Valerie S.

Every time I consider going on a mission trip, I have a debate with myself. Will the great expense of the trip be justified by the amount of work we can do in seven or eight days. I left a folder of all 40 of my lessons at churches we worked with; so that they could study those lessons and translate the most useful ones for others. Before leaving everything seemed to be going wrong. But as we got to Georgia and began our project, everything started going extremely well. I felt bathed in prayer and believe it was the intense prayer effort back home as our project began that made such a difference. That was very strengthening to my faith!

Lowell G.

Our trip was a healing and an encouragement to the two churches that we visited. I personally had a very startling experience at the end of one the services. A native woman got up and said to ,e, “The lord gave me a vision and told me to pray for a man. I saw the man in that vision and you are the man that I saw 8-10years ago.”  It was just powerful and you could tell that it was an act of God alone. The interpreters were outstanding. They were all going through things in their lives and I couldn’t help but loved them. I have a lot of feeling and empathy for them.

Christy P.

The 2017 Armenia/Georgia mission trip was a life changing event in my life. God’s calling in my life is among my greatest assets but along with the joy, I have faced distractions  and disagreement. Going on this trip was a result  of an encounter with the Lord in 2014 while in worship the Lord Jesus stood on my right side and began  to speak to me how much He loves me and said to ” provision is coming to go to the nations”. This trip stirred my heart and longings of God’s plan to establish His kingdom on the earth. I was truly blessed with the people in Georgia and Armenia by their love and hospitality with an open hearts. The highlight of this trip was seeing the fulfillment of Isaiah 61 and seeing His presence and glory. Broken hearts were healed as the Lord Jesus gave the people wholeness, cleansing, freedom, peace and joy, life and hope.
Linda F.

You don’t know what will happen on a mission trip, but you pray that God will work through you to be a blessing to the people you are going to minister to.  Of course, it usually winds up that you are the one that is blessed the most, or at least you think that is the case.  It certainly was the case for me on this trip.  Being with other believers on the team who are from all areas of the country was a tremendous blessing in itself.  They were all amazing people, each one having a story to share that would hopefully speak to the hearts of the people of the love of God and the hope we have through Him.  I am so grateful to have met them.

Being with the people in Georgia and then Armenia was an experience I won’t forget.  Many of the Georgians were so friendly and outgoing.  It was a joy to spend time with them.  In Armenia we were able to go into the homes of some of the people in the village and pray for them.  It was a very humbling experience to see the difficult conditions they live in and hear their prayer requests.  We were privileged to pray for them, and we all will continue to do so, I’m sure.  It certainly helps put things into proper perspective when we witness firsthand the struggles others have.  I pray we gave them hope through hearing our testimonies.  I pray they sensed God’s love as we worshiped together and prayed together.  I am so very grateful that the Lord, and WMA, allowed me such an amazing opportunity.

Ashlyn L.

This trip was amazing because, even though I wasn’t feeling confident or qualified, God put all of these people in my life that encouraged me and made me feel needed. I loved how close the team was from day one. It was great to meet new people who pushed me to grow in my relationship with God.





Sara B.

Having the privilege of traveling to Indonesia for this mission trip was an incredible experience. I found myself challenged by the wonderful people around me and pushed in new ways to be more like Christ. Its a blessing to have been able to meet the church body on the opposite side of the world and to get a glimpse into their journey of making Christ known despite the evil surrounding them. Lives were dedicated, hearts were rejuvenated and empowered, and The Lord was made known through it all! Thank you Jesus.

Barbara Mckee., IN

We visited the neighbors in the subdivision. We told the people that we were constantly praying for them, and that they are a brave and courageous people. The first man we talked with was on a bicycle. We asked him if he had anything he needed prayer for. He said he had cancer. We prayed for him in the name of Jesus. My group and I met two young men, and when I mentioned we were going to Jordan to work with the refugees one of them took my hand and kissed it, when we asked if we could pray for them we did so in the name of Jesus.




Morgan Wetzel, MO

My experience in Israel was amazing! I was blessed to be the PT winner and was surrounded with gracious and caring men and women. I was not sure what to expect flying to a foreign country and meeting people I had never met, but I was immediately greeted at the hotel by Helen Todd who gave me a hug and welcomed me to the team! I also met Caitlyn ( 1st place Project Timothy winner) who will hopefully be a lifetime friend!While I was there, I saw and felt many remarkable things and it was a true blessing to be able to touch the lives of the men and women of Israel. I hope to go on more trips in the future and hopefully bring my mom along next time!

Caitlyn Difani, AR

This trip to Israel was such a life-changing experience! From praying on the borders of Lebanon and Syria to riding a boat across the Sea of Galilee, my life will truly never be the same. It’s one thing to read about the places in the Bible, but to actually walk where Jesus walked and to see the places where He performed His miracles really brings everything into perspective and truly brings the Bible to life. During this trip, lifelong friends were made, minds were opened, and hearts were changed. I’m forever grateful for this amazing opportunity provided by Project Timothy and I cannot wait to go again!

Bernice Y., Washington D.C.

The thing that meant the most to me when visiting Egypt was ministering to the children at the orphanage. I loved seeing how they enjoyed just getting a small piece of candy! These children demonstrated pure graciousness and thankfulness in a way that we as Americans take for granted. I was overwhelmed by the love we received from the churches in Egypt!


Art and Shelby B., Arkansas

Although it’s very hard to choose a best memory, the experience of visiting the orphanages and the monastery will definitely stick with us!


Carolyn T., Kentucky

Some of the high points of my trip consisted of visiting so many amazing churches, taking a trip up the Nile, and meeting more of God’s amazing people and see how he is working through them in different parts of the world!


Madelyn M., California

Meeting missionaries from around the world was an incredible experience, you were able to see the love of Jesus Christ pouring out of the believers in Ethiopia and Egypt!


Curtis and Mary G., West Virginia

There were so many amazing memories that we made in Egypt, but the best one was becoming a part of the WMA family!


Leanora C., New Jersey

The most incredible thing I saw in Egypt was the deliverance of a woman who had long been suffering from the spells of witchcraft. So many people were asking for the touch of the Lord and being saved!


Peggy H., Washington

Seeing God’s love and power flowing through the packed churches we visited was a beautiful experience! Worshiping with the people of Egypt and sharing testimonies with them was simply unforgettable.


Debra Y., North Carolina

The most incredible thing that I experienced in Egypt was a man who shared that he only came to the service to see Americans for the first time. He was amazed by our love and worship and God completely healed his heart condition that very day!

Patricia P., Indiana

My favorite memory was the first time we visited the El Shalom Synagogue, where we could feel the love of the Holy Spirit. Another memory that I hold dear is the lasting impact that we made treating people for medical conditions, who otherwise wouldn’t have received help. We were also blessed to take part in the Widows and Orphans service, where you could truly see the love of Jesus making a difference in these people who have such sad but beautiful testimonies. We came to Ethiopia to bless Rabbi Mekasha Kassa and the people of the community, but in return, we walked away more blessed than we could have imagined!

Leanora C., New Jersey

The most amazing thing about our visit to Ethiopia was the salvation of 17 people who gave their lives to the Lord. It was also a blessing watching the medical attention being given to these people who were truly in need of it!

Peggy H., Washington

A very beautiful thing that happened in Ethiopia was when one of the clinic patients shared her incredible testimony and then recommitted her life to Christ. Later she brought her 17 year old son in who came to tell us, “I loves Jesus too”. God is truly moving in this country!


Dr. Richard B., Texas

We attended the Bar Mitzvah of the rabbi’s 13 year old son. His father handed him cash during the ceremony. The WMA team gave the son an envelope of money. Late during the ceremony he respectfully told Chuck thank you sir for the gift, I have decided to give it to the synagogue. Tears ran down his father’s cheeks. Leanora was lead to give him more money, explaining he had sown into the kingdom of God and he reaps a harvest for that decision. The boy was speechless and sat by his mom and silently wept in her arms. It was a holy and precious moment in God’s presence.

Thank you to each member of the team for your faithful and wise service to the Lord. Leanora brought the elements of communion. I experienced the power of Communion on the mission field in Egypt.

