Have you been refreshed by celebrating Christ’s resurrection power? Does it fill you with hope to know that not only He paid the price, but He also won the VICTORY. This is a game changer. A hope to trust and hold on to in the most difficult times!

I am a bit behind on sharing the latest updates on WMA but the reason for this is – so much has happened since the last newsletter came out.  While I was in Serbia and Bosnia, the war between Russia and Ukraine began. It deeply affected our friends and partners in Ukraine, Moldova and Russia.  On a very short notice we had to coordinate relief efforts and, in some cases, rescue efforts. Then Helen and I left to minister in the garbage city in Mexico, and as soon as we came back it was time for the Greater Purpose Conference. There were tears of sorrow and tears of joy, prayers for help and the prayers of praise. It made me think of these beautiful verses.  Those who sow with tears, will reap with songs of joy. Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them. Psalm 126:5,6

When we focus the very core of our lives on the Kingdom of God, sowing generously our talents and gifts to build and advance it, The Kingdom produces gifts for us. Helen and I can’t wait to share with you about some of these gifts!

In Christ,

Chuck & Helen Todd

We divided our ministry time in Mexico between San Vincente, and Pachuca, a capital city of the state of Hidalgo and partnered with 3 new churches in addition to Iglesia de Cristo. Our team distributed over 200 bags of grocery supplies in the garbage city, provided free medical care and shared the Gospel on a huge mountain of trash. The awful smell and debris of trash floating in the air did not prevent our team from walking around the garbage city giving out Gospel tracts and sharing the good news! In Pachuca we partnered with Nueva Esperanza Church to plant a new church in an area controlled by poverty and drug trade. We hosted an open-air event that provided free medical and dental care, haircuts, manicures and other services the locals would not be able to afford. The Evangelism team tirelessly shared the Gospel and prayed with those waiting in line. Some went door to door distributing Gospel tracts and sharing the Gospel and announcing that the new church will be open the following Sunday. The city council sent their representative to thank our team for their service and vouched their support for the new church. Additionally, WMA co-sponsored a youth outreach with Iglesia de Cristo and other churches in San Vincente that attracted over 500 young people to a Christian music concert. By the end of the trip, we have witnessed over 200 people receive Jesus in their hearts, over 400 patients seen in the medical clinic and many testimonies of healings and answered prayers. Our favorite moment of the trip was simple but powerful – it was a miracle of a person transformed by the Word of God. A young man suffering from seizures came to the clinic. He looked confused and hopeless, shabbily dressed. He mentioned that doctors have given him no hope. Then one of the nurses offered him a Bible. The moment he started reading it his eyes opened wide and his face was transformed. That evening he came to church looking like a different person.

God showed Helen and I that He is expanding WMA outreach in Mexico far greater than we had initially planned. We have added a new trip December 5-12, 2022. If God is calling you to Mexico please reserve your spot on the team soon!

There are two main reasons WMA hosts the Greater Purpose Conference each year. One is to celebrate our community. World Missions Alliance is a family of people who share a passion for the Great Commission and care deeply for each other. Worshiping God together, learning together deeper truths about His Kingdom and enjoying each other’s company is a wonderful and important way to feel the connection with the worldwide body of Christ. The other reason is to help every Christian to connect with their greater purpose and discover what they are called to do within the Kingdom of God. The feedback we continue to receive after the last conference confirms that both of these goals were accomplished. But there is more…We have received a record number of reports of physical healings that happened during the conference – backs healed, severe food allergies disappearing, mobility restored…. The gifts of the Kingdom are generous, abundant, and sometimes unexpected but always on time! We have already set the dates for the Greater Purpose Conference 2023. Mark your calendar, we will see you March 29, 30 and 31 in Branson, MO!

“I love the heart of WMA. It’s all about the people. So different, yet we are all the same. I was so humbled to pray with so many people at this event. I can still see their faces. I can still hear the echo of their prayers.”

“I received healing by confessing some dark times in my life to a beautiful lady that was full of the Love of God, and she spoke forgiveness over me and the pain and trauma lifted and my life has changed.”

“Love how your ministry feels like family! Was honored that I was asked to minister with prayer for the Constance.”

“The presence of the Lord was strong and prayer for the nations is uplifting.”

In less than one month WMA will travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to work with the poorest of the poor, the orphaned kids and the Ethiopian Jews. We need your help! We need to purchase Bibles, food, clothing, toys and diapers for the orphanage. If you could only witness the need and the poverty, you would recognize that every dollar can make a big difference! You can make your gift using the form below. Whether you travel with us to Ethiopia or not, join WMA in reaching Ethiopia for Christ and build His Kingdom there! Thank you in advance for your partnership in this mission. I believe that the Lord is sending us as part of His rescue mission for Ethiopia – to lift the burdens of the poor and the hurting and shine the Light of Christ in this nation. It is an honor to have you as a partner in this mission.

We invite you to help us with this outreach in two ways – 1. Help us purchase medications for the clinic (inhalers, eye care medications etc); 2. Helps us provide food, clothing, shoes for the kids and adults.

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Donation Total: $500.00

July 23 – August 2 we are going to Transnistria, Moldova, a “country that does not exist”. About 500,000 people live in this small sliver of land, which borders Ukraine and seceded from Moldova as the Soviet Union was collapsing. Due to the high population of the Russian people, this land sought separation from Moldova. It remains politically and economically independent from Moldova but is not recognized by other countries except Russia. We have partnered with the local Church of Christ the Savior for many years.

When the war between Russia and Ukraine started at the end of February, WMA immediately sent support to the church to equip them to serve the Ukrainian refugees who poured across the border. The volunteer teams from the church were able to provide transportation, food, clothing, housing and counseling. The church is currently housing over 50 families from Ukraine and continues to help others who were displaced by the war.

Though it is unsure if the refugees will remain in Tiraspol by the time WMA team arrives, we are preparing to incorporate this outreach into the schedule by offering a medical clinic, counseling and other support. If you feel called to serve the Ukrainian refugees, this will be a great mission to join.

We plan to partner with the church in Tiraspol in two main projects. One will target the adults through: Bible distribution, training leaders, preaching and teaching, and praying for the sick. and evangelism. The other project is to serve the children and youth in a very impoverished area outside of the city Tiraspol. We will partner with a local church to host a summer camp for them and minister to their spiritual and physical needs. These young people have grown up in a generational poverty with parents who are unable to take care of them. The church under the leadership of pastors Alexei and Natalia Velikiy have been faithfully serving this community in providing food, clothing, helping to find housing and above all, loving them with patience and forgiveness. If ministering to the hurting people and doing youth outreach is your calling, this is a perfect ministry opportunity for you.

vitally important mission!

Moldova is a beautiful country known for its rich soils, beautiful landscapes, abundant vineyards and warm hospitable people. During this mission you will have the opportunity to minister to the Russian, Moldovan and the Ukrainian people. This is what the Great Commission is all about! We still have spots open on this team. If your heart is stirred for this mission, please contact our office ASAP.

Updated Mission Trip Schedule