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“God… I didn’t know that You loved me.” This revelation turned upside down the life of a devout Muslim medical student in Bangladesh.

Masuma had spent her life up to that point believing in Allah, following Islamic religious practices, and even trying to convert her crush, Peter, away from Christianity. But Masuma was constantly trying to measure up because she didn’t feel like she was good enough – for either God or her parents. Plus, she was molested multiple times as a young child, and that left her with painful, emotional issues.

On this episode of Limitless Spirit, Masuma shares her incredible testimony of realizing that Jesus was the way, the truth, and the life… and that He loved her deeply. She’ll talk about how God changed her life and the challenges that came after becoming a Christian in a predominately Muslim culture.

3:56 – Masuma’s background growing up in a wealthy, well-educated Muslim family in Bangladesh

5:34 – Why Masuma wanted to become doctor and the tragic death of her older brother

7:24 – Her dedication to the rituals of the Muslim faith came partly because a period of sexual abuse left Masuma with fear and self-doubt

13:22 – “I always thought that there is a problem in me.”

14:39 – How Masuma met and got close with her husband-to-be, Peter

17:37 – Masuma was a Muslim. Peter was a Christian. And so they thought things would never work out. But then Peter told Masuma to go to an evangelistic revival service

21:11 – Three words, “God loves you,” change Masuma’s life forever

26:00 – Losing friends and family members over her new faith in Christ, but being thankful for how God opened doors in multiple areas of life

29:21 – Masuma’s memories of sharing her experience meeting God with people who didn’t really understand

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