Hi friends! My name is Nanouli. My son Alex and I have been invited to join World Missions Alliance on an urgent and timely mission trip to Republic of Georgia January 5-15, 2023.

We will partner with a Georgian Kurdish Church under the leadership of Pastor Rezo serving the Kurdish minority people in the Republic of Georgia, the most underprivileged people group in this nation. His missionary work stretches across the borders into Turkey, Syria, Armenia and even as far as Kyrgizstan to reach his people with the Gospel message. Most of people in the communities we’ll be ministering in are Muslims and have heard of Isa (Jesus), the prophet, but we will share with them that He was the son of God and give each one of them New Testaments in their own dialect. We will distribute groceries and other supplies as we witness their humble living conditions. It will be evident that these supplies are a life saver for most of the families. We will host a Christmas celebration for the Kurdish kids at the church as christmas is celebrated Jan 7th in Georgia. They will receive school supplies, toys, candy, clothes and children’s Bibles in their gift bags.  The kids and their parents will receive Christmas cards from the WMA family and they will be encouraged by the love from their brothers and sisters in Christ in the US. The Kurdish people in Georgia are the minority, but their hunger for God is remarkable. They may become the catalyst of change for the entire nation.

Alex and I will need to raise $3600 to go and would like to give you the opportunity to get involved in what God is going to do in Georgia on this mission. I invite you to touch the heart of God today with your love and generosity. No gift amount is too small. You can also support by praying for me, the team, and the mission as well as sharing this opportunity with others you know. Thank you in advance for your quick response and generosity. I’m so excited to see what God is going to do!!

All donations are tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes toward supporting Nanouli & Alex’s mission to Georgia.

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