Helen Todd is the co-founder of World Missions Alliance and has served in the position of the Vice President since 1999.

Helen Todd is:

Helen was born and raised in the Soviet Union. Her great grandfather, officer of the White Army, mysteriously disappeared in Russia’s Civil War fighting Communists. His wife spent 7 years in Stalin’s Gulags and his daughter survived by escaping to Georgia. Helen, was raised as an atheist. At the age of 14 she received Christ through a Gospel tract smuggled into the Soviet Union by American missionaries.

While studying at the Bauman University in Moscow, Helen Todd met her future husband Charles in the years of the collapse of the Soviet Union. One of their dates took place during the Russian Coup of 1993 when the Communist Parliament members occupied the White House. Charles saved Helen’s life when she was accidentally caught in a crossfire. They have been married since 1993 and have two sons, Phillip and Spencer.

Through the years of spreading the Gospel in the “hot spots” Helen has traveled to some of the most difficult areas for Christianity and has experienced miraculous provision and protection that God provides for His workers. In April 2004 Helen Todd and her husband Charles found themselves trapped in a deserted hotel in Baghdad in the midst of Fallujah crisis. After the insurgents announced the bounty of $20,000 for each American hostage, she and her husband faced the danger of kidnapping and death. In a dramatic escape on a chartered airplane they safely returned home. This experience is just one of many in Helen Todd’s biography.

Helen is a gifted communicator who speaks three languages and connects easily with the audience. Her uplifting and inspiring messages are centered around her extraordinary experiences in the world’s “hot spots,” overcoming the challenges, balancing a calling with raising a family and many others.

She is a frequent speaker in conferences and assemblies, churches and retreats, a contributing writer to Christian and secular publications, and has been a guest on TBN, Daystar, TCT, Oasis Network, Jim Bakker Show, KY3 Morning Show and other television and radio programs.

Helen enjoys distance running as her hobby. She ran her first marathon in Paris in 2015. She loves the spiritual aspect of endurance and one of her favorite Bible verses is

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

1 Corinthians 9:24


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“We recently had Chuck and Helen Todd from World Missions Alliance in our pulpit to share what their organization has been doing and the powerful effect they have been having in countries throughout the world, including Northern Africa, East Asia, and former Soviet countries. Their authenticity, enthusiasm and conviction to bring help and hope to those who have never heard the Gospel is truly inspiring. We love being a part of missions organizations that are doing great work in “hot-ground”, planting the seed of the Word of God.” – Don Caywood, Pastor Odessa Christian Faith Center

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