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Regardless of how careful we are, we sometimes say and do things that can hurt others, even those who are most dear to us. What many people don’t realize however is, even if we say sorry, it is often not enough. Fortunately, if we know the right things to say, we will not only restore our relationships, we’ll also heal emotionally.

Today’s guest is Dr. Jennifer Thomas, a psychologist with a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Maryland. Dr. Jen is also a leadership consultant, TEDx speaker, and a bestselling author. Together with Dr. Gary Chapman, they wrote the book “When Sorry Isn’t Enough.”

Join us as we talk about apology—why it’s important, how it can impact your spiritual health, and the impact it has on the person doing it. You’ll surely see apologizing from a totally different light after this!

Key Takeaways

03:49 Why apology is so essential to society and to people personally

04:37 How the roadblock can be traumatic for the other person when you don’t apologize

05:21 How being able to apologize can heal you emotionally

06:33 How apologizing can impact the person doing it

07:46 The importance of apology to your spiritual health

09:16 Why saying sorry is not enough

10:03 The magic words people look for in an apology

13:32 What most people want to hear


“What we want to encourage people to do is to stop and think about what the other person might really be waiting for us to say or do.”

“When we ask someone to forgive us, we’re actually asking for quite a lot.”

“We’re supposed to be thinking about where we’ve hurt others.”

“The important thing is not to leave out what the person most wants to hear.”

“Sincerity is the key thing.

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