History of WMA

World Missions Alliance was founded in 1999 by Chuck and Helen Todd to fulfill a 2 fold vision: preach the Gospel in the world’s “hot spots” and give Christians the opportunity to fulfill themselves in the Great Commission.

The vision was birthed in 1991 when Chuck Todd, an American missionary, met his future wife, a Russian interpreter Helen, while pastoring a church in post-Communist Moscow. Both of them have had powerful encounters with God, Chuck – when he has miraculously healed by God at the age of 3 and Helen – having received faith through a Gospel tract smuggled into the Soviet Union by missionaries.

While in Russia they have witnessed the Moscow coup in 1993, Chuck saved Helen from the crossfire of the battle, and soon after they were married.

Driven by the passion to spread the Gospel in the closed nations they have personally witnessed historic events and experienced God’s protection under most dangerous circumstances – outbreak of SARS in China in 2000, the Fallujah crisis in Iraq in 2004, the Sichuan earthquake in China in 2008, the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 and many others.

Today World Missions Alliance reaches into 20 countries (former Soviet Union, China, Iraq, Nepal, Ireland, France, Indonesia, Argentina to name a few) around the world meeting the needs of local churches, helping the needy and the poor and opening doors for Christians to experience the blessing of God’s harvest.

With World Missions Alliance you will fuel your PASSION to give the truth of Christ to the world. You will discover PROOF that no door is closed to great passion. And finally, you will develop true PURPOSE as you live the lifestyle of a real soul winner!