entire trip.  If you have one that works well, you might consider buying a Powerball ticket also. (ha, ha!)  You are that lucky (blessed and highly favored) person, (and probably have a pet unicorn!)
  4. Curling iron. See hair dryer above.
  5. Chargers.  Most phone, camera, computer chargers are world voltage.  Verify to be sure.  It will say on item or on the plug or the transformer something like; input 100~250v 50~60 hz.  These you can plug directly into the wall without an electric converter (step down transformer). You may still need an adapter to get it to fit into the electrical outlet.
  6. Bring a backup phone charger.  (Yours could quit or, more likely, get lost).
  7. Mix and match clothes.  Appropriate for the people you are ministering to.  A little research is helpful.  You will generally be surprised by the real situation.  You need not dress like a local but dress appropriate (non-offensive) for the locals. 
  8. Medicine. All personal medications need to be packed in your carry-on not your checked bag. Many are of faith and rightfully believe that God is a better healer than medicine.  You are 100% correct.  My experience is, you will find many areas to test your faith while on the mission field.  If an aspirin will get you back to the mission quickly than take it.  Maybe you need to help another who has a headache.  If you pack a painkiller you can bond over providing a help in time of need.   Items I think are of vital importance.
    1. Pain killer, (Excedrin, Tylenol, ibuprofen etc. What works for you.)
    2. Imodium.  (Bathrooms are not that nice to spend your whole trip there.)
    3. Any prescription medicine you take. 
    4. Allergy medicine. 

There may be other things you may want to bring but these are important.  Generally, you won’t need anything, but it is nice to have it just in case. 

The big challenge of short term missions is reflected in the term itself. It is short. What can and should be done in a short period of time in a nation to make a lasting impact?

Another question that is frequently asked – am I qualified to make a difference?

Being called by God for a specific assignment is very humbling. We don’t want to mess up His plan. We don’t want to embarrass ourselves trying to achieve something we don’t have the ability or expertise to do.

Setting a realistic objective helps to eliminate the initial concerns. God chose you because He has determined that your life experience, your gifts, your story are going to be useful for this place and time. Do you lead a Bible study in your church? Do you enjoy playing with children? Do you have a beautiful voice, play instruments, love to worship? These natural gifts and affinities will be used during your time in the country. From the moment you have felt the call start asking God what is the subject that He wants you to prepare to teach on, what songs you should rehearse, etc. Always be prepared to share a personal testimony. We all have many experiences in our lives of God’s favor, provision, deliverance, rescue – these are your best tools to introduce someone to Jesus. Pray and seek which story you should share during the trip. You may not know all the people you will encounter on your journey but God does. He prepares divine appointments for us – if you consult Him in advance, He will help you be prepared.

 In Luke 10:1 Jesus had several practical reasons for sending His disciples in teams.

1. The power of the message you proclaim on the mission field is solidified by having at least one more person who is an agreement. “Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.” 2 Cor 13:1
2. Being able to agree in prayer with at least one other person creates God’s presence and activates His answer. “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

The power of being a team is something that we have witnessed through the decades of doing missions work. It creates a pool of multiple talents, personalities, ages groups and makes us relevant an appealing to a larger segment of the local population. It keeps each person challenged to maintain the focus of big vision and willingness to sacrifice personal needs for the sake of the success of the entire team. In short, it creates a favorable environment for God to move and perfects the vessels that he has chosen to use. The people who have traveled with WMA missions teams make life long friendships during the trip because the desire to spread the Gospel is an excellent common ground for a lasting quality relationship.
An important aspect in setting your objectives is recognizing that in missions work there will be a time to sow and a time to reap. The first should always the objective of a successful missions trip. The second is more of a reward that God grants us to encourage us to continue.

“Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. 36 Even now the one who reaps draws a wage and harvests a crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together. 37 Thus the saying ‘One sows and another reaps’ is true. 38 I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.” John 4:35-38

Reaping is rewarding, sowing is done by faith. The fruit of your sowing may become someone else’s reward, but the Lord of the Harvest rejoices over both – the sower and the reaper.

Three key elements to prepare for your mission trip are:
1. Prayer
2. Fasting
3. Enlisting partners to cover you and your mission in prayer

We strongly recommend purchasing travel/health insurance to protect your mission trip expenses. Even if you are in perfect health and do not expect a change in your plans, unexpected things happen.
While WMA has no affiliation with any insurance providers, we have successfully used the insurance companies mentioned below for our staff and missionaries. However, you may pick any other provider of your choice.
COMPREHENSIVE TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE is available for purchase within 20 days of you making your first trip payment. To get more information or to purchase trip cancellation insurance please contact Adam Bates at 800-647-4589 or [email protected]

AFTER 20 DAYS FROM MAKING YOUR FIRST TRIP PAYMENT there are still many other customizable insurance coverage options available such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, and cancel-for-any reason insurance.. While your airline may offer insurance for your flight, we have found private insurance companies such as these listed below often offer comparable if not better coverage options at similar if not lower prices.

Adam Bates
Vice President
Insurance Services of America
[email protected]
(800) 647-4589 – Work | (480) 821-9052 – Work

James Pruss
Agency Director – Devoted Father, Fan of all Boston Teams, Global Citizen
Katy, TX  USA
Mobile: (617) 676-7858

Be prepared for an overseas medical emergency or illness with travel medical insurance including emergency medical evacuation benefits, terrorism coverage, and more.SHELVIE’S STORY
Prior to going on a mission trip to Ireland, Shelvie purchased travel medical insurance through one of our recommended insurance providers. During her trip she fell and broke her and had to have a hip replacement surgery. The insurance covered all her medical expenses while in Ireland, it also covered the upgrade to first class with a personal medical travel aid for the trip home. During the flight home Shelvie was able to share the Gospel with the medical aid. This was God’s way of helping Shelive to accomplish her mission in spite of the accident. We believe in God’s protection and provision for every WMA missionary!

JUNE 12- Traveling day
JUNE 13- Arrive in Cork, our partners will be at the airport to pick you up to take you to the hotel
– Orientation for the team
– Discuss mission opportunities available
– Travel home day

Our staff is happy to assist you in finding a flight and coordinating your flight itinerary with other team members when possible. However, generally, the team members are responsible for booking their own international flights. Download our free FLIGHT BOOKING GUIDE for a step by step guide to booking an international flight. Included are important and helpful instructions, reminders,tips, suggestions and more. 


WMA and the staff at WMA are not licensed travel agents and only offer flight booking assistance to help those who are not seasoned travelers and need assistance with navigating the flight booking process. Click the link to request assistance with booking your flight https://rfwma.org/flight-booking-assistance-request/


You will fly from your closest international airport on June 12th and arrive in Cork, Ireland (airport code ORK) on June 13th. You will fly home from on June 22nd.


You can send it to [email protected] or email your booking or confirmation code (6 letters or letter/number combo) and the airline you are flying with and we can look it up online.

Ireland does not require an entry visa

  • Vaccines and covid tests are NOT required to travel to Irlenad or back to the U.S. at this time

IRISH EMBASSY  – https://ie.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/

Please bring with you at least 2 masks as back ups for any places that may ask or require you to wear a mask.


Click the link to fill out the responsibility and emergency contact form. We must receive your completed form prior to the trip for you to be eligible to attend.