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Grief is a natural way of confronting loss unless a person becomes stuck in it.

 This is exactly what happened to Melinda Fazzolari when her son, Louie, died from cancer before his second birthday. For almost 25 years, Melinda’s life was deeply affected by a sorrow she could not shake. She finally settled for a life without joy or hope. But God never left Melinda and through a series of small events and encounters helped her find healing and a new purpose for her life.

 Melinda shares her beautiful story on this episode of the Limitless Spirit podcast. This is the fifth episode in our “Greater Purpose” series.

 3:05 – Melinda shares the painful story of her son Louie’s cancer and death

 6:13 – Grief entrapped Melinda because of an insensitive remark of a church member and left an impact on her family

 10:40 – Melinda’s healing journey begins, years after Louie’s death

 15:35 – Melinda thanks God for Louie’s life… and death

 16:50 – God uses Melinda’s story in her missionary travels

 19:15 – Divine encounter in Ireland

 23:06 –How to handle the holidays if you are grieving

 25:00 – Melinda talks about the importance of being honest with God, even if you feel angry or hurt

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