Northern Iraq 2019

Feb 11 – 21, 2018

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  • An autonomous region in the northern part of Iraq populated by the Kurdish minority group.
  • The Kurdish Government was able to establish safety and peace in the region and protects the secure border between the rest of Iraq and their territory.
  • The Kurdish people have been severely persecuted under Saddam Hussein’s regime which used chemical weapons against them.
  • Main religions among the Iraqi Kurds are Islam and Yezidism, with Christianity growing fast.


  • Since 2012 Northern Iraq has been flooded by refugees. First from Syria, and now from other parts of Iraq.
  • The number of refugees and their needs became a humanitarian crisis.
  • They are in need of food, clothing, medical care, and JESUS.
  • Women’s rights are violated and abuse of women is prevalent.
  • The WMA church in Northern Iraq is growing fast and needs help in training the new converts who have expressed interest in becoming future Christian leaders.

What YOU Can Do:

  • Pray – few evangelical churches exist in these countries
  • Go – join the team to preach teach, train future Christian leaders, conduct a women’s outreach and women’s conference, help with Bible distribution and youth outreach.
  • Help distribute aid for the refugees.
  • Send Bibles