Chuck, thanks again for your leadership and making the opportunity to go. Chantel thank you for your excellent care or the team. Billy, thank you for expressing the Lord’s compassion through your words and actions. Morgan and Anna, thank you for your great example that you model to everyone. DeAnna, thank you for the generous sacrifice of talent, time and money for the medical clinic to happen on this trip. It would not have happened without you and your husband, Ken’s, generosity. Madeleine thank you for the prayers. Errol, thank you for your friendship; I enjoyed your testimony. Thank you Toni for working beside me on the last clinic day. It was so fruitful. Patricia thank you for your zeal to please Jesus. Thank you to the Skaggs family and Blaine Shuffield for the tremendous generosity and prayers that have enable each medical mission! Each member was vital! Thank you
Richard Bartlett MD

Debra Y., North Carolina

IMG_20170107_104713602I am sure words will not do justice to describe the way God moved in Chengdu and ChongQing China, but I will humbly do my best.

As my plane landed in Chengdu and I stood to exit the plane, I looked out over the heads of those standing in the aisle. Just then I heard the quiet, loving voice of my Savior whisper in my spirit, “The fields are white for harvest”. He made that perfectly clear during our time with the Chinese people.

On our first day of ministry in Chengdu, our team of 11 attended a house church service. Along with Christians, curious non-believers attend these services as well. There was so much joy among the worshipers. What a blessing to sing familiar hymns in English while the Chinese sang them in Mandarin. Our team members shared with those in attendance. 13 people gave their lives to Christ that day, including our bus driver! Hallelujah!

The team had the great privilege of attending a baptism that afternoon where 12 people were baptized. The oldest person baptized was a woman in her 80’s. The service was held in the courtyard of a residence and took place despite the cold weather. The faces of those baptized that day were beaming with joy.

From Chengdu, our team made a 5-hour bus trip to ChongQing and spent 3 days in ministry there. After traveling back to Chengdu we continued our ministry in the local churches.

One of the most touching moments during our ministry was during a tour of an official church. Two young women who were college students, came in. They began talking to our team members. One of the women said she was a believer. The other said she had heard of Jesus and wanted to know more. The only things she knew about Him was that He carried a cross and had something to do with Christmas. The woman was told the story of Jesus, from His birth, to His life, and His death and resurrection. She made the decision to accept Jesus as her Lord that day and was given a bible to read.

There were many more wonderful moments in China and it was obvious that God was, and is, at work there. The churches are doing their best to tell others about Christ, but the task before them often seems overwhelming due to the number of unreached. The way one church is ministering to the community is by opening a coffee shop where people can come in and get warm and have free coffee and snacks. In addition, there is Christian literature available, and the story of the bible is projected on a large screen. WMA was able to provide bibles to be distributed through the coffee shop.

Thank you to all who prayed, provided bibles, or gave financial support for this important mission to China. God most definitely answered prayers, and He will speak to many through His written word. If you gave financially, I believe God will bless you many times over what you have given because each soul is priceless.

Please continue to pray for China. Pray that the Christians will be encouraged in sharing the gospel, that hearts will be open to receive, and that the doors of evangelism will remain open.


Sheryl D., Missouri

The trip to China was life changing. What blessed me the most was the people we encountered. They endeared themselves to my heart. Particularly I want to say how much our interpreters and Pastor Han and his wife were such great examples of Jesus heart of love and service. They took such good care of us and were a blessing to us in every way! Visiting the churches and the seminary and the museum were highlights.
One personal testimony was to be woken early in the morning of Sunday, January 8, and have the Lord show me the vision of the Bridegroom Jesus and His Bride on The Wedding Day of the Lord. Then God started speaking to me the importance of marriage and how the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy marriages. Then getting to the church and seeing 3 bridegrooms and brides with their wedding parties having pictures taken outside the church. Being able to give them some of the bibles we brought as wedding presents was beautiful! Then Pastor Han giving his sermon on marriage and the wedding at Cana where Jesus performed his first miracle. How he said that every marriage will at some time run out of wine but that Jesus would make new wine and the end would be better than the beginning. That really touched me! Later in the afternoon after we had all given our testimonies, we went outside and saw 8 more bridal parties. 8 represents eternity, forever, and completeness. The final wedding between Jesus and his bride will be eternal, forever and complete! What a wonderful day!

Morgan B., Texas

Among my favorite experiences was stepping into China on the first day and seeing how much it has changed since I was adopted from there 20 years ago. It was a bit overwhelming but it brought peace and it satisfied my soul. Our translator Nancy has shared with the local pastors my family’s story – about six kids being adopted from different nations – and this brought the sense of love and unity between the two nations China and the United States. So I think the highlight of this trip was the analogy between my multiracial family and the glimpse of what heaven will be like – a diverse family of many nations, including the American and the Chinese people. One of our team members named Cheryl shared a beautiful prophetic message with me. She said I was an orphan here on earth until a loving godly family adopted me. Just like I was an orphan without God until I accepted God as my Savior and became a child of God. We’re all orphans until we’re in the Kingdom of God. The Lord will use me to bring spiritual orphans to a loving spiritual family, the Kingdom of Christ!

Lynn and Marie Bailey, AR

lyn marie“You can really feel the warmth of the Lord in the church, very welcoming, lots of hugs, even the children come up to hug you. You could feel the presence of the Lord in the church and in the people we went with. To me, it just makes, you know, we’re strangers coming into a new place, no on in the church knows us, and they’re coming up to welcome us with open arms. The whole experience and the church family just give you a very warm feeling. All the people on our trip are special people. I think we just flowed together so neat, I just really enjoyed working with them, especially Margaret, she was so sweet.”


Abigail Crider, MO


“I had the privilege, and blessing, of being on the first of WMA’s teams to go to Argentina. The people there are some of the strongest Christians I believe I have ever met, and everyone welcomed us with open arms. During my time there, I became very close with many of the church members, through daily interaction and praying together. Before I went, I was very hesitant to pray with people, or to really speak to them about my beliefs. But watching them and talking with them has given a boost to my confidence. I made some of the greatest friends during the few days I spent there, and hope and pray to return soon. It was the most incredible experiences I have ever had, and thank God for it every day.”



Henry (Hank) Harper, AR

henry“Argentina in 2016 was my first trip with WMA, I’m not really sure what I was expecting, just hoping that I would be useful.

I found the church in Ushuaia to be filled with warm, generous, passionate believers in Our Lord Jesus and was initially concerned as to what I could bring of value to them. However, upon sharing my testimony and praying for the needs of men, I found many with life experiences such as my own. It became obvious that Gods purpose was in the edifying and encouraging of these men, and I was a vessel for this time and place.

To me, the trip was a blessing beyond measure, I was able to share and stretch my faith in Gods ability to use me in spite of my flaws, participated in distribution of thousands of tracts and Bibles to people of Ushuaia, pointing them to this church for follow up, and crossed life paths with a WMA team of pilgrims and beautiful new found Argentinean brothers and sisters. A win – win – win to me!”


Barbara Lazarus, AR

barbara“It was a special missionary journey. Since the Lord said that we could be witnesses to the uttermost part of the earth, I had always desired to go there. ‘But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.’ ~Acts 1:8. Then when I arrived, I discovered that the brand of the towels in my room was ‘Oregon,’ which is my beginning. From my birthplace to the uttermost part of the earth… what a blessing for me!

God blessed and encourage me by allowing me to see His mighty power displayed among the people. They were so loving, desirous, and receptive. God rewarded theirs and our prayers. I could hear and see them responding as I taught the word. When they came up for prayer, we began to pray, they began to tremble, cry and be slain in the Spirit. Miracles took place and many were saved.

We passed out thousands of tracts with the majority having handwritten addresses for the church that we were blessing. We wanted to build the church in helping it to grow, and that is the reason we addressed the tracts to give to the people we met on the streets. I was truly blessed there in many ways. Everyone had their place of ministry, and I know that we all experienced the faithfulness of God! To God be the glory for the great things He has done!”

Tracy C., Iowa

dsc_0991I had an awesome time in Nepal!  I just love the Nepal people.  They are such hard workers and can make many items out of anything around.  I have a fond memory of a sweet little girl, probably 4 or 5 years old.  She came up to me and showed me her hands, when I looked at them, she had nubs for fingers, I don’t know if she was born that way, or was in some type of accident, or abused.  I also noticed she had deep scars around the back of her ankles.  I about cried on the spot.  I took her hands so tenderly and prayed for her, asking God to give her miracle hands, and then I kissed each one. Then she happily, went on her way.  I still ponder why she came up to me and showed me her tiny little hands.

