Amount Raised 8%

GOAL: $2600

Hi friends! My name is Muhindo and I have been invited to join World Missions Alliance on an urgent and timely mission trip to Kosovo February 18-28, 2022.  Our mission is to partner with the local church to reach the most vulnerable and underprivileged segments of the population with the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ. Most Christians in Kosovo are ethnic Serbs, and they are the minority in that region. They live in segregated neighborhoods which are open-air prisons from which they cannot get out without risking a skirmish. They are regularly attacked, looted and pushed to leave. They live in great poverty; they are systematically discriminated against.

Serbian Christians are excluded from the health system of Kosovo. They can only go to a Serbian hospital, in the north of the province, or to another, in the south.

Our mission to Kosovo has the goal of strengthening the local evangelical church and equipping them to meet the needs of the Serb Christians but also to share the light of the Gospel with the Albanian Muslims who are the majority in Kosovo.

Medical missions, evangelism, meeting the needs of the poor and equipping local pastors and Christian leaders for more effective ministry will be the main areas of the outreach.

I will need to raise $2600 to go and would like to give you the opportunity to get involved in what God is going to do in Kosovo on this mission. I invite you to touch the heart of God today with your love and generosity. No gift amount is too small. You can also support by praying for me, the team, and the mission as well as sharing this opportunity with everyone you know. Thank you in advance for your quick response and generosity. I’m so excited to see what God is going to do!!

All donations are tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes toward supporting the mission to Kosovo.