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In this episode we continue the conversation with Dr. Richard Bartlett, a physician from Odessa, TX who is fighting the battle with COVID-19 on the frontlines

Dr. Bartlett is using the “common sense medicine” approach to successfully treat his patients with COVID-19. His approach came to him in a dream from God, has produced great results in his patients and is similar to the approach used in South Korea, Singapore, Iceland and Sweden – the countries that seem to have a great success in handling the pandemic.
In this episode he talks with the host Helen Todd about the importance of placing the decision on the type of treatment necessary for the patients in the office of a physician rather than a politician., discusses potential problems with relying on a development of a vaccine as the only solution to conquering the pandemic, shares the examples of at-risk patients dully recovering  when there is no limitations to testing and treatment, and shares his thoughts on how to move forward without fear.

Dr. Bartlett, MD has practiced medicine for 26 years, served as medical Director of public and private ambulance services, hospitals, and emergency rooms. He is the recipient of the Meritorious Service Award from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. In the 2002 he was appointed by the Governor of Texas for a two-year assignment on Texas Health Disparities Task force as the advisor to the Governor, Lt. Governor, and the Speaker of the House on improving access to quality healthcare for all Texans. He has been CBS News Medical Expert of West Texas for 20 years.

 Key Takeaways

2:00 A success story of an at-risk patient treated early by Dr Bartlett

4:41 One of the CDC guidelines that still endangers us

6:15 How Dr Bartlett’s method changed the guidelines in a local Health Department

7:10 Summary of the treatment plan that was revealed to him by God

9:44 Concerns about political interference the COVID-19 treatment

11:50 The problems with the potential vaccine

15:24 What changes should be made to testing guidelines on a state level

17:40 Limited testing if often a hospital’s choice

23:40 The issue of patients’ advocacy and other limitations of personal freedom

25:36 How do we move forward without fear?

27:19   The power of common-sense medicine

28:19 A Biblical word of encouragement

30:08  Is there a benefit to antibody testing?

 32:50  Can COVID-19 be eradicated?

Helpful resources

Current CDC guidelines for testing and treating COVID-19

Article from NIH on benefits of Hydroxychloroquine for patients with HIV

Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19: results of an open-label non-randomized clinical trial

Doctors don’t need virus diagnosis from US politicians

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