I also remember a 15 year old girl, who looked so depressed, had no expression at all on her face, my heart went out to her.  At the earthquake medical camp, there were many sick children there, and I’m glad we were there to help them.  Other children had the joy about them.  While we were waiting to pack up to leave, this one girl followed me to the vehicle.  I talked with her and asked her how old she was, she said, “11”.  I asked if she was a Christian, and she said no.  I then asked her if she wanted to be a Christian, she said, she did not.  I was shocked.  But, told her we still love her anyway.  These are just some of the highlights that come to mind.  Nepal is a beautiful nation.

While traveling on our long journeys to get to our destinations, I loved to sit in the back so I could intercede for the Nepali people.

The hotel personnel were excellent!  They have such servants hearts!  Also, the pastors we worked with really touched me with their testimonies of how they reach the lost.  They are so eager to reach the lost.  What an amazing missions trip!  I am so thankful the Lord made a way for me to go, and be his hands/feet extended.

I hope that the Lord was pleased with my little efforts to bring the love of God to His people in Nepal.


Ruthe T., Ontario


Nepal was more than I expected. There were beautiful waterfalls crashing down to the raging river. Roads washed out from the earthquake but our Jeeps went plugging through. Clinic’s had been set up to see people who had walked for days down the mountains to see the doctor.

We ministered both physically and spiritually to the most needy who had not seen a doctor for years. Many were healed, saved, and delivered!

The most notable thing was the humility they exhibited with Namaste, a show of real reverence one to another.


Dan B., Arkansas

dsc_0355It was an amazing experience! WMA created incredible scenarios for us to serve God. To be in churches that had physically been affected by the earthquake, and that were still struggling to recover both physically, emotionally and spiritually, was an amazing opportunity! I will always remember that pastor who was grieving the death of his wife and his daughter in the earthquake. I believe he was developing clinical depression as he did his best to support his church members and help them through their difficult situation. I will never forget our prayer team with their hands on that pastor praying for him. It was obviously a critical moment for him and his church family. It felt like God had placed us there at that moment in time. His timing is always perfect. I feel strongly we made a difference, leaving behind hope encouragement and spiritual support for him and the other 400 or so we saw.

And what an incredible team we had. Nine amazing women! All warriors for God that brought a diverse group of skills to the mission. Wonderful experienced Nurses, healers, powerful prayer warriors. We were truly strong together!  Roy was such a steady strong spiritual force. And Chuck did such a good job leading and keeping us all on track together. He had a excellent way of floating and filling in and helping where needed to make the whole process work.

And the Nepalis on the team work perfect. Ruben was a hoot and certainly placed us in situations where God wanted us. Deeleep was the perfect translator and companion for us. He was warm and caring and supportive to the patients, and was a great interface for the medical team. Jaytoo, the young pharmacist, was perfect for his role. It was great to meet his grandfather and father and expectant wife and to be in his village. It also felt perfect to leave behind three suitcases of medication for him to help others and make the effect of our mission team a more sustaining effort.  God’s fingerprints were all over this, it worked out better than anything we could’ve planned.

I will long remember the woman that had been in bed for 10 years and had been carried in on her husbands back for us to see. I’ll remember that when I asked her if she was depressed, he wept openly. I’ll remember the little boy sick with pneumonia, the young woman with the leech up in her sinuses moving, Jaytoo’s grandpa dancing with Suzie, and 300 beautiful women with the Nepali syndrome (headache, backache, gastritis, achy knees with or without parasitic infection, and hypertension). The Nepalese are beautiful people with a sweet spirit.  Their lives are hard!  It was an honor to meet and serve them, and extend God’s love to them.

The trip was a blessing and a faith builder!  I thank WMA for making it happen and letting us be a part of it.

Debra, North Carolina

debraWhat a privilege it was to be a part of the WMA mission to Bali. Our team consisted of individuals of very diverse backgrounds, but there was tremendous unity.  Each person had the common goal of  working together to share Jesus.

My thoughts of the beauty of Bali were that the Garden of Eden must have looked much like it.  The rural areas contained lush vegetation, rice fields, and fruit trees. However, Bali was filled with contrasts.  Even thought the country has great natural beauty, it is contrasted by the hectic, crowded cities.

Just as the lovely countryside contrasted with the cities, so did the spiritual darkness there compare to the “Light”.  There were statues of Buddhist “gods” and shrines in front of almost every business, as well as offerings of incense, flowers and fruit.  I seemed to be able to feel the darkness in my spirit.  However, just as in the previously mentioned contrasts, the precious Balinese Christians were beaming with the love of Jesus.  The grace and hospitality of the Christians in Bali demonstrated the true love of the Lord.

Even thought the local Christians are in an overwhelming minority, they are dedicated to sharing and living their faith.  This is very evident in their service to others.  And although every part of the ministry in the Bali mission was important, I was touched most deeply by the children and staff at the orphanages.

It was such a joy to be able to play games, sing and share with the orphans.  They were so eager to just be given some attention and to know they were loved.  These precious young people were so receptive to come to know Jesus as their Savior.  The new believers and those who were already Christians were eager to receive prayer.  I could hardly hold back tears when I realized how hungry the children were for a relationship with Jesus.

The most memorable part of the mission for me personally was at one of the orphanages.  I had been outside and walked into the room where the ministry was taking place. I walked toward Helen Todd as she was speaking with a young lady who had asked her for prayer.  As I walked toward them, they both turned to look at me.  A huge smile came over Helen’s face as she explained that the young lady had told her she wanted to be a police officer and was requesting prayer for that very thing.  As a retired law enforcement officer, I will never forget the honor of being able to pray for her.  I am sure God orchestrated the whole incident to encourage her.

Another very memorable moment was at the end of a visit to a coffee plantation.  As our team was preparing to load into our van, we noticed some of the employees standing nearby.  One of the ladies on our team felt led to speak with them.  She spoke with two of the gentlemen who turned out to be the plantation owner and his adult son.  She shared the Gospel with the men and they both accepted Jesus as their Savior!  We were able to give them bibles we had on the van, and also gave bibles to the employees with them.  This confirmed in my heart that God is moving in Bali.

I believe that our Lord is ready to move in an even greater way in Bali.  I pray that He will continue to open the eyes and hearts of the people there.


Tonya, California

tonyaMy trip to Bali, Indonesia with WMA was amazing!! It was my first trip with them and I was very impressed with the leadership of Helen and Chuck Todd, as well as, the unity of the team. The Indonesia team members were so great to work with and had a huge heart to serve. Each member of the team worked together seamlessly to accomplish the purpose of God in Bali. There was so much love, unity and a sense of purpose. I know that I will be a part of another Mission trip with them in the future.







Kathy, California

20160725_101024_1470861488297_resizedIn reminiscing over the mission to Bali, Indonesia 2016  (Which was phenomenal!!!) I am reminded how very tight nit this team was. We all moved together in unity as if we had done this many times before. It was beautiful to see how God put us all together. From the outside eye, it could have appeared that things were in disarray, due to  re-routed flights, delayed luggage for days, drivers getting lost (with their team) in the city, Intercessors getting sick, etc. But, God was never delayed in His plan. Chuck and Helen are such phenomenal leaders that they knew exactly what God was speaking and asking and they moved the team as if they were playing a game of chess. Every move was exact.  (It was beautiful to watch)

(The overall prophetic word for Bali was “Shift”) And the word for the Pastors / Leaders was New Vision. It is truly time to “Shift to the New Vision”!!  (Although the word “Shift” has a much greater definition than this for Indonesia and the world)

And with this word, you could see (throughout the mission trip) the shifting taking place while laying new ground.

It is exciting to be alive today and be a part of Gods vision.

It was a Great blessing to meet all of our Christian Brothers and Sisters in Bali. Anywhere from Church services, Conferences, Orphanages, etc.. The Balinese are beautiful, loving, joyful and kind people. God showed Himself Greatly throughout Bali. We had the opportunity to bless the people with prayer, bibles, food, clothes and gifts to women and Pastors Wives. His Spirit guided us and moved everywhere we went.  I am truly Blessed!!!!


Chantel, Missouri

chantelAfter much prayer and confirmation, I knew that God was calling me to Indonesia on my next missions trip. I won second place for Project Timothy, providing me with a $600 scholarship towards my land portion. Within the matter of only a few months, God provided every single penny for this trip. I knew that God had great plans for me in Bali, but little did I know that I would significantly grow in my relationship with Christ.

When we arrived in Bali, I found myself in the midst of an incredible team. Everyone’s gifts were utilized in the most perfect way and I could see the hearts of the Balinese people being touched. Within the orphanages we played games, prayed for kids, and shared our testimonies with them. We also had people sing, preach, and share testimonies during the church services we attended.

