Melisa M. (Albania)- Latest Update

Melissa continues to be in good health, and her smile brightens our days.

However, I want to share some challenges that Melissa is facing within her family. Despite her vibrant spirit and desire to attend church regularly, Melissa encounters obstacles that sometimes prevent her from joining our church meetings. 

Melissa’s family relies on selling used clothes outside their home to make ends meet. In the photo provided, you can see Melissa and her mother standing outside their house, engaged in this daily endeavor. Unfortunately, Melissa is the only one in her family who attends church.

Furthermore, Melissa’s parents have made the decision to keep her out of school, believing that she is old enough to be married and should stay at home to care for the family. 

Through your generous support, Melissa was blessed with a package of food for Easter. We hope and pray that this act of kindness will serve as a testimony to her family, demonstrating the love and compassion of Jesus in a tangible way. Our fervent prayer is that Melissa’s family will be touched by the Holy Spirit and open their hearts to Jesus’ message of love and salvation.

Your prayers for Melissa and her family are incredibly important. Please pray that her family will not hinder Melissa’s faith journey but instead be moved by the Holy Spirit to accept Jesus into their hearts. 

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to Melissa’s well-being and spiritual growth. Your generosity and compassion are making a difference in her life, and we are grateful for your partnership in our ministry.

Blessings in Christ!