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One of the life altering side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are deteriorating relationship between people, and particularly the strain it has created in marriages. The conventional marriage has been under attack in recent years. The challenges and the uncertainty that came with the pandemic added to it.

Even without the outside pressure marriages are sacrificed to busy schedules, demands of raising children, careers, and personal desires. We either take our spouse for granted or we give up on the marriage because we eventually come to realize that we can’t change another person.

Or can we?

Dr. Gary Chapman has been helping couples to save and improve marriages and relationships for over two decades. He is the one who discovered the revolutionary concept of 5 love languages that helps us communicate our commitment and appreciation towards each other.

His book The 5 Love Languages® sold over twelve million copies and has been on the New York Times best-sellers list continuously since 2007.

The COVID-19 pandemic inspired him to write his latest book “5 Simple Ways to strengthen your marriage”.  In a very practical and straightforward way it encourages couples to turn the tables on the enemy and look at this as an opportunity make your relationship closer and stronger.

Dr. Chapman’s website is full of helpful resources for marriages and relationships..

In the previous episode Dr. Chapman and I talked about the importance of calling a truce on throwing verbal bombs and how to tear down the emotional walls that are built by unresolved conflict.

In this episode we continue the conversation and explore the practical ways to create team work environment, talked about what does submission mean in marriage and where do we start if we want to see a change in our spouse.

3:50 How to prevent “emotional walls” in a relationship

6:05 Is emotional sensitivity gender specific

7:22 The true meaning of submission in marriage

9:04 5 meaningful ways to express love

12:50 How to build teamwork environment in marriage

14:48 Advice for long distance relationships

16:23 How to build healthy relationships with people around us

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