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Episode 12: Overcoming Fear – conversation with Rabbi Kirt Schneider

This episode continues our conversation with Rabbi Kirt Schneider, a Christian Jewish believer, author, and the host of the popular television program “Discovering the Jewish Jesus.”

In this episode, Rabbi Kirt shared 2 more practical steps that can help us take our personal faith to the next level. He also shares profound wisdom and advice on how to deal with fear in mind and soul especially during these trying times.

If you need something bright and encouraging to hold on to and would like some guidance on how to address fear in your heart and mind, this episode is for you!

Key Takeaways

03:02 Practical step to spiritual growth number 2

05:54 Practical step to spiritual growth number 3

07:46 Rabbi Kirt Schneider’s advice to people who are struggling with fear

09:35 Practical ways to deal with fear


“God is already here, right where you’re at right now, right where I’m at right now.”

“To walk in the peace of God, we have to root ourselves in that reality.”

“Whether we feel him or not, we have to affirm the truth that God is here.”

“It’s possible to have peace in our soul and yet still be battling in our minds but what comes first is peace in the soul.”

“The word of God is our standard.”

“Probably close to a hundred percent of the things that you and I are worried about has never happened.”

Episode 11: Can coronavirus have a positive impact and what you can do?

In light of the current COVID-19 epidemic and the infestation of desert locusts in Africa, many Christians find themselves asking what the mission of the church is during these challenging times. How can people offer hope, truth, and love during times of adversity? To help us bring out that hidden potential in each of us, we talked to Rabbi Kirt Schneider.

Rabbi Kirt Schneider is a Christian Jewish believer and the host of the popular television program “Discovering the Jewish Jesus.” He has also authored several books including “Experiencing the Supernatural: How to Saturate You Life with the Power and Presence of God” and “Self-Deliverance: How to Gain Victory Over the Powers of Darkness.”

Join us in today’s episode and discover how you can unleash the power within you and use it for God’s glory!

Key Takeaways
05:04 What is the greater purpose for the church and every Christian especially in today’s challenging times?
07:20 The relevant way to peach the Gospel
11:04 What does it take for a Christian to walk at a higher level
14:39 Helen’s takeaway from the episode

“The gospel needs to be preached but it needs to be preached in a way that is relevant and makes Jesus real to people.”
“I think the relevant way demands discernment.”
“The Gospel principles are never changed.”
“God is looking for somebody to love Him back.”
“A love for Jesus is not a feeling. It’s a decision.”

Learn more about Rabbi Kirt Schneider and check out his newest book here:

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Episode 10: The truth about wealth

In this episode, we continue the conversation with Danny Skaggs, Founder of Pharmacy Unlimited and author of the book “Prescription for Breakthrough”. We dig into the subject of prosperity, wealth, finances, tithing, and many others. Danny also shares about a miracle he experienced when he trusted God’s promise to provide for him and his needs.

We discuss what is true prosperity, who should prosper , is tithing a principle for today and how your current need just might be an opportunity for you to prosper.

Key Takeaways
01:52 Is it okay for people to prosper?
03:41 Prosperity defined
04:21 Who  should prosper?
06:14 How much is too much when it comes to wealth ?
08:17 The miracle of giving
12:35 The view on tithe/tithing
14:08 Where tithes should go ?

“Being fruitful is I think a paradigm of heaven and I think that’s how God created us and that’s what He expects.”
“When baptized in Holy Spirit, we have the power of God in us for multiplication and for being fruitful for success.”
“When money becomes our God, that is the root of all evil.”
“Any believer that has confidence in God’s word and what God intends for us, I think any believer will prosper.”
“If we’re following God’s word, if we’re seeking Him and His righteousness first, He’s gonna provide our needs.”
“The more we praise, the more we bless, the more we spoke his promises over our circumstance, the more they change and the more provision that was there.”
“Money, things, are just tools but the true wealth is in our spirit, in our soul.”
“It was an opportunity to give with a guaranteed return.”
“The measure that you use is what will come back to you.”

The book “prescription for Breakthrough” by Danny Skaggs is available on Amazon for $9.95

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Episode 9: Is there a pattern to overcoming life’s challenges? Conversation with the author of the book “Prescription for breakthrough” Danny Skaggs

Even if you are a person of faith, dealing with setbacks and overcoming obstacles can become overwhelming at times. It is reassuring to know however that God is more powerful than any circumstances and will provide all the help you need if you just ask Him. This is something today’s guest can also attest to.

Danny Skaggs is the founder of Pharmacy Unlimited. He is also the author of the fascinating book “Prescription for Breakthrough: Applying Transformative Faith Principles to Your Biggest Challenges.” In the book, Danny chronicled the business challenges he encountered and how he successfully weathered them all through God’s help.

Tune in and be amazed by Danny’s extraordinary faith in God and discover how you too can apply his winning principles in your own life!

