World Missions Alliance’s child sponsorship project focuses on the kids from the marginalized and impoverished communities in foreign countries to give them a chance for a brighter future.

In this program a $40/month sponsorship will provide a child with a social worker who will evaluate the needs and prospects, a tutor who will provide quality Christian-based afterschool education or teach an older child a skill that will help them find employment after graduating as well as nutritional and medical assistance.

It will also give this child a loving and nurturing relationship with a Christian sponsor. For most of the children among the minorities quality education and life skills are unattainable luxuries their families can’t or are unwilling to provide.

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World Missions Alliance’s refugee family sponsorship project focuses on helping refugees who escaped the war in Ukraine and are now living in Chisinau, Moldova.

The Russian military has air-launched cruise missiles that hit Ukraine’s electricity grid. This means millions of Ukrainians will be freezing in the dark this winter.  As a result, the Ukrainians continue to flee abroad for safety.

92,000 of them came to the neighboring country of Moldova.

They don’t know if or when they will be able to return to Ukraine. Many of them fled cities that were bombed by the Russian missiles. They may not even have a home to return to.

We partner with the Victory Church in Chisinau to provide food packs for the refugees as they come weekly to the church to receive their provisions. Many of them would not survive if it was not for this help. Along with food they receive, prayer and counseling.

Victory Church needs your help! With the new influx of the refugees, it is financially difficult for them to continue to provide food for these families weekly.

I ask you to consider adopting a refugee family for a few months to sponsor their food packs monthly. A gift of $25 per person per month would keep this person from hunger, a gift of $125 per month could feed an entire family!  

You can choose to sponsor one or more families. You can choose a full sponsorship or a partial sponsorship. You also have the option to do a full or partial one-time gift for an entire year if you prefer to not have your donation withdrawn and applied monthly. As a result, you will not only help “your family” to have their needs met but form a beautiful relationship that can show them the love of God and lead them to a relationship with Him.

As a sponsor you will receive regular updates and photos from their lives, as well as the reports from the program leaders in Moldova of how they progress within the program. You will be able to send notes, prayers, observe how God works in their lives and know that you have played an important part.

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