Ridvanullah N. (Albania)- Latest Update

Ridi’s journey into adolescence has brought about significant changes in his life. His father has become stricter, resulting in Ridi no longer attending the children’s meetings.

Despite these changes, Ridi remains in good health and continues to attend school regularly. We kindly ask for your continued prayers, especially for Ridi’s father to allow him to pursue his education further by attending high school. 

Easter celebration was filled with joy and fellowship. Thanks to your support, we were able to extend the celebration beyond the church walls. Each member of the church, including Ridi and his family received a bag of food. Your contribution played a pivotal role in ensuring that the Easter message became tangible in Ridi’s family, providing them with both spiritual nourishment and physical sustenance.

Please keep praying that while Ridi and his family are being blessed with food, God will use this open door to touch their heart and transform their life.

We are immensely grateful for your partnership. Together, we are transforming futures and spreading love and light to those in need.

Blessings in Christ!