MAY 14-24, 2024

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May 14-24, 2024 WMA will be returning to Nepal, one of the least developed nations on earth which is in desperate need of Jesus.

As you may remember in May of 2015 Nepal was hit by a major earthquake. It took many lives and devastated the economy of the struggling nation. Our team traveled to Nepal just weeks after the earthquake and was able to reach the victims with humanitarian aid and medical help. The impact of this outreach was significant and we witnessed many people giving their hearts to Christ because they were overwhelmed by the love of Christians.

Today Nepal is still in dire need. The earthquake worsened Nepal’s long term problems like human trafficking, the vulnerability of women and children in the society, hunger and lack of education in rural areas.

In 2016 WMA team set up a medical clinic  in one of the least developed districts of Nepal – Sindhupalchok.  This mountainous areas produces little in terms of agriculture, but this is all the villagers have. In the entire region that covers 981 sq. miles there are zero hospitals.

 During the great earthquake in 2015, 96.8% of the houses in the district were destroyed, more than 3,550 people died in the district, and thousands of people were injured. It was in Sinhupalchok where the US rescue helicopter crashed with 6 US Marines on board.

As our team worked tirelessly helping our team doctor and the nurses to screen, treat and supply the countless patients with medication, our hearts were wrecked by the site of an elderly man carrying his wife to the clinic in his arms. She had been paralyzed for about a month. Nobody knew how long he had to carry her to get there. There were some who walked an entire day just to see our medical staff.

We want to ask you to consider the mission in Nepal that will reach the most desperate people on earth!      

 With our Nepal church partners we plan to reach to the poorest of the poor and host once again a medical clinic, along with the education on hygiene, nutrition etc. We plan food and clothes distribution. Our main goal will be to introduce the people of Nepal to the Gospel message. Many of them have never heard the name of Jesus Christ.

If you have a heart for the oppressed and the poor—this is the mission for you and we can use you on the team whether your talent is teaching and preaching, music and worship, intercessory prayer, medical skills or just a compassionate heart that loves the Lord and His people.

God’s purpose for Nepal is to prosper. His tallest mountain, Mount Everest, is the treasure of this nation. The beauty of His creation is present and evident in the nature of Nepal and the faces of its people. Our heart is to rescue Nepal not just from the physical poverty but the spiritual poverty as well.

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