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The sudden loss of a parent at a young age. A bad relationship with family members. Anger at God. Same-sex attraction. Involvement in a false religious group.

Even just one of those five things could cause serious emotional and spiritual consequences in someone’s life. So just imagine what Mary Hilding, the guest on this episode, has gone through… because she’s experienced all of them.

Hers is a story of how God protected her throughout all the painful things in her past. Today, Mary is living out of a newfound faith and freedom in Christ. Her testimony has many twists and turns, but the common thread is that Jesus is with us through all the dark moments, doubts, and disappointments in our lives.

2:59 – An overview of Mary’s family, childhood, father’s death, anger at her mom, and rebellion

6:22 – Mary didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus as a kid and became angry with God after her dad died

8:45 – After high school, Mary spent several years at YWAM but then went to college, started playing rugby, and living a lesbian lifestyle

10:38 – Mary feels an “inner turmoil” about her sexuality and decides to attempt suicide. When it failed, she decided to come out to her mom and that led to a years-long search for her true identity

17:18 – A counselor helps Mary understand that the loss of her dad may have contributed to her same-sex attraction. Before that, though, Mary got “married” to a woman and was devastated when none of her family showed up

20:45 – Mary gets introduced to the Mormon church

22:37 – Mary breaks up with her partner, “jumps headfirst into Mormonism,” but then learns some concerning things that made her question her new religion

25:46 – The turning point where Mary accepted God’s grace & love and begins a true relationship with Jesus

28:55 – Mary’s advice to people who have friends or family members walking the same path she did

30:05 – “God is so big. He loves you. And He wants what is best.”

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