And we boast in the hope of the Glory of God

Romans 5:2

How has the start of 2023 been for you? There is much uncertainty in the world today. Many decisions to make, and there are very few things we can be certain of. My prayer for you today is that this “hope of the Glory of God” becomes your confidence for the days ahead. You and I know that this is the only hope that is firm and unshakeable. So, I intend to use it as the foundation for my dreams and actions. Will you join me?

The Lord has already given us a glimpse of His glory this month. Helen, Jack and the WMA team just returned from the mission to the Republic of Georgia. What they witnessed

there was truly a gem, a glimpse of the Kingdom of God at work. I can’t wait to share this update with you, along with some very exciting opportunities ahead.

When you see the glimpses of God’s glory, your hope increases. The mission field is the place where you catch these glimpses frequently. In just two months we will gather in Branson, Missouri for the Hope Rising Conference. Our goal is that at the conference you are filled with the unwavering and glorious hope that crushes, doubts, fears and uncertainty in your life. Helen and I hope to see you in Branson.

In the meantime, we continue to lift you in our prayers and ask for yours, as we leave for Kosovo in a couple of weeks. Let’s pursue His Glory and boast in the hope of it together!

In Christ,

Chuck and Helen Todd

When we first started to work with the Kurdish minority in the Republic of Georgia, they were the least of the least. They were the outsiders, the outcasts, mostly unable to get decent jobs or education. But they loved Jesus and worshiped Him with all of their hearts. It was incredible to see how God is beginning to bless and increase in influence the Christian Kurdish community. At the Christmas service on January 7th, the Kurdish church was packed with people. In addition to the church members, there were many who came out of curiosity – reporters from Iraqi Kurdistan to do a story on Christian Kurds, local politicians and Yezidi Kurds who worship Satan. They all got to hear the Gospel message and testimonies shared by our team, they watched the beautiful nativity play performed by the church kids and saw the distribution of colorful, fun Christmas gifts presented by WMA to the kids. These guests were a little uncomfortable, but greatly impressed. The very first day of the medical clinic drew 20 unsaved people into the Kurdish Ministry Center. While doctors and nurses treated the patients, the ministry team shared the Gospel and prayed for those waiting in line. A man in his mid-thirties confessed to us his drug addiction. He told the team he had reached rock bottom and was ready to quit. As he heard the Gospel message, he received it immediately. He left the clinic a changed person. Watching these moments reminded us that in God’s Kingdom it is the smallest, most insignificant and the most desperate are those who recognize and embrace His power first. And once they do, He shows them His favor. Our team were the messengers of God’s favor when we delivered Christmas food bags stuffed with warm fluffy blankets and enough provisions to feed the needy families for a month.

The Lord is doing and incredible work among the Kurds in Georgia and we can’t wait to return there to experiences the glimpses of His glory September 5-15, 2024. This is the first announcement of this mission. If you heart is stirred for the Republic of Georgia and the Kurdish people, please contact us ASAP to secure your spot on this team.

In just 6 weeks we will take the Gospel message to one of Mexico’s garbage cities. The garbage collectors live and work there, sifting through mounds of refuse in search for recyclable materials, such as cardboard and glass. Some of them are middle-aged, while others are teenagers trying to help their families survive. This kind of work is dangerous for their health because they frequently cut themselves with needles and sharp objects and become infected. Most of them have been living there for decades in generational poverty.  The leader of their community told us our team last December was the first group of outsiders that has ever paid them a visit. The people were very touched by the fact that someone cared about them.

In March we will host a medical clinic to provide them with the treatments they need, distribute food, clothing, Bibles and Gospel tracts.

You can help us with this outreach in three ways:

  1. Helps us provide food and Bibles for the kids and adults
  2. Pray for the harvest of souls in the garbage city

2023 Greater Purpose Conference


Hope is a vulnerable part of the human soul. Though you can’t live without it, it is constantly under attack by what if happening within you or in the world around you. What will it take to make your hope immune to history, the future, and your own personal struggle to conform to the image of Christ?

Greater Purpose Conference March 29, 30 and 31 is all about Hope. Every speaker, every musician, the time of prayer and the encounters the Lord prepared for you will build in you the radical hope that will guide you in the months to come.

We look forward to seeing you in Branson, MO and the Thousand Hills (former Radisson) Resort. Register now and book your room at the resort before March 1 to receive the special WMA Conference rate. Call 417 335 5767 to make the reservations.

You will hear outstanding  speakers, gain insight and practical advice from the breakout sessions and will have a chance to win a free  mission trip at the Hope Rising Banquet!



May 5-15, 2023, our team will partner with Victory Church in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova to work with the refugees from Ukraine.

Ever since the war between Russia and Ukraine started in February of 2022, Victory Church became involved in hosting, feeding and helping the Ukrainians find shelter and travel to other countries in Europe if they chose to do so. Many of them have found Jesus because they were overwhelmed by the kindness and love they found in the church.

As we return to Moldova to continue our ministry to the refugees our team will host a special children’s ministry, where most of the children will be Ukrainians and some others Moldovan, many of them will be hearing the Gospel message for the first time. 

We will provide, pack and distribute substantial grocery supply packs for hundreds of refugee families. Before the food bags are given out, the WMA team will share testimonies and a short Gospel message. Many of the refugees will accept Jesus during this outreach as they did on our most recent trip to Moldova in July/Aug. Others will sign up for our medical clinic and women’s conference and have opportunities to hear the Gospel again during those outreaches.

At the medical clinic, WMA physicians will examine patients and our nurses will distribute much needed vitamins and supplements. If you are a physician or nurse and would like to help us minister to the Ukrainian refugee families in Moldova through medical clinic outreach, please consider joining us on this mission!

Most of the refugees are women and children because men are not allowed to leave Ukraine. We will host a women’s conference where we will focus on the emotional needs of the women and how Jesus meets them right where they are. We’ll provide special gifts for every woman, sing songs with them, teach them worship dances, share the Gospel and pray with them. 

Our team will also minister to men in the drug rehabilitation center started by Victory Church. We will pour encouragement into the lives of men who have been rejected by society and deemed hopeless.

All the people whose lives are touched by our team will receive follow up and care from our partners in Victory Church. Building lives in Christ is a slow process and we plan to continue to remain involved in the lives of these newly saved families and let them know that they have brothers and sisters in Christ who care for them on a regular basis. 

If you have a heart for the Ukrainian refugees, children/youth/women’s ministry or outreach to people with addictions we need you on this team!

Please let me know if God is calling you on this mission as we have a limited number of spots on this team. I am praying that the Lord hand selects individuals to fulfill this vital mission!

Recently, with the help of WMA, Victory church started a school for the displaced Ukrainian refugee kids. WMA provided laptops and headsets for the children and the Victory church provided space and instruction, so that these kids are able to attend school in Ukrainian language. 

We thank every WMA partner who participated financially in this outreach to help the kids continue their education.

Mission Trip Schedule