Key Takeaways
02:13 What inspired him to write the book and the people he wrote the book for
03:58 What “pivotal advantage” means
06:10 What he has learned from the trials he experienced
07:20 What he ended up doing unwittingly in his business
08:09 What he realized about the spiritual and the physical world
10:13 How he dealt with the “waiting period”
13:48 The fine line between waiting on God and not dealing with the problem
15:00 Three key ingredients to a breakthrough
17:15 Where to purchase “Prescription for Breakthrough”
17:45 Helen’s key takeaways

“It was by the hand of God that we were able to stay in business.”
“Do things God’s way and you’ll be taken care of, you’ll be provided for.”
“We thought we needed money or gold and actually what we needed was wisdom and blessing of the Lord.”
“When we couldn’t get the money, then we turned to heaven for an answer and we began speaking God’s promises into our business. And as we did, the business turned around. Our needs for cash or money were met and we gradually became more and more prosperous.”
“We did everything that we could humanly do to help the business and we allowed Him to provide the backup strength, the backup provision, the backup blessing that we couldn’t provide.”
“We routinely asked for His help.”
“One of the things Jesus said was, ‘If you need something, keep asking. Don’t give up. Keep asking.’”

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Episode 8: Is your life a destiny or a fate? (part 2)

In the previous episode, we learned about the story of 3 people whose lives were predetermined by God to cross 50 years prior. We also learned about Billy Krieger’s encounter with Mr. Tong which eventually culminated in a touching moment of destiny.

In today’s episode, we talked to another “unwilling” participant that day who responded to God’s call with unconditional obedience. Laurie Ball-Gisch is an artist and sheep farmer from Michigan. Just like Billy, she too had an amazing encounter with Mr. Tong that fateful day.

Listen in as she recounted a beautiful story of salvation and healing, all because she obeyed God’s call unconditionally!

Key Takeaways
03:30 Her thoughts about the war in Vietnam
04:22 The part of the book that made a huge impact on her
06:48 How she felt about the people of Cambodia after reading the book
08:19 How her interaction with the lieutenant went
10:15 How the lieutenant accepted Jesus in his life

“When we talk in the spirit and we’re talking to Him, He knows our hearts so well.”
“He was really weaving the tapestry of all of us that day .”
“I went over to Thailand to see a manifestation of salvation and healing at once, together.”
“We’re blessed when we get to bless others through the Holy Spirit.”

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Episode 7: Is your life a destiny or a fate?

While “living a life of destiny” has become somewhat of a cliche among Christians, not many know what it really means.

In the next 2 episodes we look at a story of 3 individuals whose lives were predestined to cross. How did each one of them responded to this call of destiny and what was the end result of the encounter is a powerful illustration of how a life of destiny differs from a life of fate.

In today’s episode, we interviewed Billy Krieger, a retired US Army veteran, who has served in several wars including the Vietnam war and the war in Iraq.

Currently, Billy is pursuing his passion for sharing his Christian faith in different countries. He has also returned to some of the countries he had served as a soldier with a message of love and peace.

In one of his visits, he had an encounter with a former lieutenant from the Hmong minority tribe. Listen in as Billy recounts his life as a soldier before and after he became a Christian and how his encounter with Mr. Tong culminated in a beautiful moment of destiny!

Key Takeaways

  • What his experience was like when he first went to Vietnam
  • What prompted him to commit his life to God
  • The difference between serving in Vietnam and not having his life committed to Christ versus serving in other war zones as a Christian
  • How he felt about his “enemies” after he became a Christian
  • What made him realize it was the best time to visit Thailand
  • What his encounter with Mr. Tong was like
  • What his favorite part about being involved in the Great Commission is

“I think the Lord was always tugging at my heartstrings.”
“Once you know the Lord, you have a certain compassion for the enemy that you don’t have.”

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Episode 6: The AGE of AI: the new opportunity for Christians

Today’s episode is the second part of our conversation with Jason Thacker, the creative director and associate research fellow at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Jason is also the author of the book “The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity.”

Visit Jason’s website to learn more about his work with AI and pre-order his book today. Follow Jason on Twitter @jasonthacker and like his page on Facebook @jthackerERLC.

In this second installment, Jason provided enlightenment and wisdom on some of the interesting and thought-provoking questions related to humanity and artificial intelligence.

If you want to thrive in this AI-empowered world and see it from the Christian perspective, don’t miss today’s episode!

Key Takeaways:
01:35 On human beings and general intelligence
03:03 On the possibility of creating general AI
06:20 The opinions of members of different faiths on the topic of AI
08:44 How AI is being used in mission applications
09:29 How tools can be used to communicate truth
11:07 Benefits of these tools
11:39 His take on having a global framework for the use of AI
11:59 How the world can be safe when using AI
12:58 What he wants to do through his book
14:28 On the discussions and dialogues that should be done regarding AI
16:42 The most important thing Christians needs to know and what they can do to make a difference when it comes to AI
18:39 One of the primary reasons he wrote his book “The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity”
19:23 How people can purchase his book

“A lot of times when we think about artificial intelligence, we do think about it from this more materialistic type of sense.”
“You’re a human being not because of what you can do, not because you can think, not because you have these abilities, whether physical or mental abilities. You’re a human being and the essence of that is the image of God.”
“You cannot lose the image of God. You are created in God’s image and that’s a designation, something that God has given you and you can’t redefine that.”
“While we’re the crowning point of creation, we’re not God in ourselves.”
“We can also use these tools to communicate truth.”
“In no point should these tools become a substitute for authentic Christian community.”