There were many times where I had the opportunity to pray over people and just show them the love of Jesus. I found that through this, I become much more bold in my walk with Christ. Before Indonesia, I still pictured my relationship with Christ to be young and new. However, through serving in Bali, God showed me that He was ready to take me to the next level in my walk with Him.

This was WMA’s first time in Bali and I can see God bringing a revival to this island. The people in Bali are hungry to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and I feel so blessed to be able to experience it. I went on this trip to be used by God to change lives, and through this, God also changed my life!


Sheryl, Missouri

SherylThe WMA trip to Bali, Indonesia was a life changing, life impacting trip! It was an absolutely beautiful country with beautiful people and the food was delicious!  The people who came together for this mission trip became like family as if I had known them all my life.  We all worked together so well and we appreciated the unique gifts God had given to each individual. It was wonderful to be able to minister in the local churches and the orphanages. The people captivated my heart. When praying for some of the people in the churches and the orphanages I could feel their wounded hearts and I started weeping right along with them as I witnessed the Holy Spirit moving to heal them.  One boy in particular, at the last orphanage we visited, was sitting in the back of the room by himself. I could feel in my heart the struggle going on in his heart and I went over and sat by him, put my arm around him and talked to him and prayed for him. One tear came slowly down his face, and then a few more tears, as I prayed for him. My heart was suffering right along with him. He didn’t open up what was causing him grief. I knew when I prayed for him that the Holy Spirit was moving upon him. I still pray for him because my heart was knit to his in his suffering.
I  had amazing encounters on the plane trips to and from Bali. I was blessed to sit next to a young woman from Chile on the long flight from Chicago to Hong Kong. We talked like we were the best of friends. I hope to see  her again some day.  Then, on the trip from Singapore to Bali, I sat next to two very beautiful women from Brazil who were going to Bali to surf. As I started to talk to them, the anointing of the Holy Spirit came on me strong and I witnessed to them the truth of Jesus in detail and length. Then the Holy Spirit started speaking into their destinies. The two women’s faces were looking at me with astonishment. When I was done they told me that they went into the chapel in the Singapore airport and prayed the prayer “Lord, show us your truth and show us our destinies!” This is exactly what the Lord did!  They weren’t walking with the Lord, yet they go into the airport in Singapore and pray this prayer. I was in awe of God!!!!! I believe they were also!
When we were getting ready to leave Indonesia, the Lord spoke to me that I was going to China with WMA in January. On the trip back from Hong Kong to Chicago I sat next to a young woman age 22 from China going to go to school for 2 years in Chicago. I was able to plant some seeds from the Lord and to glean from her some information about China.  I can’t wait to go to China!
The Lord also informed me that I will be going back to Bali next year. Praise God!!!!
These were just some of my experiences from the Bali mission trip. I can’t wait to go back!

Gwen (South Carolina)

IMG_1435We were blessed to see the move of God in each city we visited, beginning with Marseille, now France’s second largest city. We were exhausted from our journey, and during the service Pastor Samuel ministered to each team member while his wife interpreted. At the end of the service we prayed for the church members. One lady had just come home from the hospital after a surgery. She had a fever and was weak. We prayed for her and saw her fever break immediately. Her countenance was dark when she came up for prayer, but we could see life and light strengthen her.


We continued praising God for His direction and goodness until nearly 11:00 pm. After our group left, the members continued all night in a prayer service until Saturday morning. Later Saturday afternoon, we met Pastor Samuel’s church members in the nearby park for a Youth in the Park day. There were games and activities designed to celebrate the youth. Members of our team gave out treats, tracts, sang songs and gave testimonies.


Our goal for France was to stand on God’s word to Joshua 1:3 and restated in Deu. 11:24 that every place upon which the sole of your foot shall tread, that have I given to you as I promised Moses. We walked Marseille, Lyon and Paris praying over the city and declaring the kingdom of God to the powers and principalities that have deceived God’s people. In Marseille, we prayed at the Basilique Notre-Dame de La Garde, the highest point of the city where the fisherman gave prayers of gratitude for their safe journeys on the sea. In Lyon, we prayed on the grounds of the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, where the residents prayed to be spared the horrors of the bubonic plague, the Black Death that swept Europe in 1643. France still needs our prayers, as God establishes churches in the areas to minister to His people regardless their nationality or origins.

Anna Maria (Colorado)

Anna2It was an amazing time.  I enjoyed our team.  I loved meeting the pastors and people in all of the churches we went to.  I felt the love from these people and I love them.  When I first arrived in France, I began to wonder if I had heard from God, but Pastor Samuel made it clear to me, when he had a word for me, that God did want me there.  Pastor had a word for each of us and we knew he was hearing from God.  It was a great way to begin.
We went to specific places to pray and we ministered to people.  We were also ministered to by the churches.  I think the most wonderful part for me was how open people were to receive the gospel.  This reflected the hard work that the churches had done throughout the years.  The many prayers that they prayed are beginning to show fruit.  Praise God that He is softening hearts.  The harvest is ripe.
The bride of Christ is beautiful!  I have so much love not only for our team, our interpreters/guides, but also for those precious souls in those churches.  But most importantly of all, I have a lot of love for the lost.  I didn’t always feel this way.  To God be the glory.



Janet (Massachusetts)

Janet DnelloHello fellow brothers and sisters in missions:
 France…The highlight for me was connecting with the believers of an immigrant church in Marseille.  The Pastors Samuel and Arianna (originally from Russia) could speak 4-5 languages-Spanish, English, Armenian, French.  They carried the fire of the Holy Spirit laying hands and prophesying on many.  Their flock was multi-tasking for the Lord-reaching into the streets (with Argentinians!), missions to Brazil, and praying all night in the spirit to touch the nations.






Courtney (New York)

received_1159155867462714Some of the highlights for me on the missions trip to France was watching God work through each and every person there. Getting to see members of each of the churches we participated with pursuing God and pushing in to know Him have me such joy. Pastor Samuel had prophetic words for every member of our team and each word was exact on and touched every one of us. There were multiple times in the trip where me and my friend Justine were drunk in the spirit of God with such joy for hours on end. It was during that time that I got the gift of tongues for the first time. It was during this time that Maude and Franck who were members of the church in Lyon prayed for my back as I had just had surgery and my back was hurting and my leg was still weak. Shortly after prayer I realized that pain was no longer there. Praise God. Something else that touched me was getting to pray with Pastor Orassio’s family in his home. I could feel the heartbreak and struggle his wife was facing and my heart broke for her. I never thought I would go on a missions trip but God put it on my heart to go and He sent me to the perfect place to help bring people to Him. It helped me get out of my comfort zone and take risks and share parts of my testimony that would help others I normally wouldn’t share. God has now put a passion in my heart for missions and if I am blessed to get the opportunity next year, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Rylan (Missouri)

20160528_142501My time in Ireland was absolutely amazing. When I first got accepted to go on the trip I was really excited, but I was also very scared. I was excited because I was going to get to meet new people, experience another culture, and share the gospel with others, which led into one of my fears. My fear was based on the fact that I had never shared the gospel through a street ministry before. I was definitively pushed out of my comfort zone, which God used to grow me so much closer to Him and show me how to reach out to others about Him. Working with the church in Cork was great and I have lasting friends because of it! The Irish countryside and culture also showed a beauty that I did not imagine. God certainly is loving, and that love is being spread in Ireland through this mission. Thank the Lord!




Ethan (Missouri)

13227581_1360112790682472_881503251287431524_oBecause this trip to Ireland was my first mission trip I had ever been on, I went into it not knowing what to expect. Street ministry at first was intimidating and out of my comfort zone. We would just approach people who were hanging out in the streets and start conversations with them about the Gospel or their faith, or invite them to Cork Church. The more I talked to people about Jesus, the easier it got. I came to this realization that my fear to talk to a stranger about my faith was a weapon that the devil was using against me. Pastor Patrick, the youth pastor at Cork Church gave me some of the most relieving advice when I asked him about how to effectively evangelize on the streets. His response was, “Enjoy yourself, and listen to the people you meet.” He told me “We as a church are placing no expectation on you to save people, God is placing no expectation on you to save people, that’s God’s job.”  He told me a quote by an evangelist who was asked “How many people did you lead to Christ in your lifetime?” His response was, “I led them all to Christ; it’s their business what they did there.” Once I understood that the people’s salvation was not in my hands, but God’s, it became much more freeing and I was excited to share the simplicity of the Gospel with people. Many people heard the Gospel that week, and my prayer is that God works and transforms the hearts that heard.

