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The father of seven children, Pastor Dave Dolan has been through a long journey of raising a child with special needs that doctors said wouldn’t even live past a year old. He and his wife Debra have seen how faith and the right perspective can have a powerful impact on the outcome in the journey of their youngest daughter, whose name is Faith.
Dave says our struggles and brokenness are often the places where God points us towards our greater purpose. He’s also passionate about mentoring people in their journey in pursuit of a greater purpose.
On this episode of Limitless Spirit, Dave will share his personal testimony and what he thinks about the perspective the year 2020 has given him concerning the core mission of the church in the “new normal”.

2:40 – How a song led Dave Dolan to a relationship with Jesus and introduced him to his future wife

4:45 – Dave’s 40 years of being a pastor in rural Illinois in a predominantly Amish community

8:32 – Dave’s youngest daughter Faith was born with severe health challenges

11:33 – “Sometimes the pathway to greater purpose is born through a crisis in your life and when God is invited into that crisis, he shifts your influence.”

12:28 – How Faith has helped Dave and his wife Deb grow in their faith in Christ

16:45 – Dave’s advice for people who are unsure of their greater purpose in life

19:46 – How do you hold onto hope in crisis?

22:24 – The importance of having good mentors

24:54 – Dave’s takeaways and observations from everything that happened in 2020 and what is the function of the church today
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