For you and me, and any follower of Christ it is painful to see the decline of the Christian influence on the culture and the society in the United States and other traditionally Christian countries. However, I don’t think this is entirely bad news. And here is why…

The church that is challenged is the church that is awake, active and totally dependent on Jesus. I see the awakening happening within the body of Christ! I see young people standing up for their faith and values. I see the persecuted church in the nations gain influence and numbers.

I fully believe we have entered the “last hour” before Christ’s return, the finest hour for the Church. Are you excited about being chosen by the Lord to live in such an important moment if world’s history?

Helen and I cherish you as the important part of WMA family. We believe there is a reason why the Lord crossed our paths. This is why we are so anxious to share with you wonderful miracles the Lord accomplished in Macedonia and Serbia in April, a glimpse of the impact from greater Purpose Conference in May and the updates of the uncredible “game-changer” opportunity we have for the upcoming trip in Mexico this June!

Yours in Christ,

Chuck and Helen Todd

Macedonia and Serbia trips were both very fruitful.  The greatest miracle is to witness a human heart changed.  When a heart is changed a life is forever changed.  Changed lives changes lives.

Often Satan uses his power to restrict.  He restricts vision, power, mobility, love, fulfillment, health etc.  One man going through a rehab program seriously injured his back trying to help his partners who were unable to work due to Covid-19.  While this man was out of work due to injury Satan was filling his mind with discouragement.  He came to our clinic.  During the prayer he started to feel some relief l.  The ones praying for him would not let him leave until God was finished.  They continued to minister and pray for his mobility.   After the third prayer his mobility was restored and so was his hope.

In the Roma (gypsy) village we visited a newly planted church.  The lady in charge was about to quit due to many unusual physical and spiritual attacks.  During prayer one of our team members (Laurie) felt that witchcraft was involved.  The pastor (Alexander) confirmed that there was a powerful witch in the village that openly put a curse on this church plant leader.  He said we will visit her next.  Upon entering the witch’s house, the same team member recognized this witch as a lady she had prayed for on a previous mission trip.  She had gone through some life trauma and an auto accident.  She was very thankful for the prayers at that time.  None of us knew she was a witch.  Satan was using this woman to stop the plant of the new church and spread of Christianity.  Laurie took off her mask to see if the witch would recognize her.  Upon looking at Laurie the witch ran toward her and fell to her knees, surprising the rest of the team.  The witch fell under conviction and received counsel from the Pastor (Alexander).  A few days later we found out that the former witch repented and reconciled with the church leader.

Another powerful miracle was the man that suffered with epileptic attacks who came for prayer and was healed!

These are only a few accounts of the many lives that were changed by the power of God during these two trips.  We are thankful for those who heard God’s call and went, as much as we are thankful for those who supported financially and prayed. These victories are our joint harvest.

With all the hard work that our staff and volunteers poured into its preparation, the most important reason this was the “best conference yet” – was the presence of the Holy Spirit among us. We are greatly thankful to the Lord for this! From the worship, speakers and even the hotel staff there came encouragement, healing and warmth that created a very special atmosphere. Instead of my own words, I will just share with you the notes we received from those in attendance:

“Hanging out with brothers and sisters from all around the country. Special!”

“Seeing friends, making new ones but most of all being in the presence of the Lord. “

“ Anoosh was fantastic and made me think about what kind of relationship I need to have with my heavenly father. Terry challenged me with the “who are you and why are you here” sermon. I really needed those two especially right now in my life. “

“Connecting with other believers and sharing our stories. Encouraged and blessed by all the speakers. Sharing the same goal in wanting to go and share the gospel! “

“The speakers were excellent & increased my faith.”

“Each session was so packed with information that was just so relevant to life right now.” Denise C.

“I have never been to a conference like this before. Every session was so good. We must have a heart for the one more who needs Jesus!” Melinda F

“God was center stage & that is what I enjoyed most”

“It was just what I needed.”

“It really lifted my spirits” Jan C.

“Loved seeing all my friends from my Mission Trips and met many more I wish to be with someday.”

“Loved the worship! Made several new friends and connected in many ways. Everyone I met was so loving. Can’t wait to go on my first trip.”

“I discovered that you can come to the Father broken and he can still use you” Lori M

“Wow! What an incredible blessing and a show of love! I enjoyed it from beginning to the end. It was the highlight of my year. “Anoosh B.

In 3 weeks, WMA team is leaving for Mexico. Important part of our ministry will be hosting a free medical clinic in the slums outside of Mexico City. These are extremely impoverished people who do nt have access to medical care due to various reasons.

Our team now is staffed with Drs and nurses; however, we cannot bring with us the necessary medications due to problems with the customs. Would you be a part in helping us equip the clinic with the necessary supplies. A donation of $2000 will provide help for hundreds of patients the clinic is going to help. Any amount the Lord places on your heart will be a great blessing!


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