The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace. Psalms 29:11

Do you hear God’s voice in the rumblings happening across the world? When you read the reports in the news of a crisis or a conflict happening, when you receive the news that you wish you did not, when it feel like the world around us has gone mad, do you recognize the sound of God’s voice? For some reason, it is on the mission field, in the far away parts of the world, in the places where people live in the most desperate and difficult circumstances, I see the mystery of Psalm 29:11 unfold – the strength and the peace that rises in His people despite the outside circumstances. The mystery has a simple answer that is found in that very psalm – even the most terrifying sounds are still the sounds of His voice. And if you are one of His people, you learn to always recognize that voice in any circumstances! Ministering in Egypt and in Albania with just a few days in between has been both challenging and extremely encouraging. God’s power is moving in these Muslim nations changing lives, melting hardened hearts, and gathering the Harvest of His people before the great battle. You are chosen by God and called to be a part of this incredible move.

Helen and I are so honored that you chose to partner with World Missions Alliance to fulfill this calling.

You have sown your prayers, your money, your personal time. We pray that you reap in return a season of strength and peace.

Yours in Christ,

Chuck & Helen Todd

Our outreach to the refugees had to be postponed until November due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in the refugee camp. The people were quarantined and not allowed to leave the camp. We arranged a shipment of food to be delivered to the camp and have already prepared everything necessary to carry out a special ministry outreach with them in November. Please pray that the enemy does not interfere with this once again.

Our medical clinic served over 250 patients. Each one of them not only received a treatment and free medications but was also prayed for and introduced to Christ. The ministry with the orphaned kids resulted in several of them accepting Jesus into their hearts. We have had 18 public salvations during this mission – for a Muslim country this is a significant number!

Please lift in prayers our ministry in Cairo November 9-19!

Our first mission to Albania was filled with wonderful discoveries. First, we found out that Illyricum mentioned by Paul in Romans 15:19 is indeed Albania. We have visited several sites following in the footsteps of Paul. Then we discovered that one of the deepest and cleanest lakes in Europe is just a two-hour drive from the Albanian capital, Tirana. This is where we made our ministry base and enjoyed the beautiful sunrises and sunsets filled with God’s glory. Finally, we have discovered that Albania is a land of mystery. At one time the Communist control was so strong in this country that they considered Russian and Chinese Communism too weak. Today it is an Islamic country, but it allows Christianity to exist. So this is a unique and important opportunity in the Great Commission.

We partnered with a ministry that has a focus on youth and children’s ministry, as well as church planting. We also held a medical clinic that provide health education and preventive training in the low-income areas, which has never been done before.

God is opening incredible opportunities for us in this country, and just like Apostle Paul we hope to say “from Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum, I have fully proclaimed the Gospel of Christ.”

February 18-28 we will make a groundbreaking trip to Pristina, Kosovo (the smallest country in the Balkans) to partner with the Protest Evangelical Church of Pristina under the leadership of Pastor Artur. Kosovo is a Muslim country where the majority of the population are Ethnic Albanians who are Muslim and the minority are Serbians who are Orthodox Christians. Our partner Pastor Artur is the son of the first Albanian convert to evangelical Christianity. He was saved through reading a Bible. He started the church in Pristina 35 years ago and this is the church that we will partner with. Today this church holds a very prominent position among the evangelical churches in Kosovo, and was the home church of the last US ambassador. Even though Kosovo is a Muslim country, it is very pro-American. They have gained independence and peace due to American involvement. Most people in Kosovo speak English. Very few missionaries have come to Kosovo. The local church needs our help and support. They experience difficulties and persecution and need our support and encouragement.

Together with our partner church we will hold evangelistic meetings, children’s and youth ministry, women’s ministry, outreach in Roma (gypsy) communities and medical missions. The medical clinic plays an important part in evangelism because it will bring into the church people who would not come otherwise. Pastor Artur mentioned that the church tries to reach out to people in low-income areas. He anticipates many of them coming to the clinic. In addition to medical services, we plan to provide a soup kitchen to serve them hot meals.

If you have a specific calling in one of these areas or a heart for Eastern Europe – we still have spots open on this team. We need people who have a heart for kids and youth and are ready to engage them with games, sports, but also the Word of God and spiritual mentoring. We need women who have a desire to pour into women who are mistreated by the Muslim culture, and we need those gifted in intercessory prayer.

Even though we are visiting Kosovo in the middle of winter, the average temperatures during this time of the year are in the mid-40s. It could be colder at night.

As always, one day will be reserved for exploring the sites and the cultural heritage of Kosovo, sampling local foods and souvenir shopping. Pristina is rich with architectural monuments, museums and other sites that will help you connect with the country and better understand its people.

Please let us know ASAP if you feel called to minister in Kosovo.

During our ministry in Kosovo we will be helping people in low income areas. We need funds to be able to purchase some necessities and ministry supplies – food for distribution and the soup kitchen, prescription medications for the clinic, supplies for the “care packs” for the Roma villages, Bibles for distribution. This gives you a wonderful chance to be a part of the mission even if you’re not able to physically go. This is a great project to involve your church, small group, Bible study, youth group, colleagues, friends and family in as well. The donations are tax deductible and can be made online below or mailed in to P.O. Box 1067 Branson West, MO 65737. Thank you in advance for your generosity and for truly being the hands and feet of Jesus to Kosovo.


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