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History of WMA 2018-09-14T16:44:38+00:00

  • World Missions Alliance was founded in 1999 by Chuck and Helen Todd to fulfill a 2 fold vision: preach the Gospel in the world’s “hot spots” and give Christians the opportunity to fulfill themselves in the Great Commission.
  • The vision was birthed in 1991 when Chuck Todd, an American missionary, met his future wife, a Russian interpreter Helen, while pastoring a church in post-Communist Moscow. Both of them have had powerful encounters with God, Chuck – when he was miraculously healed by God at the age of 3 and Helen – having received faith through a Gospel tract smuggled into the Soviet Union by missionaries.
  • While in Russia they have witnessed the Moscow coup in 1993, Chuck saved Helen from the crossfire of the battle, and soon after they were married.
  • Driven by the passion to spread the Gospel in the closed nations they have personally witnessed historic events and experienced God’s protection under most dangerous circumstances – outbreak of SARS in China in 2000, the Fallujah crisis in Iraq in 2004, the Sichuan earthquake in China in 2008, the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 and many others.
  • Today World Missions Alliance reaches into 20 countries (former Soviet Union, China, Iraq, Nepal, Ireland, France, Indonesia, Argentina to name a few) around the world meeting the needs of local churches, helping the needy and the poor and opening doors for Christians to experience the blessing of God’s harvest.