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Psalm 92 says the righteous flourish like a tree and still bear fruit in their old age. Lowell Glidden, the guest on this episode, living this verse out in his life.

For years, Lowell has been faithfully serving God and bearing fruit, whether it was during his time in the military, in his marriage and family, or his ministry efforts. Even though he’s in his late 80s, Lowell continues to trust God and obey His calling to tell people about Jesus even if it means traveling half across the world to remote places.

Lowell will share some stories about his wife, Alice, and the bittersweet circumstances of her passing, plus memories of his time spent doing foreign missions on this episode of Limitless Spirit. Lowell’s greater purpose can be summed up in this simple statement: “I just like people, and I’m glad to serve.”

3:44 – The timeline of Lowell’s Army service and memories of his late wife, Alice

6:37 – How to stay happily married for 60 years, according to Lowell

9:17 – Lowell’s first mission trip in 1995 to Russia fulfilled a dream he had 30 years prior

10:38 – Lowell’s shares why he never viewed the Russian people as his enemies

14:10 – How God confirmed to Lowell the perfect timing

16:19 – The challenges of caring for Alice as she became debilitated by Parkinson’s Disease

19:23 – Lowell shares a special God-moment that happened in the last moments of Alice’s life

22:08 – What drives Lowell to continue missionary work on the verge of turning 90

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