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This episode’s guest is from Novi Sad, Serbia. Bera Beredji grew up in former Yugoslavia in a family that strongly believed in the Communist ideology. His father even worked for the Communist party at one point. But when civil war broke out in the 1980s, Bera stopped believing in Communism and turned to anarchism, punk music and the use of alcohol and drugs for meaning in his life.

But the punk movement didn’t provide any lasting comfort for Bera. His young adult years were full of constant pain. However, that all changed when a friend invited him to church during Christmastime. Bera was touched by the music, the people, and the pastor’s story about waking up every day with a smile on his face.

Bera wanted to have that kind of peace in his life. The next time he was in the punk club, craving alcohol, he prayed to God – and in that moment God set him free from his addiction. Bera would go on to introduce others to Christ, get involved at church, and work his way up to becoming a pastor. Today, he’s the pastor of the largest evangelical Church in Serbia and he also does homeless outreach and drug rehab work.

Bera Beredji is truly an example of how “Changed Lives Change Lives.” He has great wisdom to share about what it means to say “Yes” to God and be obedient in our service to Him.

2:30 – Bera’s childhood in Serbia and his father’s involvement with the Communist ideology

6:08 – How Bera became disillusioned with Communism and turned to punk music for his identity

9:13 – Bera serves in the army and becomes a heavy alcohol and drug user

10:32 – How Bera discovered Christianity and was set free from his addictions

15:45 – Bera’s life changes, he begins serving in the church, and does well in his higher education

20:34 – Info about the rehab center in Serbia that Bera helped start

22:23 – Bera’s passion for ministering to young people, homeless people, and those far from God

26:08 – Bera’s advice for finding your calling and how you can say “Yes” to whatever God is asking you to do
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