Kaye (Arkansas)

Kaye McMullin(It was a wonderful trip. I was stretched a bit in the street ministry, but that was what I asked for-to be taken out of my comfort zone. I loved working with this team so much talent. The hospitality was amazing. I came back  different. When I got home all I could do was smile inside. Father You are so wonderful and you love us so much.

Abigail (Missouri)

IMG_20160327_212930I found out about World Missions Alliance through a homeschool conference. Most of my life I’ve heard stories from people who have been missionaries in other countries, and it’s always intrigued me.
I immediately knew I wanted to go–it didn’t matter where so much as it did that I would be doing God’s work. But two specific countries stood out to me, one of which was China. When I first told my parents about wanting to go, they didn’t seem too sure–I was only 15 at the time, and hadn’t be further than a few hours away from home without them.
But a few days later I contacted WMA, met with Mrs. Todd, and made the final decision. I was going to China the following year.
Even though I did my best to hide it, I was a bundle of nerves when I arrived to the Springfield airport. From the time I walked through the sliding doors, till when I stepped into the hotel we would be staying in for the next 9 days, I was constantly hoping and praying not to have a nervous breakdown. For one, it was my first time ever being on an airplane. And secondly, I was struggling with whether or not I had made the right decision in going. What if I had to talk in front of the people and not know what to say? Or if what I did want to say came out wrong?
That first night when we arrived, my room-mate said a prayer for the trip. She prayed for both of us, as well as the rest of the team. I instantly felt more at peace about being there.
Over the next several days, I think I met more people than I even realized were in the world, and made some of the closest friends I have ever known. I spoke to people about what God’s done for me, and saw just what can happen when someone has the faith of a mustard seed. Never before have I seen someone be so happy in simply living for God, despite whatever losses it has cost them.
I thank God every day for taking me to China and, if it’s His will, I hope to return.

Tracie (Arkansas)

Tracie Pic 2I applied [for Project Timothy] not really thinking that I could actually win. Over the next two months I prayed hard about not only China but God just using me wherever He needed me. I was in the season of life of moving away from my home and family and fully learning how to trust God. God definitely took control and in December I found out I was going to China.

On the plane to China, I was completely alone. I have never flown anywhere in the U.S. by myself before, let alone to the other side of the world. I was anxious but open and ready for what God had in store for the next week. When we arrived in China everything was hustle and bustle, whirlwind. God revealed to me this culture of people being hungry and open to hearing the Gospel.

One day, some of the group had the opportunity to go to a prayer meeting at six in the morning. At this prayer meeting, a guy who spoke some English decided to share with us what the group was praying about. They were praying for America. That just blew me away. People that are so oppressed and have so many problems in their own country and lives were praying for America. This humbled me. The Chinese have such a simple outlook on the Christian faith. With denominations and different ways of doing things, I think that sometimes we lose sight of the fact that we all belong to one church and one kingdom.

We (Americans) were supposed to bringing hope but instead I was the one receiving the hope. We were the one supposedly bringing encouragement but I left China feeling more encouraged by the strength and simplicity of the people.

In China, God taught me how to trust fully on Him with everything as well as being reminded of what it meant to be a Christian. The Chinese people had such open hearts and eagerness to know more about God as well as to share with others while to not lose sight of the kingdom.

Dominque (Arkansas)

13575901_1557325777910589_6635375597645266219_oGoing to China was a major change in my life. This is because of what it did to the priorities I set in my faith. Being from the western world, most of my priority was not geared towards a community working together to serve Christ. When I was in China, I was immersed in a church that did quit the opposite. Their love for one another as a whole regardless of slight differences in belief drove them closer together into a community stronger than what I have ever seen in many western churches. Seeing this has inspired me to take the body of Christ into a much higher priority of things to focus on in my faith.

Paul L. (New York)

12804756_1136903036349960_2619131865709942381_nThe Egypt trip was so powerful! I saw God move in this side of the world in a mighty way! I was blessed beyond measure to serve God with an amazing team of unity! We witnessed so many healings! From back problems, to stomach issues, to leg pain that God lifted and healed their pain! Over 100 people gave their hearts to the Lord! I was so moved by The People of the Cross and their willingness to be Christian in such a violent area with ISIS so close. I even got a tattoo of a cross on my right wrist in honor of them and to tell their story to people I come in contact with! I just love how God is transforming so many people in Egypt! This mission trip was one I’ll never forget!

Derrick W. (Oklahoma)

Derrick2derrick3Derrick1I wanted to start off by saying that this experience has forever changed my life. I didn’t have any idea what to expect on my first mission trip outside of the United States. I was a little nervous at first about the trip until I met the wonderful WMA team. I could not have picked a better team than what we had. One of my favorite moments from that trip was meeting a disabled young lady at the local orphanage. God really placed a will to want to love her and all of the other orphan children. Their faces will be forever imprinted on my heart. Another special moment was our daily prayer. The way God brought together strangers to pray for Ethiopia, its people, and even ourselves was amazing. It just showed me the power of our almighty God. Another time was our daily fellowship with the Rabbi and the church members. Just to see that God’s people come in all different colors from all around the world was amazing. It was an awe to see how the people at the church treated us as guests. It was also incredible to see and hear how another culture praised God in their own language. This trip meant a lot to me. I have grown more faithful, grateful, humble, focused, and dependent on God. This experience has shown me that my life is meant for more than just merely existing, but to allow God to work through me to impact other people’s lives. This trip inspired me to go on more mission trips and to work harder for the kingdom of God. What
is now accomplished in me is that God can use me in any capacity as long as I am obedient to his commands, where at first I didn’t believe he could use me at all. I want to thank Helen, Kristy, and Chuck for this great opportunity. Hopefully, this will not be my last mission trip. Also, I wanted to say that I love every single person that was a part of the WMA in Ethiopia. You all rock! I hope this is not the last time we see each other. I hope this is the beginning of great friendship across the United States.


Gloria C. (Washington)

f649ddae-8445-4051-be20-099879ec5aabThe WMA mission trip to Ethiopia was a stretch for me physically and emotionally, but worth it all.  The Lord showed me His favor, protection, provision, and some I will learn in the months ahead.  Ethiopia is a diverse country of religion, of past and present, and of a precious people close to God’s heart, some I was privileged to meet.  I saw the humble generous side of the  Ethiopian Jewish community at the synagogue.  I saw the other side of poor at the open market.  I saw old beliefs at the nursing home.  I also saw progressive growth of the city.  Ethiopia is having birth pangs, and I pray and believe abundant life will come to them.  Having started my life in an orphanage, it was not easy to share that, but I did in my testimony at El Shalom.  There was a young man there that grew up in an orphanage and I got to share with him several times while we came to minister at the services.  Mostly, I shared about forgiveness, as I had to do that myself a lot when I came to Christ in my 30’s. I wondered as I went to the orphanage, how it would feel as I have never been to one since I was small and I am almost 70.  This wasn’t as bad as I wondered about. I felt a few deep things inside and I don’t know what they were about, but I have confidence in God, that if there be any hurt left, God will deliver me from it.  Having been on mission trips before, I realize that many times God wants to heal us, grow us, and perfect us as we trust Him and bless others.  If only to encourage this one young man, I would go to the ends of the world if it would help one person.  I know the fifteen year old girl who gave her testimony to a young girl who got saved, feels the same way.

Sheila R.


My most exciting thoughts on this trip are; the fervency of our sisters and brothers in Christ .  Them people can pray!  Oh, I guess I should use perfect English, huh?  I was so impressed by their willingness to pray.  A prayer meeting every night.  I want to move there.  I didn’t have to understand a word.  Pastor Samuel and his congregation have paid the price in prayer for the move of GOD that is coming.  When I was flying into Marseille, I had a vision.  I was looking down from above the clouds and a large hole opened up and I could see the city. I knew that there was a breakthrough coming.  I believe GOD is sending breakthrough into Marseille and all of France because of what is happening in this city.  Our team joined Pastor Samuel and some of his church onto some strategic high places in and around Marseille.  The most beautiful being a mountain overlooking the city of Cassie and the Mediterranean Sea, we declared Jesus as LORD and Christ over France.  What an amazing adventure!

