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This episode is the second installment of our interview with Dr. Inge Auerbarcher. Among other things, we’ll discover how her past helped shape the person she is today and where she drew strength from during those trying times.

Dr. Auerbarcher exhibited incredible resilience and heart in the face of trials and adversities. More than anything however, she showed us that while we can’t change the past, we can always choose how to respond to it—an option that makes us truly powerful!

Key Takeaways

01:28 How she felt when she was inflicted with an infectious disease
04:30 Where she drew strength from during those trying and discouraging times
07:26 How her past helped shape who she is today
08:33 Advice she’d give to someone who struggles with the pain of the past

“I was determined. I am going to make it! I will! And I will be one of the best students in the school.”
“I have to take advantage of the life that was given to me.”
“I never lost faith in God, ever.”
“I felt I had the obligation to make something of myself since one and a half million children did not get that opportunity.”
“I think each person has to deal with their own life.”
“I am not the person who says ‘Woe is me’.”
“I feel God has a plan and things somehow work out for the best.”
“Nobody can make you happy. You have to make yourself happy.”

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