Make A Dream Come True


WMA is thrilled to welcome outstanding young missionaries to our teams! You are never too old or too young to be used by God!

Here is a 10 year old ambassador of Jesus, Joshua Budzinack, who is ready to share his miraculous testimony in Asia!

YOU can HELP him fulfill his dream!

Joshua, along with his mother Jessica, has the opportunity to go to Asia with WMA for the first time so he can share his testimony and make a difference in the lives of others.


Joshua is from Batavia, NY. When Joshua was 8, he was badly burned in a fire pit. He had full thickness, second and third degree burns on over 3% of his back, bottom, arms, and legs.

Joshua was praying and asked God to heal him by his birthday. In medical and human terms this was impossible and his mother tried to explain to Josh that God does everything in His own timing.  But the healing that was supposed to take 3 months was completed in 3 weeks. The Doctor said he could go out for his birthday!

Joshua wants to encourage EVERYONE to have faith and believe in God’s miracles.

His dream is to share Jesus with the people of Asia!

We ask that you keep him in your prayers and thoughtfully consider giving financially to his trip. If you feel called to do so, you can donate HERE.



“Wise man travels to discover himself” said a brilliant poet over one hundred years ago.

This thought drives into the depth of Christ’s Great Commission. By sending us to the “uttermost” parts of the earth to preach the Good News He was not recruiting helpers to save the world but was rather releasing us to an adventure – the discovery of the fullness of God and the untapped potential within ourselves.

Traveling to a destination determined by you is exciting, going on an assignment from God is life-altering. Every aspect of the journey becomes filled with significance that may or may not be tangible and visible, but is undeniable in the wholeness of the experience.

It begins with a stirring of the spirit rather than a thought in your mind, a sensation, a feeling that starts small but eventually becomes overwhelming. Stirring of the spirit can be ignored, suppressed but it cannot be quenched. It defies logic, it contradicts the desires of our flesh. It becomes a nuisance until you are willing to obey.

The next step is more of a leap, leap of faith that is. An assignment from God will never fit the comfy box of your own natural abilities. It is purposed to break you out of the comfort zone and therefore from the very beginning it is a humbling awareness of our own inadequacy. Lack of time, money or self-confidence, poor health, fears or indecisiveness create a gap between you and your destiny in Christ which cannot be bridged with anything other than blind faith in you Creator and unconditional obedience to His will. This is the time of preparation and training for the journey that will equip you with everything you will need on the road ahead.

As you sit on the plane and turn off the cell phone before the take-off you mentally mark the new chapter of your life. It will not be the same when you return. You will not be the same.

Each one of us is unique in destiny but we have common needs as the same species of God’s creation. We are fueled by passion and driven by purpose. Without either life dwindles into a meaningless existence.

A journey outside the comfort zone on an assignment from God leads to both. It is worth every investment of time, finances and efforts because nothing else can give you a more fulfilling return.

Are you ready?

© 2014 Helen Todd



Dear Friends,

In 5 weeks WMA team is heading to Nepal, the poorest country in the world. Nepal is the size of Arkansas but with 10 times the population.

In the 21st century Nepal still has highest rate of malnutrition among children. Though it is blessed with exquisite natural beauty and is home to the world’s highest mountain, the people of this country have endured centuries of suffering.

The people of Nepal have followed Hinduism historically worshiping thousands of idols, they have suffered under the communist-style political regime and the decade –long civil war that took tens of thousands of innocent lives. Each year many parts of Nepal are affected by severe droughts which cause famine among the population.

The extreme poverty drew human traffickers who exploit the despair of the families and buy out their children to sell them into sexual slavery.

In 2006 the new government turned the political course of this nation towards democracy. It declared Nepal a secular state, allowed freedom of faith and pronounced Christmas a government holiday.

Since then Christianity has exploded in Nepal growing to more than 2.5 million believers in more than 8,500 churches across the country. Yet, 28 million people in Nepal are still considered unreached.

