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How does God work in our brokenness and pain? How can we guard ourselves from false teachers who pose as ministers of Christ?

In pursuit of a deeper relationship with God, this week’s guest Kellie Smith and her husband John became involved in a seemingly passionate and deep-reaching ministry. Shortly after John and Kellie were told to cut ties with friends and family not to corrupt the process of getting closer to God.

It took years, but through the Holy Spirit, Kellie and John’s eyes eventually opened to the fact that they were being exploited by a cult. Even after they left, the healing process took many years and left a deep impact on Kellie and her family. In this interview, Helen and Kellie discuss the importance of understanding the difference between religion and relationship, establishing a solid Biblical foundation for your faith and having a healthy view of your identity in Christ.

3:45 – How Kellie and John became involved with a cult.

7:35 – Kellie describes how the cult gained so much control over its followers.

9:20 – The time that God released Kellie and John from the cult.

13:00 – How being involved in the cult impacted Kellie and John’s children.

15:15 – What was the turning point to realize what was happening?

22:00 – Overcoming the pain and mistrust of church to return to the body of Christ.

23:20 – Kellie’s advice to people to avoid this from happening to them.

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