On one of our trips onto the Vieux Port, I and my companion, encountered several people.  One that stands out was a woman, sitting on the steps holding her baby.  We talked to her about why we were there and she told us that she felt that all roads lead the same place, spiritually.  We asked if we could pray for her and her baby.  The baby was just a few weeks old so we prayed for healing in her body along with other things.  Before we left I gave her a track, “here is something for you and something for your baby.”  I had put some euros in the track.  When she realized what was there she asked if she could kiss me.  Hey, hugs and kisses are always good.  Praise GOD!  I am believing for a return on all the seed.  This trip to France was such a miracle of GOD’s provision and such a blessing, but that is another story…..


Carol M.

carol1To go into a country where we have never gone before was a blessing! Not knowing anyone and to be received with such love and warmth, shows that Gods’ people have no boundaries and language is not an obstacle. Of course as all missions I returned home feeling more blessed then what I gave. But it not about us at all, yet we still receive from Him! It was like being with family, being able to sit and pray, minister and love on everyone and receive it back. I believe we will see fruit from all the seeds planted in France and I believe the churches we served with have a renewed and fresh vision, the revival has begun. How fast it will move is up to God. I will stand in steadfast prayer for them. How I wish we had a high place in Batavia to go and pray together for when we were on the mountain I never felt the presence of God greater then at that moment….several languages and tongues praising our Father and asking for His Holy Spirit to invade France. Viva la France and God Bless the USA and the WORLD MISSION ALLIANCE!  I am excited to see the next adventure God takes me to which glorify His name. Plant the seed and God will harvest!!! General Carol McDermott of Gods Army

Linda H.


My husband, Dave and I have gone with WMA several times. Each one we’d call the “adventure of a lifetime”, but this one to Ireland was the best ever. The country is beautiful and the people were so friendly and enjoyed hearing our stories of what Jesus had done for us. Speaking the same language was a huge help, of course. Time after time after time, I had conversations with people about Jesus and how much he loves them and could see God’s hand in arranging each particular talk. Each team member had a special part and I enjoyed each one, and made several new facebook friends. There were times when a few of us prayed with each other and ministered to each other that I won’t forget. The dramas the young people put on were highly effective and drew crowds that listened intently and clearly were impacted (I even saw tears.) by the gospel story presented this way. The testimonies and songs were powerful. I shared my own testimony on the streets to a crowd of people! I fell in love with the Cork Church. They are doing serious work – right in the center of God’s will and it was a privilege to get to be a part of it all. My respect for WMA and – on this trip – for Helen and Philip. Helen kept us focused on Jesus and our mission there – to share his love with Ireland, and I could see more than ever that her own relationship with the Lord is real and deep. When I had occasion to talk to Philip, he would give me his full attention, and never seemed to be in a hurry. I could see the hand of God in a myriad of details, but I’ll just share one. I asked the Lord for angels to help me all along the way with bags and art supplies… There were always young men who would manage my heavy bag and one of them carried it for a long way and up a flight of stairs, even though I kept offering to take it back. Then, Leanora, one of my roommates, designated herself as my assistant and took care of all the little details of setting up whenever I was doing face painting. She’d find me a chair, get water, go for a coke, and anything else that I could use. How lovely!! How Christlike! All in all, a wonderful trip and I KNOW we accomplished something important for the kingdom.


Gwen R.


I have had the great privilege to make my third missions trip to Cork, Ireland. I wanted to share the blessings the World Mission Alliance (WMA) mission’s team experiences, as we proclaimed what God has done in our lives for His divine purpose. I think that God is preparing Ireland for a great move of His Spirit that will bring many into a new awakening and revival.As His witnesses, we saw what God has accomplished through the Irish School of Ministry (ISM) under the Cork Church. Each team member shared how God had brought them through trials and helped them overcome traumatic situations. Our WMA team consisted of many youth, ranging in age from 17 to 24. Their talents were demonstrated through music, song and drama skits. The youth also reported overcoming episodes of peer and adult bullying, temptations with drugs, alcohol and suicide. While ministering on the streets, we told them that our purpose for being in Cork was to pray for them and ask God to draw them closer to Him. His desire was to build a relationship with them and show them His plan for their lives. I was able to meet many groups of students from other countries traveling through Ireland on their school-sponsored tours. As I spoke with them, I was able to share the salvation bracelets, and I was thankful to know that they had already received Jesus. I encouraged them to read His word and become stronger in their faith. As an intercessor, I believe and trust that God gave us a great work to accomplish, when He told us as his servants to, “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled” (Lk. 14:23 KJV).


Janice K.


God works in mysterious ways. I went to Ireland fully expecting to witness several breakthroughs and people accepting Christ, but I quickly realized that shouldn’t be my main focus. Ministry isn’t about a number– it’s about glorifying God and being an example of his love. Christ doesn’t need me to bring people into his kingdom, he can do that on his own.. I am blessed to serve a God who has taken my broken past and raised me up so that I am able to be a testimony of his unfailing mercy and grace. When I was in Ireland I expected God to reveal himself in a powerful way every single day, and I got discouraged when I felt like I hadn’t yet made an impact, but throughout the week God kept laying Psalm 46:10 on my heart, “be still and know that I am God.” The team spent a lot of time doing street ministry where testimonies, songs, and dramas would catch the attention of people passing through, and I will never forget the divine appointment God had for me while I was in Ireland. After the team had performed the Everything drama by Lifehouse, God laid it so strongly on my heart that I needed to walk up to a young lady who was standing off in the distance– I was hesitant, but once I asked if she understood the meaning behind the drama she explained to me that she was three weeks sober of drugs and alcohol but was still struggling with suicidal thoughts– the three things that have been my biggest battles in the past five years. She told me the drama caught her attention because it perfectly described her life, and I was able to listen to her and be there with her as she told me how lost and broken she has felt lately– I was shocked at her willingness to listen as I shared with her both of my testimonies of how God has freed me from my past of depression and is carrying me through my recent struggles with alcohol and drugs. I shared with her Mark 9:23, “Everything is possible with one who believes.” And she just kept quoting the verse over and over again, and as her eyes filled with tears I just knew that this was the exact moment God had set aside for me. We prayed together, and I told her that everyone can have their breakthrough.. That God hasn’t forgotten about her, but soon her struggles would become a testimony to help others. God makes no mistakes– he placed that young lady in my life because he knew I would relate to her situation and be able to give her a new hope. After I spoke with her, I was constantly reminded that it’s not about seeing instant results, but allowing God to work through me and trusting that he will reveal his purpose in his perfect timing.

Shandi S.


During the middle of our trip in Nepal, we went on a 4 hour bus ride into the mountains to visit an extremely poor village. These people were dirty and many had terrible diseases. Many people were sick and dehydrated from drinking the dirty water. When we arrived, the little children were chasing after our bus yelling “Foreigners! Foreigners!” and it was so surreal! I felt like I was in a movie. The children were so dirty and some were sick but they were so happy and filled with laughter and smiles. When we arrived to the village we began to set up and get ready for our medical camp. This is a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life. Before we started the pastor we were with told us they wanted to welcome us into their village and say thank you for coming. They began to walk around us and put shawls over us with a beautiful flower necklace. They were homemade and they were beautiful. These people have nothing. They’re extremely poor and their villages were destroyed in the earthquake, yet they were thoughtful enough to make these beautiful floral necklaces for us. My eyes began to fill up with tears as I embraced the Nepali’s kind, gentle, and thankful spirit. This trip was extremely heartbreaking, beautiful, and life changing all in one. I will never forget my trip to Nepal and I hope to implement their kind, gentle, thankful spirit into my life on a daily basis!


Agnes B.

I really loved that God brought 17 people from US from different churches and backgrounds together and numerous Nepali volunteers from different churches and regions together for the same purpose- to show God’s love to the people and provide aid. I liked being able to share what God laid on my heart concerning Nepal and this time, from Isaiah, and be useful in the intake process of the free medical camps. Speaking to the young children or the teenage youth, listening to their stories and encouraging them, believing that God will renew their minds and comfort their hearts, and insert a compassion for others through this. Every village we visited we made connections with individuals and I am really grateful for the opportunity for me to go and serve with WMA and with the Nepali church there.




Dennis K.