World Missions Alliance has ministered in Nepal since 2011. On our very first trip we had 1000   Bibles with us for distribution. On the second day our bus got a flat tire. While the driver stopped at a nearby truck stop to fix the flat we decided to give away a few Bibles. What happened next took us by surprise. There were seemingly a few people around, but as we started passing out Bibles, suddenly we were surrounded by a large crowd and they all wanted a copy of a Bible. We could have easily given out all thousand copies right there at the truck stop.

One of the first to get a copy was a middle aged man. He thanked us with a big smile and then we watched him take it to his father and son. They carefully opened it started reading together – all three generations.

What an incredible blessing this picture was to all of us. It was God’s vision of the future and His plan for this nation. Neither poverty, not drought, nor forces of darkness can stand against the power of the Word of God.

The spiritual hunger is Nepal is much greater than the lack of food. It is the kind of hunger that can be satisfied for ETERNITY! And we have the power to make the people of Nepal HUNGER NO MORE!

We want to be able to take another 1000 copies with us again. The full Bible is just $5.25/ copy. We have already ordered 151 copies. Will you help us purchase the rest?

We need 45 people who would give a gift of $100 to accomplish this goal!

Five dollars and twenty five cents can buy a latte at Starbucks that will give you a five minute joy. It can also buy the Word of God that will give a desperate person eternal life.

What an incredible power we have through Christ and God’s Word to affect eternity!

We thank you in advance for partnering with World Missions Alliance in this extraordinary mission. The time for Nepal is NOW!

Your partners in the Great Commission,

Chuck and Helen Todd

P. S. We have to pre-order the Bibles ASAP.
If the Lord leads you to send Bibles to Nepal you can do it right away at our GIVE page or through the Givelify app (available for Apple and Android smart phones) or mail the check made to WMA and designated for Nepal Bibles to P.O. Box 1067 Branson West, MO 65737


Food relief for Christian refugeed
Food relief for Christian refugeed

On August 6th armed Iraqi Kurds were fighting militants of the Islamic State 40km from Erbil, the administrative center of Iraqi Kurdistan. The operation to drive off Sunni militants continued with the cooperation of Turkish and Syrian Kurds. On that day over 50,000 refugees from Sinjar fled to the mountains into hiding as they were pursued by Isis forces. Many of them were killed. Most of them were Yezids (religious minority). As the ISIS fighters trapped them in the mountains they were on the verge of dying unless they could get water and food within a day.

World Missions Alliance Church in Northern Iraq under the leadership of Pastor A. called for fasting and prayer. They prayed for a miracle to happen and they prayed for the US Army to come for help. On August 7th President Obama made the announcement about sending help to the Yezid group as well as interfering in Iraq crisis.
Our God answers prayers!!
Duhok, in the meantime, is flooded with over 50,000 Christian refugees from Mosul and surrounding areas. These people were given 3 options – convert, leave or die. They left their homes with just what they wore that day. Many of them are living the parks and parking lots with no place to go. WMA Church joined forces with other churches in the area to feed the refugees and provide them with non-perishable food items that can last them for a month in any conditions.
You can help the Iraqi people in three areas;
1. Pray: for protection of innocent lives, wisdom to the government leaders how to deal with the crisis, favor upon the US troops as they go to help
2. Provide: as Christians we must respond when our brothers and sisters are oppressed and persecuted and suffer from need. Help our relief efforts HERE
3. Protect: for those who are familiar with our church in Iraq and our pastors and leaders there, we ask you to protect their identity in your posts in social media and other public sources. While it is okay to mention knowing a church that is there or having been there before, please don’t use names or post photos of pastor A., his family or other church members.
Please pray the WMA team will be able to travel and minister in Northern Iraq as the Lord called us. We were called for such a time as this!
In the end, ISIS is helpless to defeat Kurdistan because they are fighting against God. They are fighting against God’s plan and purpose for this group of people. While we were in Kurdistan earlier this year, God spoke to us about establishing this people as a nation, He showed us their hunger for Him and the important part they will plan in the Middle East in the nearest future.

