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God created each one of us for a greater purpose that fills life with deep fulfillment. Building life around this greater purpose is what makes us thrive.

 In this first episode of a new series on Limitless Spirit called “The Greater Purpose Series,” law enforcement officer and missionary Debra Yokley shares her story of pursuing her greater purpose after she discovered she could not have children.

 After 3 failed pregnancies in her early 30s she asked God what His plan for her life was.

 God’s guidance took her along an unexpected path on the journey of discovering her true self.

 3:30 – Debra seeks God’s purpose for her life and starts a law enforcement career

5:50 – The difficulties and rewarding moments of being in law enforcement

11:30 – How Debra felt called to go into missionary work

14:00 – Debra talks about her experiences sharing Jesus in the world’s “hot spots”

20:05 – How doing missions work has changed Debra

21:45 – How to find fulfillment in life’s different seasons

24:20 – Has Debra found her greater purpose in life?

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