There are so many places in the world hat need the gospel. Where is the best place to be? The best place to be is in the center of God’s will. That is where we were during WMA’s June trip to Nepal. The sick were healed, the good news was preached, the hungry were fed, the captives were set free.The medical outreach was a great success. Richard Bartlett M.D. organized it in a way that was medically astute and spiritually wise. Patients passed from station to station. First their name and symptoms are recorded. Then blood pressure is taken and recorded. The patient then arrives at the prayer tent. This is where prayer is offered according to the list of symptoms that accompanies them. Bibles are given to Christian patients. Non Christian’s were given a Bible only if they asked for one. This is because the government of Nepal is concerned about forced conversions. Some did ask. Last of all they see the doctor. He talked with each patient. Medicine was dispensed along with clear instructions of how to use it.Uplifting Christian songs were sung. The evangecube told the story of Jesus and God’s great love for the people of Nepal. About nine hundred people saw the doctor, but thousands saw the love we have for them in Christ. Our best estimate is about one hundred people made a commitment to Christ. That is wonderful; but stand back and see the bigger picture. In every village we visited the people had a new understanding about Christians. “We see that Christians are not bad they are good, they help us.” Satan has ruled this area.for thousands of years. Pray that generational curses be broken. Pray that a spiritual awakening flows through Nepal.

Isn’t it interesting that terrorism is on the increase but the door for evangelism is wide open. What God has opened no one can shut. God has shaken Nepal and the door opened. Pray that God shakes the world, especially the United States. A new world is coming. all will recognize Jesus as Lord. The door is open, be ready to step through it!


Debra Y.


Several months before the massive earthquake in Nepal, I felt a very strong calling from the Lord to go on the June 2015 mission there. When the news was announced of the earthquake, I knew why He had arranged that particular time. Of course, I am not the only one who felt the call from God to go.The WMA Nepal team of 17 wonderful people was truly “one in spirit”. We had several young people in their early 20’s and one team member in his 80’s. Each person possessed unique abilities and talents. The team worked in one accord to share the love of Jesus.I could have never imagined the amount of devastation we saw in Nepal. The stories of human tragedy were endless. Many were struggling with tremendous grief and hopelessness. So many were hungry and sick.
Our team was able to provide food and medical care. Most importantly we were able to share the news of the One who gives hope and a future. Many received Jesus as Lord and Savior.
I think the most memorable part of the mission for me was when a man in one of the tent villages heard the gospel. He was given a bible and he clutched it to his heart as if it was the most precious thing he had ever held in his arms. The second most memorable moment was during a church service with local Christians. We were singing a praise song that was familiar to me. The man standing beside me was singing in the Nepalese language and I was singing the same song in English. It occurred to me that heaven must surely be like that…. people from every tribe and tongue singing praise to God.

My heart will never be the same after the Nepal 2015 mission. I pray that God will continue to move among the people there. I pray that He will pour out His healing, comfort and salvation. What an honor to have been a part of God’s team in Nepal!

Marty Hooper


God works in wonderful ways!   chuck todd called me about going with the college students and helping to mentor them on this journey.   what a blessing to touch their lives for the kingdom.   I did’nt have the money to go but I told becca and we prayed about it.   that was monday.   on wednesday we got a check from our church for $900!   I began to believe that god was going to make a way.   our church came up with the rest of the money on that sunday and the first part of the week!   god is so good.   praise god!   then I had to get a visa for china.   got the papers, pictures, etc. To the chinese empassy in washington d. C. And they gave me a ten-year visa! !

I do hope that becca and I can go back to china together for ministry.   we ministered in homes, small churches, the large meling church and then the oct church.   what a blessing to see what god has done in the years we have been going to this area.   we ministered in the oct church on sunday, january 11 and I will never forget it.   in the 9 oclock service there was over 1500 people, worship was beautiful, students drama was powerful, pastor’s message challenging.   then they invited the new visitors to come forward and be recognized.   then they told them to go with marty hooper—the many who looks like santa claus—-and he would tell them more.   so they followed me and my interpreter—wendy— into a side room.   wendy was so moved by the holy spirit that she wept while she interpreted for me.   it was amazing.   we came to the end of the gospel presentation and all 37 of the chinese gave their hearts to the lord!   then the 10;30 service was the same
except we had 68 people come with me into the side room.   wendy and I shared the gospel and all 68 chinese came to the lord!   that morning was worth the whole trip for me.   praise god! !   I look forward to going the next time with my wife, becca.   I was so blessed by our young adults and their ministry and I pray that their hearts are drawn to missions now more than ever.


Toni Hoover

new editWhere do I begin god did so many amazing things in china but to name a few I would have to say that
how I got to go on this missionary trip was a miracle in itself. God put the desire in my heart to go on this missionary trip but we didn’t have the finances to go but I chose to trust the lord and I sent my one minute video in and I was blessed through project timothy and i’m so grateful for it.
it was amazing to share my testimony and to see those women’s life change and come to the lord.
I felt very honored to lead a woman named liza to the lord! ! !
we were able to perform dramas ,and dances and it really ministered to the chinese people! ! ! One thing I was really impressed by was the hunger that the chinese people had to know more about jesus christ. There was also another lady that stood out to me that we had met on thursday who was not a christian . We gave her the invitation and she politely declined but then we invited her to church on sunday and I didn’t know if she would show up or not, but she ended up showing up walking down front and giving your heart to christ . It was so wonderful to see. To get to experience close to 200 salvation’s is unlike anything i’ve ever experienced it was so wonderful and so rewarding. It was so awesome to pray over the people and god would give me certain words and as I would be obedient and share that with them they would be in tears and I truly knew that god wanted to speak to their hearts and i’m so grateful that I was able to be used like that. I also loved working with the children ministry. I got to teach three american worship songs and then I got to teach them about david and goliath. They absolutely loved it and it blessed my heart so much to see those children worship and praise god. 26 kids came forward and gave their  hearts to christ and 15 of those had never been to church before. We got to visit a rehab and we performed a drama and we just shared the love of jesus with them. It was so awesome to see what god was doing in their lives! ! ! The day before we left I was praying to god who he would want me to leave my bible with. And I asked one lady named allison but she told me that she had already had a bible with both english and chinese. Then she told me that she has a friend who wants to learn more english and grow in the word of god.
as I got ready to give her the bible, a lady walked up and the woman explained that this was the friend that she was wanting to give the bible to. And to my surprise , it was liza ,the same lady that I led to the lord the first night we were there. She was so blessed and grateful for the bible and I was blessed to be used by god in that way! ! ! God truly works in awesome ways! ! ! So I want to thank world missions alliance  for allowing me to go on this missionary trip to spread the gospel and to show the love of jesus and to watch lives be changed!


Janice K. (Missouri)

janiceBefore I left for China I had a lot of sin in my life that I recognized, but I also had no desire to “fix” myself. In my eyes, God forgave me for my sins every single day, so there was no reason to change. I was the type of person who partied religiously every weekend, and convinced my friends to smoke with me by telling them, “It really isn’t a big deal.” So, the first day I heard about the missions trip to China, I had no idea why the idea of going to China was laid on my heart—I tried to push the thought of that missions trip to the back of my mind, but for some reason every time the trip was brought up, I kept getting the feeling that I needed to go. I finally asked my parents, who to my surprise said, “I don’t see that to be a big deal. You better start fundraising.” When I got my parent’s consent, I just knew that going to China had to be God’s plan for me, so I sent out the letters and two weeks before Chantel and I boarded the plane to China, God provided every single penny to cover the funds of the trip.

Even though it had become clear that God was calling me as a missionary to China, I still doubted that I would be able to make a spiritual impact on anyone’s life because I, by no means, had been living my life completely for Christ but little did I know that God was sending me to China, not only to share my faith with others but also so He could change my heart. When I was taken out of my comfort zone, I was finally able to realize that God truly knows my heart and my intensions when I have no idea how to express myself to the people around me. Being in China was like being in a spiritual battle field . . . . The Devil told me that I could never be good enough to impact someone’s life in a positive way because I had no faith—the Devil told me that when I spoke, there would never be power in my words because I had not received the Holy Spirit, and I would never be able to receive the Holy Spirit because of the sin in my life.

I was so confused and torn—I was not a good person and I was reminded of all of my flaws and the ungodly life I was living back home every single day, and the only thing I could think to do was pray. While I was in China, I wanted to change, but I didn’t see how it was possible because the Devil was telling me that God didn’t care enough about me to listen to my heartless prayers. But despite the way I felt, I continuously prayed. I prayed that God would make His purpose clear to me, and I prayed that God’s love would shine through me. I had never poured so much of myself into prayer before, but the amazing thing about prayer is that it works—God gave me answers and showed me exactly why He hand-picked me to be in China.