Ethiopia 2014 Testimonies










Dennis Kargol:

WMA’s July 8 to 18, 2014 outreach to Ethiopia was a great success!  Sixteen missions minded people ministered the love of Christ.  We partnered with the Elshalom Messianic Jewish Synagogue.  Rabbi Mekasha Kassa is a man of vision who is eager to serve the Lord Jesus and bless God’s people.  Our team ministered in prayer, worship, preaching and teaching.  The fervor of the people was evident from the beginning.  In the main service, women’s ministry or children’s ministry we encountered a people eager to move closer to the Lord Jesus.

On Sunday we left Addis Ababa for a farming village near the town of Butajira.  We ministered in a church of about 200 persons.  It was here that God moved in miraculous healings.  A few of our team spoke, but it was Sydni who gave her testimony of being healed by God.  A message was given about Godly character being revealed in adversity.  Daniel, Hanna and Sydni were given as examples.  The team prayed for about 60 people.  A man came forward and said he felt a tingling in his abdomen and was immediately healed.  Then a woman come forward and said she had a tingling in her legs.  She had limited mobility for about a year, but was healed instantly.  When asked to walk across the stage she ran back and forth about ten times.  The next day we learned that another man was healed but he waited to see if the healing would last.  We praise God for three instant healings and trust Him for progressively healing the rest.

We who were privileged to go to Ethiopia have much to thank God for.  He spoke and we listened.  He gave vision and we saw.  He equipped and we went.  After God gave us everything we need to go, He richly blessed us.  After every trip I am amazed how much more I get out of it than I put into it.












Debra Yokley:

I am convinced that Ethiopia has a special place in God’s heart.  My fourth trip there, although different from the previous visits, was just as phenomenal.  We met with old friends, made new friends, and saw God move in a mighty way.

One of our ministries was to the B’rit Averaham Orthodox Nazerian Jewish Synagogue.   We were warmly welcomed by Rabbi Mekasha Kassa and the members of the synagogue with much love, joy and were each given a beautiful rose. The synagogue has been an important part of previous visits to Addis Ababa Ethiopia.  Located in one of the poorest parts of the city, the members there reach out to widows and homeless.  This is not an easy task considering the rabbi and synagogue members are also poor.  However, they are joyfully sharing what they have.  Many times the Messianic Jews are discriminated against in the area.  The local Orthodox Christians often reject them because they are Jewish and the local Jews reject them because they are Christian.Through the synagogue, during the course of our visit, we presented programs for local widows, children’s ministries, ministries to women.  We were able to share the gospel and donated bibles.  World Missions Alliance also provided backpacks to the children who will be attending school this year.

One of our most memorable days included a visit local hospital in Addis Ababa that is designed to help women with the condition of fistula.  Fistula is a medical problem caused by prolonged labor that destroys the tissue between the female reproductive organs and the waste elimination part of the body.  Since many women in the villages don’t have medical care, this prolonged labor usually results in the death of the baby as well as the damage to the mother’s body.  The woman’s husband usually abandons her and she is forced to return to her family.  The families consider the woman cursed and an embarrassment since she can no longer control her bodily functions.  Often these women are shut away in a small room.  Some lose their ability to walk because they don’t move around much and the muscles in their legs deteriorate.

Thankfully, a hospital was started to help these women regain their lives.  Surgery is performed free of charge to repair their bodies.  They are given rehabilitation and taught skills in order to support themselves and live a normal life.  Visiting these precious women in the hospital was a humbling experience.  There were often tears when we took their hands or hugged them, since many were shunned for so long.   What a blessing to be able to just love them with the love of Jesus.

May God greatly bless all who were a part of this incredible mission trip.  Whether it was by prayer or financial support, thank you for being such an important part of God’s move in Ethiopia.