I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.

John 4:35

I hope this letter finds you well. In just a few days you and I and the body of Christ across the world will celebrate the Day of Pentecost. In the Jewish tradition, this holiday is called Shavuot, a celebration of the wheat harvest and the celebration of the giving of the Torah. For Christians it is a reminder of the gift of the Holy Spirit given to the disciples to equip them to gather the Harvest.

I am about to share with you the astonishing news from the mission field – Albania, Greece, and the Republic of Moldova – each of the missions producing a wonderful, fragrant, abundant harvest of souls.  

A verse from John 4:35 came to my mind as the beautiful connection between these two holidays.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus speaks to his disciples, saying, “Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, then comes the harvest’? Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest” These words carry a profound message about readiness and urgency for the harvest of souls.

The verse in John beautifully parallels the essence of Shavuot. Just as Shavuot marks the harvest of the first fruits of the wheat crop, symbolizing a time of abundance and gratitude, Jesus’ words remind us that the spiritual harvest is also ripe and ready. We are called to open our eyes and recognize the opportunities before us, the souls ready to receive the message of salvation.

Do you sense His call to action?

The Lord is giving you and I unprecedented opportunities to partner with Him in the harvest.

Seeing people come to Christ in the post-Communist nations like Albania and Moldova, the countries where the Gospel was forbidden for decades, is the proof – the final Harvest is almost ready.

I sense the urgency unlike ever before to be right in the middle of what God is doing in the nations – sowing, reaping, and gathering!

As you read about the news and upcoming missions opportunities, please know – we cherish your prayers, giving and going with us to the nations!

With warm regards,

Chuck and Helen

WMA took the Gospel to a former Communist country that is currently mostly Muslim. Albania is the great example that no dark power can stand before God. Our team witnessed great openness to the Gospel among the Albanian people, and the impact it has had on those who had received it earlier.

The mission trip covered various locations in Albania and Greece, focusing on providing medical services, counseling, prayer and sharing the Gospel.

During the trip, the team attended to a total of just over 100 patients. Many of them came from minority communities with limited resources and access to healthcare. The clinics were set up at the local churches, which drew the community into the church. Among the minority groups were the Roma (gypsy) people, Egyptian minority and the rural Albanians who came to the city in search of jobs.

As a result of the mission, 56 people received Jesus into their hearts. WMA partners with the local churches in the Child Sponsorship Program which encourages the kids from the Roma community to attend school and helps them excel academically. Many Roma parents are illiterate and refuse to attend school. Some of the team members got to meet the kids they sponsor and see the incredible impact of the program on their lives.

The team organized an evening of children’s ministry, which attracted over 70 kids. We shared the Gospel using the Wordless Book, a tool that utilizes colors to explain key Christian concepts. The event resulted in more than 20 children and their parents accepting Christ that very night. The impact on these young lives was evident as they eagerly embraced the message of love and salvation.

In Thessaloniki, the city in Greece where Apostle Paul preached the Gospel to the Greeks, WMA team visited an impoverished Roma community.  The team was deeply moved by the extreme poverty and challenging living conditions they encountered in this community. However, despite their circumstances, the Roma children exhibited extraordinary joy and enthusiasm. They played soccer using coke bottles as makeshift balls. A small worship service was held, with every child actively participating in singing songs and receiving the presentation of the Gospel. The team members, many of whom had not previously visited a Roma community, were profoundly impacted by this experience. What began as heartbreak at the sight of poverty transformed into overwhelming joy as they connected with the children. This encounter left a lasting impression on the team and opened our eyes to a greater need for evangelism in Greece.

We will return to Greece in July of 2024. If the Lord has put the Balkan nations and Greece on your heart, sign up ASAP for the mission to Macedonia and Greece July 8-20, 2024.


We have an urgent need to provide essential medications and supplies along with the Bibles and Gospel tracts to impoverished communities in Argentina. Argentina is home to many underprivileged communities that lack access to basic healthcare services. Families of migrants, and other impoverished groups in these areas often struggle to afford even the most essential medications and medical supplies. As a result, individuals suffer needlessly, and their hope for a healthier future remains out of reach.

