“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” Isaiah 60:1

Do you feel the shift in the atmosphere, the stirring within your spirit as we approaching a new year? Helen and I have just returned from Cairo, one more mission to Mexico is left in 2021 and I am excited to report that, though challenging, this year has shown us God’s glory rising over His Church.

In this newsletter you will read the report from Egypt but please keep it very confidential. It contains images that cannot be shared in social media or anywhere online.

Helen and I share them with you because you are a part of our big multinational WMA family! You have a portion in this this wonderful harvest of souls. I want you to see the faces of the people who heard the Gospel because of you!

Your prayers, your money, your personal time – we are deeply grateful for all you have sown into the mission field this year. We pray that His glory rises upon you in the year 2022!

Yours in Christ,

Chuck and Helen Todd

The November mission in Egypt was about healing and salvation – healing for the country, healing for the people, healing for the refugees and even healing for some of our team members.

The team consisted of 28 members from different parts of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The youngest was 16 and the oldest 78. Each was uniquely and perfectly equipped for this assignment.

The medical team worked selflessly long hours and provided care for 318 patients. 41 people accepted Jesus as their Savior – a very impressive number for a Muslim country.

We visited 2 orphanages, ministered in 7 different churches.

One of the highlights was the long-awaited outreach for the 75 Muslim refugees from Syria. A nice, air-conditioned bus picked the families from the refugee camp and brought them to a beautiful country club. There by the sparkling swimming pool they enjoyed a meal, conversations, and games with our team. The medical team provided treatments and medications. They listened to our testimonies of God’s power and love, many of them afterwards had questions. Though we could not lead them in a salvation prayer, there was no doubt that many hearts were touched by the expression of Christ’s love. Our local pastors – Romany, Emad and Lilian- will continue to cultivate the seeds that were planted that day.

The powerful witness of God’s presence were miraculous healings during the medical clinic and in the churches. A lady who could not speak for months after a surgery was prayed by one of the doctors and began speaking. One of our team members was prayed for by the team and healed from an untreatable medical condition. Finally, during the intercessory for Egypt on the Nile rivers we symbolically threw salt in the waters and prayed for the healing of Egypt.

We believe that was God promised in the final verses of Isaiah 19 will come to pass. It is a privilege to be a small part of the spiritual healing for Egypt.


March 7-14 WMA will return to Mexico to share the Gospel and the love of Christ in the area that is in desperate need of transformation.

We will start our mission in San Vincente, approximately 15 miles outside of Mexico City. The evangelistic outreach will focus on the most impoverished part of this suburb which houses over 60,000 in the slums. The best way to evangelize this community is through medical missions because it provides care most people there don’t have access too. Additionally, we need people who have a heart for the hurting people and can provide, prayer, counseling, children’s ministry, ministry to women and grief support. This type of ministry has produced great results in the past. Our partner church in Mexico, Iglesia De Cristo, asked for our help to continue this important evangelistic ministry.

In addition to San Vincente, we will expand to nearby cities – Pachuca and Puebla to do evangelism through local churches and Christian schools.

We need doctors, nurses, those who are called to children’s and youth ministry, women’s ministry, grief and marriage counseling and intercessors.

If God stirs your heart for Mexico, please let us know ASAP.

In the last 2 years the Lord has started opening doors for WMA in the Balkan region with us first being able to travel to and minister in Serbia, then later in North Macedonia as well. Once again it has been confirmed that He desires us to reach the nations of this part of the world as the door has now opened for us to work in Albania.

From the end of the 1960s practicing a religion was forbidden in Albania by the communist regime. It was after the fall of this regime that the Albanians started to practice religion again.

Today the evangelical church in Albania is just 0.5% of the population, the rest are either atheists or Muslims. Many people have not heard of Jesus and the church needs help to spread the Good News.

Our main partner, Pastor Hervin, was born to a Muslim family and committed his life to Christ at age 17. The church has a Bible school where our team is invited to teach. People are hungry for the Gospel but there are very few workers in Albania who are trained in the Bible.

We have many evangelistic opportunities including medical clinic outreach, ministry to Afghan refugees. We will also be distributing Bibles, providing food for, and ministering to many underprivileged families in the Gypsy communities.

Please let us know ASAP if the Lord is calling you to Albania. We have already started the preparation for this ministry and look forward to having you on the team.

We are SHORT OF FUNDS for the Christmas outreach among the Yezidi Kurds in the Republic of Georgia.

There is a group of them who just recently fled to Georgia from the Muslim Azerbaijan to escape persecution.  They came with nothing but the clothes they wore. They live in the streets in cardboard boxes or slums on the outskirts of the city. Most of them have nothing to keep them warm through the winter.

We will be in Georgia in January, and we want to show the Yezidi Kurds who Christ is and how much He loves them. Would you like to help us in making this Christmas very special for them?

There are two ways you can bring Christmas to them.

  1. Send a “Christmas Blessing” package for a Yezidi family containing food, winter supplies and Bibles in Kurdish dialect.
  2. Send a Christmas Gift to a child with a toy, warm socks and gloves, and a children’s Bible.

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Donation Total: $15.00


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