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Episode 5: The age of AI is here: what you must know

The idea of artificial intelligence (AI) competing with humans is no longer a far-fetched concept as it was many decades prior. After all, we now have AI who can detect illness far better than human doctors, can create more sophisticated algorithms than human developers, and can even beat world champions at chess.

The superior capabilities of artificial intelligence in various fields have scientists, the tech community, and the general public concerned. For Christians, the ethical challenges of our ongoing interactions with artificial intelligence has become a point of concern.

To help us navigate this AI-empowered age, we talked to Jason Thacker. Jason is the creative director and an associate research fellow at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He is also the author of the book “The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity.”

In this episode, Jason answered many of our pressing concerns regarding artificial intelligence. More importantly, he provided valuable wisdom and insights so we can tackle this brand new world from the position of confidence and hope.

Visit Jason’s website to learn more about his work with AI and pre-order his book today. Follow Jason on Twitter @jasonthacker and like his page on Facebook @jthackerERLC.

In this episode:

03:21 When his book is coming out

03:24 What prompted him to write the book “The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity”

05:37 Specific incident/event that caused him to look deeper into AI

08:23 Aspects of AI people should be concerned about from the prospective of faith

11:37 The difference between narrow and general AI

13:46 Big existential question related to AI


“As we’re engaging with these tools every day, there’s a lot of big questions that arise from it.”

“I think this is a great time for the church to be proactively engaging and engaging from a position of hope.”

“The world view of materialism is kinda rearing its head again through the sciences and through technology and as Christians, I think that’s really concerning.”

“One of the things that we have to keep in mind especially in this day and age is the difference between what is called narrow AI and what’s called general AI.”

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Episode 4. Choose your star: How God equips us to deal with trials. (Part 2)

This episode is the second installment of our interview with Dr. Inge Auerbarcher. Among other things, we’ll discover how her past helped shape the person she is today and where she drew strength from during those trying times.

Dr. Auerbarcher exhibited incredible resilience and heart in the face of trials and adversities. More than anything however, she showed us that while we can’t change the past, we can always choose how to respond to it—an option that makes us truly powerful!

Key Takeaways

01:28 How she felt when she was inflicted with an infectious disease
04:30 Where she drew strength from during those trying and discouraging times
07:26 How her past helped shape who she is today
08:33 Advice she’d give to someone who struggles with the pain of the past

“I was determined. I am going to make it! I will! And I will be one of the best students in the school.”
“I have to take advantage of the life that was given to me.”
“I never lost faith in God, ever.”
“I felt I had the obligation to make something of myself since one and a half million children did not get that opportunity.”
“I think each person has to deal with their own life.”
“I am not the person who says ‘Woe is me’.”
“I feel God has a plan and things somehow work out for the best.”
“Nobody can make you happy. You have to make yourself happy.”

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Episode 3. Choose your star: How God equips us to deal with trials. (Part1)

Why does God allow terrible things to happen to people? This is a question even those who are committed to God find hard to answer. Fortunately, in today’s episode we’ll not only hear a story of evil and suffering but also of survival and triumph.

Dr. Inge Auerbarcher is an American chemist of German origin, an inspirational speaker, and a prolific author. She is also a human rights activist and a Holocaust survivor. At 7 years old, she was deported to the Theresienstadt ghetto in Czechoslovakia together with her parents. She was also forced to wear a yellow star that identified her as a Jew.

In this episode, we’ll not only learn about Dr. Auerbarcher’s brave and inspirational journey, we’ll also discover how she turned her yellow star of shame into a real star.

In this Episode:

06:07 Who is Inge Auerbarcher
07:05 How she felt about the people who have hurt her, her loved ones, and her people
09:02 On whether or not she has encountered people who were former Nazis during her travels

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Episode 2: Costly faith:Have you paid a price for your faith? (Part 2)

And interview with an Iraqi refugee whose life turned into a crisis because he became a Christian. How he made the most difficult choice in his life, the greatest challenge of being a refugee, his opinion on the refugee policy and a new chapter in his family’s life.

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Episode 1: Costly faith: Have you paid a price for your faith? (Part 1)

Becoming a Christian will cost you nothing. Being a Christian however comes with a high price. And interview with an Iraqi refugee whose life turned into a crisis because he became a Christian.

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Episode 0: Who’s your neighbor? Lesson learned in the middle seat.

Podcast about the impact of faith and Christian identity in today’s world.  Practical, inspiring and thought-provoking content for a Christian who wants to make a difference.

Host: Helen Todd grew up in the Soviet Union under the rule of God-less socialism. She was set free by a Gospel tract smuggled into her country by missionaries.  As the Vice President of World Missions Alliance, Helen has traveled to the world’s “hot spots”, war zones, natural disaster sites and countries under oppressive regimes to share the life-changing message of the Gospel.

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