One evening the team was invited to the Shenzhen church where we had been given the opportunity to share our hearts with the people involved in the bible study—I had given my testimony several times throughout the week, but this time when I when I spoke it was no longer me just telling my story: For the first time in my life, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. After the church service, the team offered to pray for anyone who might have been going through a hard time, or just needed encouragement in their walk with Christ, and a girl named Michelle walked up to me in tears, and I will never forget her words to me: “Your testimony is exactly what I am going through—I never thought anyone could understand all of the pain I have. I feel so alone.” It was in that moment when God revealed the answers to so many of my prayers. Yes, God brought me to China so that I could share His love with hundreds of people, but He also brought me to China because He knew that in that moment He would be able to use me as a light for Michelle. That night the Holy Spirit gave me the words to speak as I prayed over Michelle, and after praying God laid it on my heart to give her my Bible, so I asked if she would take it—and just to give another example of how great our God is, when Michelle received my Bible she said, “I am the only Christian in my Buddhist family and I needed a Bible.”

God showed me that no matter how broken or imperfect I perceive myself to be, He can and will still use me. Because of Christ I am forgiven and my past does not have to define who I am—Christ has a plan for my life, all I need to do is walk by faith and let God carry me. The life I had been living back home, no longer seemed important to me, I wanted every part of my life to glorify God, and there is no way I could I have realized that on my own—God knows me so well that He knew I wouldn’t change on my own, so He took hold of my heart and brought me to China where He poured out His love and showed me that His plan for my life is going to be greater than I could ever imagine. Because of China my life has been forever changed.

Bob V. (Highlandville, MO)


The Old Testament:  My imagination wandered, considering the cities that Nimrod built “in the land of Shinar,” the central plains of Iraq; Assyria and its great capital city, Ninevah, evangelized by Jonah, now current day Mosul; The Medes, modern day Kurds, who with the Persians, conquered Babylon.  We were going to one of the oldest inhabited areas of the earth.  An area having been dominated by Islam for 1,400 years, and now a cauldron of militant geo-political-religious upheaval with cruelty perpetrated by ISIS not seen since the Ottoman Empire.  However, it was God’s time to turn this tide.

The New Testament: we lived the Book of Acts.  The Gospel was preached with signs and wonders following.  Numerous Moslems and Yazidis, both residents and refugees, healed of various ailments including cancer, and several delivered from demons; 100 receiving Jesus Christ and the two local churches encouraged and having grown in number; military victories over ISIS occurring within weeks, even days of praying.

In 39 years of knowing God and experiencing His power, I have never personally experienced results of this magnitude in such a short time, and especially considering the area being an historic enemy stronghold.  The fields were indeed ripe unto harvest and we were privileged to be the workers who saw God show Himself mighty in answer to the prayers of His people.  God is pouring our His Sprit in these last days, and is using WMA more than ever in this end times harvest.

Be part of that harvest, take a mission trip with WMA!


Morgan M, (Virden, IL)

unnamedUpon arriving, We were split into three teams, one being a medical team, and two others.That evening Helen sent our team to a Methodist church that wanted us to lead a youth service. When we got there we found out that this was only the second week that they had been meeting as a youth group. They had around a dozen “core group” kids and seven visiting kids. We sang some praise and worship and then shared some testimonies following with an invitation for salvation. ALL seven visitors were saved! They then asked if we would pray for a girl to be healed of fear. She was a Mosul refugee and had seen what ISIS did first hand. The Spirit prompted me, “activate them”, so I gave them a short lesson on how to pray for deliverance. We anointed her with oil and began to pray. Within minutes she was delivered! Shortly after that one of the regular young adults said he had just got the call to preach and we prayed blessings into his life.

The next day our group packed food bags for refugees and that evening several of us went to a church. On the way there we were stopped and told that the road was closed. The pastor driving us said he did not know of another route, but God provided one. He called ahead to let them know we would be late and they told him they would just praise God till we arrived. 30 to 40 people had been praising Him for over an hour when we arrived! You could feel the presence of God when we walked in! After our testimonies and preaching they wanted us to pray for people. I prayed for the men and the women prayed for women and children. God healed a man with kidney pain and a marriage was restored, among other miracles that night! It became evident as we would have morning devotions that all of us on the trip were hand-picked by God for this time and this place!

My life will be forever changed by this trip. I did things I never knew I could do. I truly see now that with man this was impossible, but with God all things were possible! We obeyed the
call and God led and worked through us in our obedience. Thank you Chuck and Helen for obeying the call years ago to make this trip possible for us.

Dennis Kargol

SAM_1158WMA’s July 8 to 18, 2014 outreach to Ethiopia was a great success!  Sixteen missions minded people ministered the love of Christ.  We partnered with the Elshalom Messianic Jewish Synagogue.  Rabbi Mekasha Kassa is a man of vision who is eager to serve the Lord Jesus and bless God’s people.  Our team ministered in prayer, worship, preaching and teaching.  The fervor of the people was evident from the beginning.  In the main service, women’s ministry or children’s ministry we encountered a people eager to move closer to the Lord Jesus.

On Sunday we left Addis Ababa for a farming village near the town of Butajira.  We ministered in a church of about 200 persons.  It was here that God moved in miraculous healings.  A few of our team spoke, but it was Sydni who gave her testimony of being healed by God.  A message was given about Godly character being revealed in adversity.  Daniel, Hanna and Sydni were given as examples.  The team prayed for about 60 people.  A man came forward and said he felt a tingling in his abdomen and was immediately healed.  Then a woman come forward and said she had a tingling in her legs.  She had limited mobility for about a year, but was healed instantly.  When asked to walk across the stage she ran back and forth about ten times.  The next day we learned that another man was healed but he waited to see if the healing would last.  We praise God for three instant healings and trust Him for progressively healing the rest.

We who were privileged to go to Ethiopia have much to thank God for.  He spoke and we listened.  He gave vision and we saw.  He equipped and we went.  After God gave us everything we need to go, He richly blessed us.  After every trip I am amazed how much more I get out of it than I put into it.


Debra Yokley

DSC01551I am convinced that Ethiopia has a special place in God’s heart.  My fourth trip there, although different from the previous visits, was just as phenomenal.  We met with old friends, made new friends, and saw God move in a mighty way.

One of our ministries was to the B’rit Averaham Orthodox Nazerian Jewish Synagogue.   We were warmly welcomed by Rabbi Mekasha Kassa and the members of the synagogue with much love, joy and were each given a beautiful rose. The synagogue has been an important part of previous visits to Addis Ababa Ethiopia.  Located in one of the poorest parts of the city, the members there reach out to widows and homeless.  This is not an easy task considering the rabbi and synagogue members are also poor.  However, they are joyfully sharing what they have.  Many times the Messianic Jews are discriminated against in the area.  The local Orthodox Christians often reject them because they are Jewish and the local Jews reject them because they are Christian.Through the synagogue, during the course of our visit, we presented programs for local widows, children’s ministries, ministries to women.  We were able to share the gospel and donated bibles.  World Missions Alliance also provided backpacks to the children who will be attending school this year.

One of our most memorable days included a visit local hospital in Addis Ababa that is designed to help women with the condition of fistula.  Fistula is a medical problem caused by prolonged labor that destroys the tissue between the female reproductive organs and the waste elimination part of the body.  Since many women in the villages don’t have medical care, this prolonged labor usually results in the death of the baby as well as the damage to the mother’s body.  The woman’s husband usually abandons her and she is forced to return to her family.  The families consider the woman cursed and an embarrassment since she can no longer control her bodily functions.  Often these women are shut away in a small room.  Some lose their ability to walk because they don’t move around much and the muscles in their legs deteriorate.

Thankfully, a hospital was started to help these women regain their lives.  Surgery is performed free of charge to repair their bodies.  They are given rehabilitation and taught skills in order to support themselves and live a normal life.  Visiting these precious women in the hospital was a humbling experience.  There were often tears when we took their hands or hugged them, since many were shunned for so long.   What a blessing to be able to just love them with the love of Jesus.

May God greatly bless all who were a part of this incredible mission trip.  Whether it was by prayer or financial support, thank you for being such an important part of God’s move in Ethiopia.

“I was just touched by the revelation of the Word I experienced in Israel.  To be in the place where Jesus was tortured and think of His suffering. But then to carry that out into Jordan. ..and reach out to the refugees… I am so Blessed”

“To be here in Israel and to see where Jesus was whipped for my sins, that was probably the most moving. And in Jordan what impressed me the most was the difference between Muslim refugees and the Christian refugees. The latter had joy and were coping with their circumstances so much better”

“Thank you for All you do! Our Trip was amazing and life altering. I hope that I can go back again. I LOVE Israel and Jordan!”