I am writing this letter thinking of the verse “So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide. And to this day it is said, ‘On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided.’” — Genesis 22:14.

This is a very comforting verse especially if you are facing a need because it describes the ultimate nature of God. He provides. He sustains. He makes a way. In the last year and a half this essence of God has shone through the darkest of the circumstances, not just for Helen and I but for many of the international partners of World Missions Alliance. In the countries like Nepal or Republic of Georgia or Ethiopia or Lebanon, when it seems that the suffering is overwhelming and the church is being restricted and oppressed, the Lord provides with such care, abundance, and perfection!

Have you experienced the same in your life?

Even though we have not sent out mission teams in the month of August, the work in the Great Commission continues, and we are excited to share what has happened last month. It is a wonderful feeling to be the answer to someone’s prayer, the provision for the desperate and the suffering. I hope what you read below will feel your heart with joy because through supporting WMA with your money and prayers YOU have become the Lord’s provision for some of our partners in the nations!

In the meantime, in a few days I, and several others, will board the plane to Cairo, Egypt where the Lord presented us with a very exciting and unusual opportunity! Remember, I need your prayers through this trip September 20 – 30 (and especially, on September 25!).

Yours in Christ,

Chuck Todd

Nepal is known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but it is also among the world’s poorest. The earthquake that shook this nation in 2015 and most recently the COVID-19 pandemic increased the suffering and the poverty of its people. The strict lockdown made it impossible for WMA to travel to Nepal since the beginning of the pandemic, but our partners on the ground continued the work even during the darkest times. Even though the churches were not able to gather for a long time our pastors continued to minister to the people and help those in the most desperate need. Through the generosity of the WMA family, we were able to send support to deliver groceries to the villages that were flooded during the rain season and the people were on the verge of starvation. In some areas our pastors in Nepal had to deliver the supplies by foot!

A couple of years ago we helped Pastor Rezo Faroyan from the Republic of Georgia purchase a van for his ministry. We called this project the “Wheels for the Gospel” because Pastor Rezo, a covert from the Kurdish Yezidi religion, needed transportation to take the Gospel to the Kurdish minority across the Republic of Georgia, Armenia and Turkey. Without fear or hesitation, he shared Christ in the camps on the border with Syria and other remote parts. He took with him the Bibles in the Kurmanji dialect which were printed for him by World Missions Alliance. When we purchased the van, we did not know that a few months later the world would be struck by the Covid-19 pandemic. Pastor Rezo shared with us that the van became their “secret weapon” during those trying times. When the public transportation came to a halt, the van gathered the church members across the town to bring them to church. When the food was in short supply the van delivered groceries to those in need. When las summer the pandemic started to subside, the van took the group of youth to a youth camp in the mountains. Because of this van, provided by the WMA family, the church grew during the pandemic! The Lord used us to provide a need that was not even known at the time. This provision sustained and increased the Kurdish church in Tbilisi!

Pastor Rezo asked WMA to come to Georgia as soon as possible! The Kurds are eager to receive the Gospel, and the travel restrictions in Georgia are very minimal, just a PCR test requirement. We scheduled the upcoming trip for January 13-23, 2022, and still have a few spots open on this team.

Hundreds of thousands of people come from rural Mexico to Mexico City and its suburbs hoping for a better life. Most of them end up in the slums with no clean water, sanitation, or even stable electricity. While they struggle to make ends meet, they become the target for drug cartels who prey on hardship and poverty to draw people into using and dealing drugs. In December World Missions Alliance is hosting an evangelistic outreach and a medical mission in one of the largest slums outside Mexico City. We intend to serve the area where over 60,000 people live in dire poverty. For this outreach we will need to purchase medications and supplies for the clinic, clothing, food and other necessities for the poorest families, and Bibles for distribution. During our last mission in a similar neighborhood, the Bibles were the most requested item! Please consider helping us with this outreach!


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