There is something very personal I want to share with you. A few weeks ago, my father went to see a doctor for a bump on his head. Unexpectedly to all of us the tests revealed that the “bump” was a tumor and the lymphoma from which he had been healed a few months earlier returned. The only solution the doctor suggested was medication that has only 30% chance of success. He said that after 3 months he would evaluate my father to see if the medicine worked. The medicine was awfully expensive but got approved by insurance in record time. This was miracle number one. Within 3 days of the diagnosis my Dad started taking it. Three more days later the tumor was completely gone! This is a report of an amazing miracle that was a huge encouragement and witness of God’s incredible power to so many people who know my Dad. It made me think of this –  COVID-19 pandemic is a bump that has exposed some ugly tumors. It has exposed the deception, corruption, evil intentions, false solutions. More so, I believe it will accelerate certain events that must happen before Christ returns. Nobody has a cure or a solution to shelter us from this calamity. But in the midst of all the confusion and fear, God is doing His incredible work. He is separating the light from the darkness, wheat from chaff, sheep from goats. He has considered you and me by name, with our pressing needs, hidden fears, altered plans and unfulfilled dreams. He is taking time to shape us, perfect us, brush off anything that does not bare His stamp of approval, so that we may know Him as the Way Maker, the Miracle Worker, the Promise Keeper, the Great I AM. To survive and thrive during this time each one of us must have a clear answer to two questions:

  1. Are you on the side of Christ today? If not, you are against Him. There is no more middle ground.
  2. Are you gathering with Him? If not, you are scattering? There is no more time for “casual” Christianity.

Together in the Great Commission we have a chance to make the biggest impact yet for Christ!

Your fellow servants of Christ,

Chuck and Helen Todd

WMA updates for May 2020:
Moldova Update: We were able to send support to our pastors in Moldova to put food on the tables of hungry kids and support 70 impoverished families in the time of great need! Even before our team lands there in July, the love of Christ will be poured out in Moldova!
Podcast Outreach: Our Limitless Spirit Podcast continues to make a big impact all around the world. It is reaching loyal listeners in 43 countries, including the ones we have never personally traveled to like Cameroon, Ghana, Cambodia, Honduras, Switzerland, Lithuania, and many others. If you have not subscribed to it yet, you can do so on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Tunein+Alexa, Castbox, Overcast and other podcast platforms. Share it with others -this program is shedding the light of Christ on many important issues of today!
Greater Purpose Conference: will be in May 2021. Location and dates to be announced soon.  The new theme is “A Heart for the Harvest”.  There is an urgent and pressing call for every Christian today to join the Harvest. Jesus warned us if we are not gathering with Him, we are scattering! This will be a divinely ordained moment to be encouraged, encourage others and to be launched into a greater purpose according to the historic times we are living in. We are excited to announce some new speakers that will be added to the list as well as intercessory prayer sessions. If you haven’t registered yet, register ASAP online or call us at 417-231-4131
Please Pray: our upcoming trips to Moldova and Romania are coming up in July. We ask for your prayers for travel restrictions to be lifted, the borders are open and the people in these nations are seeking Christ as the answers deep within their hearts.


Dear Chuck,
How is the effect of Covid 19 in your country? Nepal has continued lock down to 71 days on June 2 and it is becoming more and more harder for the poor people who need to go out on for work on daily basis, no work, no pay. And now, all is closed and no work. People start to fear that their children will die from starvation before the corona virus. To them fear of starvation has become bigger than the death of Corona Virus.At mealtime in the family, we always prayed for those hungry people who are living in the street, slums, under the bridge and in makeshift. We prayed that they will also have food to eat like us. Suddenly, we realized that prayer was not enough. We decided to share our resources with them as well, thinking that they are our brothers and sisters from another mother but same heavenly father. We have decided to give food to the hungry souls and included is the bread of life (the Bible). I also remember the promise of Jesus Christ, where he said, Give and it shall be given unto you. But I have a challenge now. As I started to give, I found out that there are more people then I have counted. Some live in pathetic condition because they have babies, some are sick and nobody is willing to touch them and there are older men and women abandoned by their family members simply because they are burden to them, some go to jungles to find out root fruits to feed their small babies, all of them close to starvation. This could be an opportunity for us to share our food with them. I would like to request you to please join with me to give food to the hungry. May the Lord lift you up in every step you take.
This broke my heart. If we don’t put our love in action, what is this love worth? How can we not respond to this desperate plea?We may not be able to go to Nepal, but we can help!

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