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In this episode, we continue the conversation with Danny Skaggs, Founder of Pharmacy Unlimited and author of the book “Prescription for Breakthrough”. We dig into the subject of prosperity, wealth, finances, tithing, and many others. Danny also shares about a miracle he experienced when he trusted God’s promise to provide for him and his needs.

We discuss what is true prosperity, who should prosper , is tithing a principle for today and how your current need just might be an opportunity for you to prosper.

Key Takeaways
01:52 Is it okay for people to prosper?
03:41 Prosperity defined
04:21 Who  should prosper?
06:14 How much is too much when it comes to wealth ?
08:17 The miracle of giving
12:35 The view on tithe/tithing
14:08 Where tithes should go ?

“Being fruitful is I think a paradigm of heaven and I think that’s how God created us and that’s what He expects.”
“When baptized in Holy Spirit, we have the power of God in us for multiplication and for being fruitful for success.”
“When money becomes our God, that is the root of all evil.”
“Any believer that has confidence in God’s word and what God intends for us, I think any believer will prosper.”
“If we’re following God’s word, if we’re seeking Him and His righteousness first, He’s gonna provide our needs.”
“The more we praise, the more we bless, the more we spoke his promises over our circumstance, the more they change and the more provision that was there.”
“Money, things, are just tools but the true wealth is in our spirit, in our soul.”
“It was an opportunity to give with a guaranteed return.”
“The measure that you use is what will come back to you.”

The book “prescription for Breakthrough” by Danny Skaggs is available on Amazon for $9.95

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