At World Missions Alliance, we are committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of these vulnerable communities. Through our upcoming medical mission, we want to meet not only their physical needs but show them love and compassion they have not experienced before and introduce them to the saving love of Christ.

Your donation will directly contribute to purchasing vital medications and supplies that can alleviate suffering and restore hope. With your help, we can provide antibiotics, pain relief medications, wound dressings, vitamins, and other essential medical supplies that are currently beyond the reach of those in need. We also plan to purchase Bibles that we can distribute along with other supplies.

Every gift, no matter the amount, makes a significant impact.

Here are a few examples of how your support can make a difference:

$50 can provide a package of antibiotics to treat infections and save lives.

$100 can supply medications for blood pressure and blood sugar to alleviate suffering and improve quality of life.

$140 can purchase 20 Bibles for distribution in Spanish

Your donation will go directly towards providing life-changing help to those who need it most, bringing healing and hope to individuals and families who often feel forgotten.

To contribute, simply visit our donation portal at rfwma.org/give or use the enclosed donation form. Your gift will be handled with the utmost care and directly used for purchasing medications, supplies and Bibles for our medical mission in Argentina.

We also kindly ask for your support in spreading the word about our mission. Share our cause with friends, family, and colleagues who may have a heart for helping those in need. Together, we can make a lasting impact and show what Christ’s love looks like in action.

We want to share an exciting opportunity for you to participate in a life-transforming Christian mission trip to Banja Luka, Bosnia on September 6-16, 2023.

Banja Luka is a city with a rich history and a vibrant culture, nestled in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a predominantly Muslim country, Bosnia presents a unique opportunity for spreading the love and message of Christ. Our mission is to bring hope, compassion, healing, and the light of Christ to the people of Banja Luka.

Bosnia, like many Balkan countries, is still recovering economically and socially from the aftermath of the conflict and wars in the 1990s. Unemployment, slow economic growth, corruption in the government are just a few of the problems.

The scars of the Bosnian War in the 1990s still impact society today, with ethnic divisions, political polarization, and a fragmented society hindering progress. Reconciliation, stability and prosperity can come to Bosnia only through forgiveness and redemption in Christ.

During our time in Banja Luka, we will engage in various outreach activities, including community service projects, evangelistic meetings, youth programs, and medical missions. We firmly believe that every encounter provides an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Together, we can extend God’s love and grace to those who are in need and searching for the truth.

On this mission you will have the chance to deepen your faith, grow in compassion, and develop a heart for this beautiful little nation. When you serve others in a different culture you not only broaden your perspective but also witness the transforming power of the Gospel firsthand.

Banja Luka is a city waiting to be touched by the hands of God’s servants. You will have support and guidance from our team leaders and local partners throughout the entire journey, from pre-trip preparations to on-the-field logistics. This way you can fully focus on utilizing your passion for missions, gifts, talents, and testimony to impact lives in Bosnia.

We invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us for this mission trip to Banja Luka and let us know ASAP if you are interested. Together, we can bring the light of Christ to Bosnia!

World Missions Alliance’s child sponsorship project helps the kids from the marginalized and impoverished communities.

Your monthly sponsorship of $40/month will provide a child with a church-based oversight, a tutor for high quality afterschool education or teach an older child a skill that will help them find employment after graduating, nutritional and medical assistance. Our goal is to give them a chance to succeed in life in spite of being born into poverty, just like Jesus wants them to.

  • Sponsor one child or an entire family.
  • Choose a full sponsorship or a partial sponsorship.
  • Give a one-time gift for an entire year

As a sponsor you will receive regular updates, photos from their lives, and the reports from the program leaders in Albania of how they progress within the program. You can send notes, prayers, observe how God works in their lives, and know that you have played an important part.

Click the button below to visit the Child Sponsorship Page to see the children that are still in need of sponsorship.

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