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“I can’t do this… I can’t go through with this baptism.”

 That’s what Carrie Ann Lewis told her boyfriend just days before her baptism into the Mormon church. She’d been having strange but meaningful dreams about her dad, a strong Christian who’d passed away years earlier, and that made her second guess the religious path she was on.

 From that moment on, Carrie Ann’s life was never the same. She broke up with her boyfriend and left the Mormon church. She also began a journey to find the truth about God, and share His love with the hurting people. She has a massive social media outreach where she shares daily devotionals and more recently has discovered a calling to overseas missions.

Today, she’s living out her greater purpose of loving people like Christ and following His calling to the Great Commission.  She’ll share more about it on this episode of Limitless Spirit.

 2:50 – The influence of Carrie Ann’s dad on her faith and life, and his early death from cancer

 6:02 – Carrie Ann’s experiences with Mormonism

 11:20 – Carrie Ann begins to have dreams about her dad in the days leading up to her Mormon baptism and starts to rethink if she was doing the right thing

 13:44 – The beginning of her relationship with Jesus and transformation of her life

 17:37 – How Carrie Ann began a ministry on social media during the pandemic

 21:19 –  Carrie Ann’s unusual call to missions

 27:05 – Carrie Ann’s first experience of sharing her story and witnessing miracles in Serbia

 31:20 – Why Carrie Ann believes her greater purpose in life is to love people like Jesus did

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