Lebanon 2018

October 30 – November 9, 2018

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2 Submit a brief letter of recommendations from your pastor or spiritual mentor (by mail or email). The letter should include his/her contact information


  • Since the start of the crisis in Syria and Iraq, Lebanon has become home to the largest number of refugees per capita in the world.
  • Over 25 percent of the population is now made up of refugees
  • Most of them have settled in the poorest areas of Lebanon.
  • The increase of population has placed tension on families…
  • Resources and jobs are being stretched. Shelters and public services are being depleted.
  • Each man, woman and child has a past… Each past is faced with a new reality and future…
  • People are searching, hungry and craving TRUTH, and the door for evangelism is wide open.
  • The time has come for the church to STAND UP and bring Jesus to the suffering, to the displaced, the homeless, the orphan and the widow.

What you can do:

  • PRAY – the door is wide open for evangelistic outreach opportunities.
  • GO – join our team and allow God to use your gifts and talents for His glory.
  • GIVE – give toward the cause of spreading the Good News of the Gospel around the world.
  • SEND – Bibles to people who have never had the blessing of owning one before.