“Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”

Matthew 12:30

A heart for the harvest” is a life’s mission statement. It describes a very unique and specific person. It is a person who is in love with Jesus. A person whose knowledge of Christ surpasses intellect and reaches into the very depth of the soul. It is a person whose compassion for another human being mirrors the heart of Christ. It is a person who is willing to step into the unknown with a trust that he or she can be used by God for a greater good. It is a person who believes that his or her life matters in God’s plan for humanity.

Are you this person? Do you want to be this person? Do you want to be surrounded by these kinds of people?
The Greater Purpose Conference is something not to be missed! We invite you to join a community of people who just like you are open and willing to give themselves to God’s purpose. Every speaker you will hear will pour into you a deeper revelation of the unique, complex and incredibly gifted individual you are created to be. This gathering  could be a launch of a new adventure, a fresh start, a next chapter in your life. It could be your date for an intimate encounter with the Master. Register now and let us know you are coming. We want to prepare and welcome you to our WMA family reunion at the Greater Purpose Conference May 5, 6 & 7, 2021 in Branson, MO.

– Check out the Speakers

– Check out the Venue & Accommodations (Radisson Hotel Branson, Missouri)

– Curious about miraculous within medical science? Passionate about Medical Missions? Attend the Healing Session and Medical Missions Luncheon. (Deadline to register for luncheon April 16, 2021)

 – Are you between 16 and 24 years old? Don’t miss an exciting Project Timothy Session and find out how to get sponsored to go on a mission trip.

 – Are you new to WMA? Are you bringing a friend new to WMA? RSVP for our New WMA Friends Reception – An appetizer reception for all our new WMA conference friends. (Deadline to RSVP April 16, 2021)

 – Reserve your spot at the Heart for the Harvest Celebration Banquet with a fabulous three-course meal and dessert buffet. We will be giving away of a free mission trip for the year 2022, as well as holding our very first Missionary Recognition Ceremony. (Deadline to register for banquet April 16, 2021)

 – Fun and fellowship in Branson, MO. Extend your stay Saturday May 8th and join us for a fun day enjoying The Best of Branson, MO. (Deadline to register April 16, 2021)

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Digital Conference Registration $35
Single Session Registration $7
Single Conference Registration $35
Couple Conference Registration $65

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“I love the freedom in worshiping and I enjoyed everyone you had in place to speak. This year’s conference changed my life completely! I pray that it keeps getting better and better as the years come! I also appreciate being a part of the Vision!”

Micah Rimmer, MI

“Discovering the fellow harvesters from past trips.  Those travel experiences can be recorded on camera but the heart to heart connections are the most precious.  God has forever linked us together in worship and my worship experience there surpassed all. I came to ‘get close’ for intercession purposes. The experience was wonderfully informative!  Thanks again!”

Peggy Hart, WA

“The whole event was exceptional. It was truly a blessing to attend and some much-needed encouragement. Looking forward to the next one.”

Charlotte Dixon, AR

“This was an awesome Conference. Bob and I have attended many of these gatherings. Again, thanks so much for the attention and gracious care that the WMA staff brought forth.  You guys are treasures.”

Madelyn Maine, CA

“The meetings were awesome. Can we do this again…next week”

Douglas Raine, TX

“That conference was the best. Awesome speakers. Enjoyed every minute. Loved seeing old friends and meeting new.”

Dolly Morris, MO


If you registered for the 2020 Greater Purpose Conference, banquet, luncheon and/or Branson Getaway please contact us 417-231-4131 or Your registration will automatically transfer to the new dates and lock in the current registration and meals prices even if the price goes up in the year 2021.


God created each one of us for a greater purpose that fills life with deep fulfillment.
Building life around this greater purpose is what makes us thrive.
In preparation for the Greater Purpose Conference we have launched a new podcast series interviewing some of the members of the World Missions Alliance family who are pursuing their greater purpose in different ways. These are real stories of real people who seek and struggle, some have found their purpose, while others are still in pursuit.
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